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Vegetable Lo Mein

Name: Tiffany
Age: 20
Gender: Female

1. You’re walking through Diagon Alley, and a tall man, wearing very expensive-looking robes, drops a small pouch of Galleons on the ground in front of you. He doesn’t seem to notice that he’s dropped the pouch, and it couldn’t be more than enough Galleons to get a few drinks at The Leaky Cauldron. What do you do? Why?
First of all, I would attempt to get his attention. I would probably just follow him if I could catch up and give his money back to him, just because it would be a nice thing to do, but only if he wasn’t too far away by that time. However, if he had walked quite a distance from me or if it was very crowded, I probably wouldn’t even bother. If the man really was wearing very expensive robes and only a few Galleons were in the pouch, he probably wouldn’t even mind very much about the missing money. He should have been more careful with his money anyway, and if he carelessly drops it on the ground, it must not be too important to him.

2. In his prime, Dumbledore was a very powerful wizard and a wonderful Headmaster. Do you think that the new Headmistress, Professor McGonagall, will make a good replacement? Why or why not? Who would you have chosen for your Deputy Headship? Why?
I believe that Professor McGonagall will make an excellent replacement. First of all, she is extremely intelligent and wise. The school needs someone as smart as Dumbledore, and that someone is Professor McGonagall. One must be intelligent in order to teach Transfiguration, and we know she must be intelligent, considering she’s an Animagus. Becoming an Animagus is supposedly one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the magical world. Professor McGonagall will make a good Headmistress because she is respected by the students, as well as the other professors. Her stern attitude with others helps bring her the respect she deserves. Specifically, I thought her speech to Professor Umbridge about competent teachers was wonderful. Professor McGonagall will make a good Headmistress because she is fair. She’s obviously a fan of her own house, Gryffindor, but she doesn’t allow this to interfere with her teachings. She treats all of her students equally, something that a lot of teachers nowadays don’t do. This can be seen in the books when she takes points away from her own house, whereas other professors don’t normally do so. Last but not least, Professor McGonagall seems to really care about her students. She cares about their well-being and the how the decisions they make will affect them later in life (for example, when she is helping Harry choose a career). All of this said, the school should run very smoothly with McGonagall as the Head.

If I was the Headmistress, I would choose Professor McGonagall as my Deputy Headmistress because of all of the reasons listed above. She is my favorite professor (even though Professor Snape is actually my favorite character), and I feel that she makes a great role model for the students. There’s no one else I’d rather have at my side.

3. The Marauders (James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter) clearly had some excellent magical talents (being unregistered Animagi, creating the Marauder’s Map, etc.). Which of the four Marauders do you feel was the most magical wizard in his prime? Why? Who do you feel was the most successful in life? Why?
This was difficult for me because I had to choose between James and Sirius but in the end, I think I’ll have to go with James. First of all, James was Head Boy at school. We know that there is only one Head Boy at a time, so none of the others was ever Head Boy. Like it states in the question, he helped create the Marauder’s Map and became an unregistered Animagus. James also was a very good Quidditch player, so he had some talent on the broom. From Snape’s worst memory, we can see that James was able to cast silent spells with ease. Because the Levicorpus spell was Snape’s own invention, James must have figured it out simply from watching him do it, or he might have found it in Snape’s potions book. Either way, James still must have been intelligent in order to actually cast the spell. Let us not forget that James took part in the creation of Harry, the Chosen One. Harry probably inherited some of his magical talents from his father, so James must be magically talented.

As to who was the most successful in life, I have to go with Remus. James died when he was only around the age of 21. He wasn’t able to save his wife from death either, so he wasn’t successful at the end of his life. Sirius thwarted Dementors and the entire Ministry, yet he was killed by a veil. Plus, he spent a great portion of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He wasn’t very successful at all. Peter obviously is the least successful of the four. He has had to stay hidden nearly half of his life as a rat just because he gave up his friends to Voldemort, and now he’s at the complete mercy of Voldemort. He’ll never be able to leave him, so Peter wasn’t successful at all. Even though Remus is a werewolf and has had a difficult life because of it, I feel that he has been the most successful. First of all, he taught Defense Against the Dark Arts and was very good at it. The students as a whole loved him. He was even able to help Harry create a fantastic Patronus. Second, Remus helped get his friend’s name cleared for murder, a friend who was going to be executed. Because I am very much against capital punishment, I loved Remus for this.

