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Name: Alexandra
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Female

This was hard for me to write, I was as honest as humanly possible and if you think I'm pushing towords a certain house...I'm not.

1. You’re walking through Diagon Alley, and a tall man, wearing very expensive-looking robes, drops a small pouch of Galleons on the ground in front of you. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s dropped the pouch, and it couldn’t be more than enough Galleons to get a few drinks at The Leaky Cauldron. What do you do? Why? I must admit that I would take the bag of galleons, because I'm a pretty selfish person. I wouldn't feel guilty but I would definately worry about getting caught. I would probably laugh after I stole it, like it was some huge accomplishment...and tell all my friends. I exaggerate to make myself look good.

2. In his prime, Dumbledore was a very powerful wizard and a wonderful Headmaster. Do you think that the new Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, will make a good replacement? Why or why not? Who would you have chosen for your Deputy Headship? Why? No, I definately don't think she would make a good replacement because she doesn't have a very warm disposition; you don't feel as if you could tell her much. And she definately isn't someone I respect because she has accomplished nothing. I miss Dumbledore, I cried when he died. I look up to people like him, even though they'll never know it. If I had the choice, I would make Remus headmaster because I respect him for all of his accomplishments and he seems like he could keep everyone in line without being too harsh. I do not however approve of him being so unmotivated and the fact that he has no drive.

3. The Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter) clearly had some excellent magical talents (being unregistered Animagi, creating the Marauder’s Map, etc.). Which of the four Marauders do you feel was the most magical wizard in his prime? Why? Who do you feel was the most successful in life? Why? I believe Remus was most succesful in his prime because he dealt with his werewolf self and the complications of his life impressively. James was most sucessful in his life because he became a celebrity...who wouldn't want that? Even though he was killed, people still speak of him to this day. Fame means alot to me, I crave the spotlight.

4. Do you feel that Harry was right in using the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book for potions class (Do not take the spells into account in this question.)? Was Hermione right in telling him not to? What would you have done in Harry’s position? Why? What would you have done in Hermione’s position? Why? I think Harry was right in using the HBP's potions book, good grades and no work...I'd do it! Hermione was not right in telling him not to because it was none of her business, if Harry got in trouble it was his own prerogetive. In Harry's position I would have used the book because getting personal gain without any effort is by far...awesome! In Hermione's position, I would have asked to use it too because I HATE work.

5. Would you have used the random spells written in the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book (You can't just say you know or could look up the Latin. Imagine that the spells were created in a language you'd never heard of.)? Why or why not? I am a very curious person and when something is forbidden or unknown...I NEED to find out about it/try it/etc. So I would definately try out the spells. I may think of the consequences, but stupidly do it anyway. Curiousity definately killed the cat!

6. Every day we make many choices. Are you comfortable with the choices you make (large or small), or are you more indecisive? Explain. I am very comfortable with the choices I make, I have no regrets. Regretting something is such a waste...if I'm not comfortable with a choice I've made I will make myself comfortable with it. It's my fault...I deal with it or blame it on someone else depending on the situation. Blaming things on others helps me to justify my wrongs.

7. Hermione created S.P.E.W. even though the other students disagreed with her ideas. Are you able to stand up for what you believe in, even if others mock you for your beliefs? Have your opinions (or outspokenness) gotten you into trouble? Explain. I would definately stand up for what I believe in. I mean...I believe I'm right most of the time regaurdless(even though thats so stupid of me, I admit). If people would try to mock me for what I believe in...they only get it back threefold. I don't want to be made a fool makes me feel weak and unimportant. My opinions and outspokeness have gotten me in trouble because I am not afraid to say things like they are. If you're ugly, I'll tease you right in front of EVERYONE. I'll make it a point for everyone to know everything about you. I'm sorry, and I admit that it's wrong. :)

8. Are there any courses at Hogwarts that you feel should be mandatory, regardless of a student’s chosen career path? Why or why not? I believe DADA should be a mandatory course no matter what because there isn't always someone there to save you. I think it is important to be prepared for life and whatever obstacles lay ahead. If you go into the real world without the knowledge or experience needed, you're bound to make a mistake and die or something. I am really scared of dying. :(

9. If you were going to teach at Hogwarts, what course would you teach? Describe it for us. I would teach DADA because I cannot tolerate weakness. I would have a strict classroom, no talking of any sort, no fooling around, no doing anything besides work. These strict conditions prepare a child for the real world, and really instill what you are trying to teach. Besides, I just enjoy having power over people because I am so insecure about myself and when I have power over others..I feel invincible. And honestly, I would probably abuse my privledges.

