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Name: Ashley
Age: 24
Gender: Female

1. You’re walking through Diagon Alley, and a tall man, wearing very expensive-looking robes, drops a small pouch of Galleons on the ground in front of you. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s dropped the pouch, and it couldn’t be more than enough Galleons to get a few drinks at The Leaky Cauldron. What do you do? Why?
I would give the money back to him. If I did not I would feel guilty, and it is more important to me to feel ok with what I have done than have money that is not mine. I would like a reward however, but I wouldn’t expect one. I have found that in life you get more if you do things because you feel its right, not for money or power.

2. In his prime, Dumbledore was a very powerful wizard and a wonderful Headmaster. Do you think that the new Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, will make a good replacement? Why or why not? Who would you have chosen for your Deputy Headship? Why?
I think McGonagall would make a good replacement because she seems to care deeply about the students. However, if I was headmaster I would have chosen a Deputy Head that is not a head of house. I understand that being a House Head would give a staff member experience in situations that may come up as a Head of Hogwarts, but I think the negatives in this situation outweigh the positives.
The negatives would be that a House Head has a natural affinity for his or her own house. This is why they are the Head. However, I think that being head of a school such as Hogwarts means that you should be above petty house rivalries and do things for the good of the school. I am not sure that such an obvious house bias would mean that you would be able to see all points of view clearly. So, I would have chosen a non House Head. However, I don’t quite know who that would be as in the books the teachers we see the most are house heads, with the exceptions of Trelawney, who I doubt I would hire, and the ever changing DADA teachers.

3. The Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter) clearly had some excellent magical talents (being unregistered Animagi, creating the Marauder’s Map, etc.). Which of the four Marauders do you feel was the most magical wizard in his prime? Why? Who do you feel was the most successful in life? Why?
I think that James seems to have been the most successful in his prime. He seems to have been the leader of the group, with a charisma, and I think that it must be that at least part of that charisma was due to the fact that he was powerful. Also, his power must have been at least part of the reason that Voldemort was willing to kill the family, as opposed to just making them insane as he did the Longbottoms.
I am not sure if any of them can be considered successful in life, but I am tempted to just say it is Remus by virtue of managing to both stay alive and stay on the side of the light. James would also make sense as he probably would have been fairly successful in making a good life for himself and his family, had he lived. I am not sure about Sirius as an answer to either of these options as he seems to me to have been too headstrong and likely to make mistakes in his life. Peter seems to be a lifelong follower and he would probably end up being the fall guy for someone else.

4. Do you feel that Harry was right in using the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book for potions class (Do not take the spells into account in this question.)? Was Hermione right in telling him not to? What would you have done in Harry’s position? Why? What would you have done in Hermione’s position? Why?
I think that Harry was right in using the book, because he was at a point in his life where he was feeling out of sorts and needed to use something to make him feel better and smarter. I also think that Hermione was right in telling him not to, as I would have told him not to had I been in her position. I would have done this because I would have assumed that sooner or later he would get found out and in trouble, and the last thing Harry Potter needs in his life is more trouble.
Would I have used the book? I think I would use it for certain potions that I have severe trouble with. I doubt I would use it for every potion, because I would be paranoid that people would get suspicious of me, particularly if I had no aptitude in potions before. I would also want to use it on things I had horrible trouble with, because that way I’d at least manage to pass potions if I wasn’t good in it, or learn more using the book to pass that potion.

5. Would you have used the random spells written in the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book (You can't just say you know or could look up the Latin. Imagine that the spells were created in a language you'd never heard of.)? Why or why not?
I doubt I would use the spells, although I would be tempted. I would be worried because after seeing the potions I would know that the writer was very intelligent, and I would worry that the spells would be evil.I would, however, try to figure out what language they were written in, just because that would be interesting. If I couldn’t figure out what the language was, I wouldn’t just go willy-nilly trying the spells, and have one of them blow up in my face.