4. Do you feel that Harry was right in using the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book? Was Hermione right in telling him not to? What would you have done in Harry’s position? Why? What would you have done in Hermione’s position? Why?
I really can’t say that Harry was wrong for using the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book. As a college student, I have used the notes of others in my used textbooks in order to help me understand things when needed. As it is, the notes have usually been very helpful. I used them to help me understand a passage for my English class. I guess the difference is that Harry used the notes in the potions book to help him look better in class. He never confessed to Professor Slughorn that the book was anything but a normal potions book. If I had been in Harry’s position, I would have used the book until I received my new book, and then I would have returned the Half-Blood Prince’s book.

Hermione was right in telling Harry not to used the book after he received his new book. Before he didn’t have a choice as to which book he was using, but later he should have returned the book. I’m sure Hermione was remembering what happened with Tom Riddle’s diary and was only looking out for Harry. I’m certain Hermione was also bothered by the fact that Harry was doing so well in Potions, even though he really didn’t know what he was doing, not to mention the fact that had Snape still been teaching the class, he wouldn’t even be present in the class. If I had been in Hermione’s position, I would have been very angry. She has worked very hard in her classes, whereas Harry and Ron tend to procrastinate on their work. I’m sure she’s very bothered by the fact that she’s the only one of the Trio who really puts effort into her studies, as I would be. If I had been in Hermione’s position, I probably would have told Dumbledore about the book, considering the problems caused by Tom Riddle’s diary. That’s the reason I would give Harry for turning him in, but ultimately I would just be angry that he was getting high marks for copying someone else’s work.

5. Would you have used the random spells written in the Half-Blood Prince’s potions book (You can't just say you know or could look up the Latin. Imagine that the spells were created in a language you'd never heard of.)? Why or why not?
I’m sure my curiosity would have gotten the better of me, so I would definitely want to know what each spell did. More than likely, I would take some of Hagrid’s pets to test the spells on. Even if the spells were harmful or deadly, Hagrid already has too many pets, and most of them are dangerous. Some are even illegal for him to have anyway. Plus, I don’t like Hagrid at all, and if I used animals, I wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of hurting another human being. I definitely wouldn’t use the spells on a friend like Harry does. If I couldn’t get an animal to test the spells on, I would try them on an enemy.

6. Every day we make many choices. Are you comfortable with the choices you make (large or small), or are you more indecisive? Explain.
I’m not indecisive at all. Even when I’m not completely sure about something, I just pick a choice, go with it, and hope for the best. I’m typically very comfortable with the choices I make. I don’t want any regrets in life, so I try not to think back on bad decisions I might have made in the past. I don’t want to think that I should have done things differently, otherwise I’ll just feel sorry for myself and put myself in a bad mood. I try to make good decisions the first time, using logic for finding the best solution to my problem. So, to answer the question, for the most part I am comfortable with my choices.

7. Hermione created S.P.E.W. even though the other students disagreed with her ideas. Are you able to stand up for what you believe in, even if others mock you for your beliefs? Have your opinions (or outspokenness) gotten you into trouble? Explain.
I’m able to stand up for what I believe in, depending on who I’m talking to and debating with. With real-life friends I normally say what I think. There are only a few of them that I am completely honest with, just because most of my friends tend to be un-accepting of other beliefs and opinions. I’m from Alabama, so most of the people I come into contact with are very conservative Christians. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I tend to withhold my own beliefs around those types of people because they refuse to accept any other point of view (at least, that has been my experience). On livejournal I have no problems expressing my opinions, but that’s because no one really knows me. I tend to keep my beliefs and my opinions to myself anyway, as I don’t care to broadcast certain things about my life. I prefer for some things to remain personal.

My opinions have never gotten me into trouble, mostly because I don’t usually say too much. I’m a very shy person in real life, so I usually only tell a person something when asked. Even then, I might not honestly answer the question, depending on how I feel on the subject and who the person is. I’m not afraid to say what I think; I just hate being told I’m wrong for my beliefs, just because someone else doesn’t agree with them. I would never tell someone else they were wrong for believing in something if they truly believed it. Everyone has a right to their own opinions.

8. Are there any courses at Hogwarts that you feel should be mandatory, regardless of a student’s chosen career path? Why or why not?
I feel that every student should have to take Defense Against the Dark Arts. Every person should be able to defend themselves against the Dark Arts, so this class is needed by all. Considering the amount of Death Eaters and the evil of Voldemort himself, it’s likely that a wizard or witch would have to defend himself or herself during their lifetime. Without Defense Against the Dark Arts, more people would probably be killed, since they wouldn’t know how to defend themselves.

Other than Defense Against the Dark Arts, I don’t feel that any classes should be mandatory for students. Even though there are many classes such as Charms and Transfiguration that would be very helpful later on in life, there’s no absolute reason why a student should be forced to take a particular class if they really don’t want to or need it.