10. What class do you think you’d excel in at Hogwarts (take into account the teacher and their grading policies, class work, what you’re good at now, etc.)? Why? I would definately excel in Potions because I keep to myself but I am undoubtedly intelligent. I tend to be a hard worker. I don't flaunt how intelligent I am, sometimes I hide it. It's kinda uncool. I'm good at listening and I enjoy creating mixtures such as potions mostly for personal gain and to help others(as long as it gets the job done). Snape would respect me because I usually fully immerse myself in the subject and am completely dedicated.

11. What would your schedule look like at Hogwarts? Would you request use of a time-turner to take loads of classes? Would you take the bare minimum? Explain. My schedule would be very empty. I wouldn't require the use of a time-turner, I would take the bare minimum. Who needs EXTRA work? I hate working when you don't have to. There are loads of people to do it FOR you. To sum it up..I am lazy unless I get something out of it. Sometimes, I just...don't do things even thought I will get penalized for it...don't get me wrong..I am definately not proud of being lazy.

12. Professor Trelawney tells you that the thing you are dreading will happen on the 23rd. What is the thing you are dreading? Do you believe her? How does this affect you? Explain. The thing I am dreading is ruining my reputation but I don't believe her because I don't believe in anything without real, concrete PROOF. I need to be able to see it with my own two eyes. This explains why I'm Agnostic. This prediction won't effect me at all because as I said, I don't believe in that stuff and I think it's a load of crap.

13. Would you bring a pet to Hogwarts? Remember, it can only be a rat, toad, cat, or owl. Which would you choose to bring? Why? I would choose to bring an owl because they can also deliver my mail. It's used for a ton of different reasons. I like to get good use out of things. I find owls to be gorgeous...I have one of my own named Snow. She's unbelieveably AWESOME.

14. Would you rather have money or fame? Why? What would you do with the money/fame? Money. I tend to be materialistic, and I feel guilty for it. But who wouldn't want to have all the luxuries possible? I admit that money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure does help. I'm sure loads of people would be able to cut back on the Zoloft if they had a humungous amount of money in the bank.

15. For each house, give an argument for both why you should be sorted into that House and why you should not be sorted into that House, regardless of your actual opinions of the Houses. Basically, explain what traits you have of each House, and which traits you don't have of each House. Do not just give an explanation of what each House is and isn't.
a. Hufflepuff
For: I am pretty clumsy and sometimes dumbfounded, but I try to hide it. I admit that I sometimes fail. I want people to think I'm the opitomy of cool, but everyone has their quirks.

Against: I am intelligent and I admit I am kinda mean. If I don't like someone, I'm sure they'd know it. I like to make fun of people to make myself feel better...

b. Slytherin
For: I am quite manipulating because I am so lazy. I want people to wait on me, I hate to work.

Against: I am not proud for what I have and I do not show off. It causes way too many problems I would rather not deal with, like jelousy. Jealousy makes life complicated and as I have said I hate to make an effort for anything.

c. Gryffindor
For: I am very loyal. When I believe in something or someone I stick by it by all costs.

Against: I am not brave and I am definately insecure. I believe I'll fail all of the time. But I somehow mask my insecurities with this facade of -not caring about anything-....definately very teenage of me.

d. Ravenclaw
For: I like to read and I think I'm pretty smart. I think knowledge can be used as a form of power, and the more you have the better of you are.

Against: I am very unmotivated and lazy. I like to get things done through others. I like to try to convince people to do things for me. I can be quite charming...hehe. But I'm not a charming person, I'm pretty rude. I push away people when they get too close. I have trouble with trust. It somewhat makes me two-faced.