6. Every day we make many choices. Are you comfortable with the choices you make (large or small), or are you more indecisive? Explain.
I am fairly comfortable with the choices I make. I think that any person who says “oh, I am always comfortable with everything I do, and I never think about what might have been.” is lying. Overall, I try to have as little regret as possible, and always look on the bright side of life, with or without whistling. Jokes aside, I do have a fairly large guilt factor built in me as far as decisions go, and I hate offending people. However, as I have gotten older I have learned how to put myself first and therefore the decisions I have made in the last couple years I am pretty universally ok with.
As far as the decisions I made in my past? I have much more regret about those. Most of the decisions I regret are ones that I made in order to be popular or more well liked. Because of that I really put myself into situations that totally hurt me, and I regret those decisions.
I am not indecisive as much as I am the sort of person who has to take time to make a major life choice. If it is “where should we have lunch” I can answer in an instant, if its “what are you going to be doing in five months” It will take me a couple weeks to figure it out.

7. Hermione created S.P.E.W. even though the other students disagreed with her ideas. Are you able to stand up for what you believe in, even if others mock you for your beliefs? Have your opinions (or outspokenness) gotten you into trouble? Explain.
This is another thing that I can say “I’ve gotten better as I’ve gotten older” at. When I was younger I wanted so badly to be liked that I squashed myself into a tiny box. Now that I’m older I am the willing to realize that some people hate you for stupid reasons, so its ok to just be yourself.
I don’t really get myself in trouble a whole lot, although I did have someone call me a nasty name a few months ago because I’d taken a trivia scorekeeping slot she wanted. I didn’t call her names back, though, and I’m proud of that. It would have been very easy for me to fly off the handle in this situation but I didn’t.

8. Are there any courses at Hogwarts that you feel should be mandatory, regardless of a student’s chosen career path? Why or why not?
I think that Muggle Studies should be mandatory for Purebloods because it is important to learn about other cultures. In non-magic schools students learn about other nations and cultures, why should it be any different in the wizarding world.
Aside from that, I have always wondered why Hogwarts didn’t have the equivalent of Home Economics. I think there should be a class involving the practical things-how to make sure you have money to live, housekeeping spells and charms. Even a bit of potions for simple things like headcolds and perhaps some gardening skills, so you could have a hobby. This would be something that I think is needed.
9. If you were going to teach at Hogwarts, what course would you teach? Describe it for us.
I would end up teaching History of Magic. I know this is a current course, but I am most suited for this as I have a degree in history and am planning on pursuing a second degree in political science. Also, I think that this is one of the more important classes at Hogwarts, as in order to know where you are going you need to know where you’ve been.
If I had to make up my own class, I would like to teach a class on careers in wizardry, where we had speakers and learned about all the careers you could be involved in. It would be for fourth, fifth and sixth years in order to get them ready to leave Hogwarts. There would also be mock OWLs for the fifth years.

10. What class do you think you’d excel in at Hogwarts (take into account the teacher and their grading policies, class work, what you’re good at now, etc.)? Why?
I would say I would excel in History of Magic, because as I’ve said, history is my passion. I would excel in it because I would be willing to learn outside of the class, which seems boring because of Binns. I also think that I would do well in Charms and Astronomy. I think that both Flitwick and Sinistra seem like good, fair teachers. I the case of Charms, I would enjoy it due to its practical applications, and in Astronomy I think it would be something interesting and almost fun compared to the serious classes that I would feel pressure to succeed in.

11. What would your schedule look like at Hogwarts? Would you request use of a time-turner to take loads of classes? Would you take the bare minimum? Explain.
I would take a fair amount of classes, perhaps seven or eight at the most. However, I would mostly take basic classes like charms, transfiguration, history of magic, potions, herbology, astronomy, and maybe DADA. I wouldn’t be taking the classes like ancient runes. I think I would want to take that many classes, and those classes, because I’d want a basic understanding of the world I am living in. Also, I think that the basic classes leave a person with the most balanced schedule. There are classes I think I would do well at, classes I would do less well at, classes I’d enjoy, and classes I’d enjoy less. Balance is important in life.
12. Professor Trelawney tells you that the thing you are dreading will happen on the 23rd. What is the thing you are dreading? Do you believe her? How does this affect you? Explain.
I would probably be dreaded a test or project I’d be scared at. I wouldn’t believe her, but I would let it affect me at first. I would end up freaking out for a day or two before I looked at things rationally and got back to work. Then on the 22nd I’d spend the whole day freaked out. So I’d hope I’d have realized this and finished the project on the 21st.