16. If you were participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, who would be the one you’d miss most? Why are they so special to you? Explain. The person I would miss most is probably my best friend Leah. She has been there for me since I have met her. She listens to me and she is hilarious...I love to laugh. She makes fun of people with me behind their backs, and we share secrets with one another. We are kinda the same person in a way. We spend tons of time together and we like all of the same things. I can tell her what I can't tell anybody else...because she id one of the few people I trust. She makes me feel good about myself and never puts me down. She is amazing.

17. Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose in life? What is your passion? What makes you who you are? Explain. I get up in the morning because I have to. My mom makes me. But deep down, my passion is music. I get up everyday to listen to my favorite bands, go online and follow all the news about them...write fanfiction about them. I pretty much live music. I started a band myself. I am pretty stoked about it and I cannot wait to get started on some songs. I am really looking forward to spend some time with awesome people, and write music at the same time. My friends and music are the most important things in my life. But I doubt I'll ever be as awesome as the bands and people I idolize.

18. Is there anything in your life that you just can’t live without? Would that answer be different in the Wizarding world? Explain. Music. Music, music, music, music. I doubt I'll ever be able to function without it. I listen to music when I sleep! It calms me down and prepares me to face the world. Listening to a singer belt out lyrics that I can relate to so perfectly, it makes me feel like I am not facing this world alone. I don't like being alone, I have to constantly surround myself with things that make me feel good about myself. The number one thing being music. I live for concerts, I probably spend most of my time reminiscing of the most amazing concerts I've been too. My entire room is littered with my favorite band. I am just.....obsessed. There, I admit it...haha.

19. If you had to change one (and only one) thing about yourself (personality, not physical), what would it be? Why? Would you change more things if you could? I would change the fact that I am so scared of commitment. I am terrified of it. I don't want people to get to close because I am scared if they knew the real me they wouldn't like me. When I was younger I admit that I lied all the time to impress people, and the sad thing is is that sometimes I still do. I feel ashamed that I have to feel like I have to lie to get people to like me but it just...happens...

20. If you could go back and tell your eleven year-old self one message, what would it be? Why? I would tell my eleven year old self to feel. I would tell myself to feel all the feelings that I denied after my grandmother died. I just ended up treating myself like shit to deal with everything. There are still times where I refuse to cry, and just completely shut down. Showing emotion is hard for me and I have no clue why...I really really really want to know why.

21. If you were the Minister of Magic, what laws would you change? What laws would you add? What laws would you remove? Why? If I where the Minister of Magic I would honestly have no clue what to change/add. I would most likely be strict but not mean. I would give people second chances. I however probably wouldn't be fair and show favoritism...sorry...I really hate the fact that I am this way. I would try to help stop such strong predugices. Everyone just needs to learn to deal with one another. I don't really care if you don't like someone...make fun of em' all you want...BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO KILL SOMEONE. much violence! No one wants to deal with that crap.

22. Do you enjoy debating controversial topics? Are you easily offended? Have you taken time to read the rules in the Userinfo? Do you think you’ll fit in with this group of people? I don't enjoy debating controversial topics because I am easily offended and get very defensive and hurt others feelings. I may be mean, but I am a softy at heart! I think I'll fit in because despite my sensitivity to what others say. It will be a great learning experience, this application has proved that because it made me realize some things I may need to work on about myself.

23. If you were sorted into a house that you didn’t feel you belonged in, how would you react? Would you live with it and make the best of it? Would you leave the community? Do you plan to stay and participate in the sub-communities no matter what house you’re sorted into? I would be kind of disapointed, but of course I would make the best of it. I can't ALWAYS get my way. I wouldn't leave the community and yes...I promise to participate...even if I don't make Ravenclaw...the most awesome house...Hehe..

24. What did you like about this application? What did you dislike about this application? I liked that it required me to really analyze myself...but I really didn't feel like typing ALL of that.

25. And finally, how did you come across this community? If it was an ad from a current student or faculty member, please state their livejournal name and where the ad was placed. (That person will receive House Points for your efforts, so please try to remember.) I am really sorry, I can't was an add in a community and I bookmarked this a while ago but never got to it.
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