13. Would you bring a pet to Hogwarts? Remember, it can only be a rat, toad, cat, or owl. Which would you choose to bring? Why?
I don’t know if I’d bring a pet first year, because I’d want to check things out first. If I did bring a pet it would be when I was older and more able to take care of it and be a student at the same time. I’d probably bring an owl due to the practicality factor. Also, it would be in the owlry and I’d have to take less care of it than I would other animals.

14. Would you rather have money or fame? Why? What would you do with the money/fame? Money, easily. Fame is something that causes a lot of problems. While money does also, it’s a lot easier to not let it cause problems. Plus, I could do more with money-like go back to school as I’ve been planning. I would also give a lot of it to charity, and take care of my family. My parents would have their mortgage paid off, and my dad would have a truck like he wants. Money to me would help a lot-I could get a place of my own, my mom wouldn’t have to work two jobs.
Not to mention the fact that you didn’t say what kind of fame I’d have. While its easiest to assume that I’d have the good kind, what if it was the bad kind?

15. For each house, give an argument for both why you should be sorted into that House and why you should not be sorted into that House, regardless of your actual opinions of the Houses. Basically, explain what traits you have of each House, and which traits you don't have of each House. Do not just give an explanation of what each House is and isn't.
a. Hufflepuff
The most obvious Hufflepuff trait I have is that I am a loyal person. I have a very close family and have always been raised to take care of your own. I also consider myself a hard worker, who is willing to try hard to reach goals. Also, I am honest when it comes to myself. I know my faults and want to change them.
Against: I have a severe lack of patience, especially with other people. My sense of humor is very snide and sarcastic, especially when it comes to people who annoy me. I do not “suffer fools gladly” as the phrase goes.

b. Slytherin
For: I am a loner, and a happy one at that. I enjoy being alone, due to the fact that sometimes I get impatient with other people. I am also very stubborn.
Against: I admit when I’m wrong, and I also am very strong on equality. I don’t think that anyone is better than anyone else just becuase of how and where they were born. For me its all about where you are now, not where you come from.

c. Gryffindor
For: I have a great deal of internal strength, and am willing to fight for what I believe in. I am open about my passions, and love to travel and try new things.
Against: I am a loner, and I don’t really enjoy loud large crowds or huge parties. Also, I am not very impulsive. I prefer to look before I leap, because I don’t like to fail, and if you jump into something you have more of a chance of failure.

d. Ravenclaw
For: The most obvious one would be my love of learning. I enjoy reading any kind of book I can get my hands on from romance novels to theology books. I enjoy writing, and intellectual debate.
Against: Sometimes my love of learning doesn’t translate to a love of studying. I would almost rather read something on my own than go to a class. I can also get annoyed with people who are smarter than me, due to my self image.

16. If you were participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, who would be the one you’d miss most? Why are they so special to you? Explain.
My mom. She’s been there for me through a lot of things in my life that haven’t been so great. She was the one who held my head when I through up as a kid, all the way through her taking me to therapy now. I can’t imagine my life without her, because I don’t know who I’d be without her. I can’t really say in words all that she’s meant to me, because there aren’t words to explain it.

17. Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose in life? What is your passion? What makes you who you are? Explain.
My passion in life is learning. I love to read anything and everything. I just finished a book on the English Royal Family, and now I am starting a thriller, Foccault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. My favorite books include true crime, romance, mystery and theology. I enjoy learning about new things-religion, laws, events I don’t know much about. I think that my purpose in life is to learn as much as I can and then use that knowledge to help other people. I would like to someday go to law school and become a prosecuting attorney, because then I would be able to help people who have been victimized seek justice.
I think what makes me who I am is that I have grown up with a mental illness (clinical depression) and because of that I have become more sensitive to other people in trouble. It has made me more than just someone who wants to read and write academic things. Without my illness I would probably have become an academic, but due to it I have a need to help people in situations they are in due to no fault of their own. I want to use my illness as a force for good, as opposed to a negative thing that everyone thinks it is.

18. Is there anything in your life that you just can’t live without? Would that answer be different in the Wizarding world? Explain.
The only thing I can’t live without is my antidepressants, but I’m sure they have a potion for that. Basically, the things I can’t live without are people I love and good books. Both of which are in abundance in the wizarding world. Actually, one of the reasons why I think the wizarding world would be fun is that you can have both wizarding and muggle litterature and history and study both.
I’ve never been a material person. I don’t think that having things makes you a better person, and I don’t need a whole lot to be happy. I spend a lot of time on the computer, but that is because I’m trying to find a job and living in a small town with my parents. If I lived in a city and could get out more I’d probably be out more.

19. If you had to change one (and only one) thing about yourself (personality, not physical), what would it be? Why? Would you change more things if you could?
I would have a better self image. I think that my self image is colored by the fact that I was made fun of a lot as a child. I would change that to a more positive one, which is something I am in the process of doing, but it would be a lot better to speed it up. I would have the self image to love the things about me that are not “normal” but are a part of me.

20. If you could go back and tell your eleven year-old self one message, what would it be? Why?
I would simply tell myself four words: This too shall pass. That whatever will happen to you in the future will pass, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. From the ages of 12-20 I had a lot of events happen in my life that really stunk, but without them I wouldn’t be who I am. Therefore, I’d be careful not to change them, due to the fact that they helped me a lot. So, I’d just tell myself that the things that happen to you will make you who you are. I would also remind myself that whatever happens, happens, and to make the best of it. Things in life are always changing, so everything shall pass.

21. If you were the Minister of Magic, what laws would you change? What laws would you add? What laws would you remove? Why?
I would try to lessen the bureaucracy, because I think that it doesn’t help to have people whining about caldron size when there are more important things to do. The main thing I would do would be to work for more equality in the wizarding world, especially when it comes to muggle borns. This could be done by classes at the schools, or lectures and meetings. It would be very hard to do, but I think it is important. I would also have more training programs so that people would have jobs they could handle. Other than that, I don’t really know enough about the MOM to make a judgement call.

22. Do you enjoy debating controversial topics? Are you easily offended? Have you taken time to read the rules in the Userinfo? Do you think you’ll fit in with this group of people?
I love debate, especially when it is intelligent and done well. Have I read the User Info? Why would I join a community without joining the user info would be a better question. Isn’t using the user info how you figure out if you want to join or not. I’m sorry if that sounded rude, but it amused me-the fact that people would just join a group willy-nilly.
I think I will fit in with this group of people because they seem intelligent, but I don’t know for sure because I haven’t joined yet. I hope to fit in, and I like to think I can get along with other people.

23. If you were sorted into a house that you didn’t feel you belonged in, how would you react? Would you live with it and make the best of it? Would you leave the community? Do you plan to stay and participate in the sub-communities no matter what house you’re sorted into?
If I was sorted into a house I didn’t think I belonged in, I would first see if I was right or just being snobby by getting involved. If I still didn’t like it, I would probably still stay in and enjoy the community. The only way I’d leave, other than if I got too busy, would be if people were being verbally abusive to someone or showed believes that I couldn’t get behind. For instance, if I was in a house that was racist, I would leave. If they were calling other houses horrible names, I might leave. Basically, I am pretty easy going, and it takes a lot to make me mad.

24. What did you like about this application? What did you dislike about this application? I liked that I really had to think about the answers, but I didn’t like that I had to think about the answers. It was nice to do an application that I knew I’d have to sleep on and then come back to and edit, but that took a lot of time.

25. And finally, how did you come across this community? If it was an ad from a current student or faculty member, please state their livejournal name and where the ad was placed. (That person will receive House Points for your efforts, so please try to remember.) Weyrdchic.
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