9. If you were going to teach at Hogwarts, what course would you teach? Describe it for us.
I would most definitely teach Arithmancy. I have a great passion for mathematics. Because Arithmancy involves numbers and is suppose to be related to mathematics, I know I would love teaching this class. As it is, I’m a junior in Applied Mathematics, so I have a lot of experience in taking different math classes. I’ve always excelled in math classes from an early age, so I know I’d have the right mindset to teach Arithmancy. I also like the fact that only the very intelligent students seem to take the class, and I would enjoy having a class with only the brightest and the best.

I should probably add that I only said all of this because I was told I had to choose a subject to teach. I would never teach; in fact, I strongly dislike children and really don’t enjoy teaching things to others.

10. What class do you think you’d excel in at Hogwarts (take into account the teacher and their grading policies, class work, what you’re good at now, etc.)? Why?
I think I answered this in my answer to the previous question. I’d excel most in Arithmancy, though I truly believe I’d excel in quite a few subjects. We don’t know much about the Arithmancy teacher other than her name and the fact that she gives the students number charts to fill in, but I still don’t think I’d have any trouble with the class because of my background in mathematics. I actually enjoy doing my homework for math classes the majority of the time, so I wouldn’t mind doing the class work or homework for Arithmancy.

11. What would your schedule look like at Hogwarts? Would you request use of a time-turner to take loads of classes? Would you take the bare minimum? Explain.
I would probably just take the average amount of classes. I doubt very much that I would ever use a time-turner, especially if it was for only classes. I’m still surprised that Hermione was allowed to use a time-turner, considering how dangerous they can be, and the amount of problems they can cause. Anyway, I would probably take the normal classes like Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Astronomy and Herbology. Now, I wouldn’t necessarily want to take Herbology or Astronomy, but I would probably do so because it looks like the normal thing to do. For the extra classes that are chosen in the third year, I would likely take Arithmancy and probably Ancient Runes. Because Ancient Runes is our equivalent to a foreign language class, I would probably enjoy it. The classes I definitely would not take include Muggle Studies, Care of Magical Creatures and Divination. Muggle Studies seems like such a waste of a class to me, especially for Muggle-borns like Hermione (I still don’t understand why she bothered taking that class). I wouldn’t take Care of Magical Creatures because I dislike Hagrid so much, and because I don’t really like animals. Plus, because of Hagrid’s dialect, I would probably have trouble understanding him. I’ve had foreign teachers in the past and it was usually difficult for me to completely understand what was going on in class. I wouldn’t take Divination because I don’t like Professor Trelawney. Even though she has had a few predictions come true, she seems like a fraud. Normally I would enjoy the class but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with her as the professor.

12. Professor Trelawney tells you that the thing you are dreading will happen on the 23rd. What is the thing you are dreading? Do you believe her? How does this affect you? Explain.
Like I said in my answer to the previous question, I think Professor Trelawney is a fraud. I wouldn’t take whatever prediction she made seriously, so it wouldn’t affect me in any way. The only thing I really dread in my life is having to get up in front of a group of people and make a presentation of some sort, like in a classroom setting. Because of the type of classes I take, this rarely happens as it is, so I probably wouldn’t believe anyone who predicted this, and especially not Professor Trelawney.

13. Would you bring a pet to Hogwarts? Remember, it can only be a rat, toad, cat, or owl. Which would you choose to bring? Why?
I would most likely bring an owl because they seem to be the most practical of pets. A person can it use to send letters and packages to people and places, whereas the other pets seem a little boring (unless, of course, the cat in question is half kneazle). In fact, if I didn’t have an owl, I probably wouldn’t even want any of the other pets. Plus, the owl doesn’t really need to be cared for. It just goes to the Owlery, where I assume it’s fed. The owl seems like the most intelligent of the pets listed, as it knows exactly where to go when a delivery needs to be made. For example, Hedwig is able to find Sirius, even when the Ministry can’t find him.

14. Would you rather have money or fame? Why? What would you do with the money/fame?
I would much rather have money than fame. Like I said earlier, I’m very shy, so I would never put myself in the spotlight on purpose. I could have money and use it without placing myself in the spotlight. With money, I would be able to buy whatever I wanted to make me happy. In fact, one of the reasons why I’m on my current career path is because of monetary gain. I want to have a lot of money later on in life, and I plan to do so.

There are many things I would use the money for. First of all, I’d buy myself a very nice penthouse apartment and BMW. I want to live in a nice place and wouldn’t feel comfortable living in a house by myself, so a penthouse apartment would suit me very well. I’d probably invest a nice amount of the money, just so that I could possibly make even more money. I would travel; specifically, I would travel to Italy because my great-great-grandfather was from Italy. My mother says he always talked about how beautiful it was, so I’d love to see it. The remainder of the money would probably go into savings, and some would likely go to some kind of charity.

15. For each house, give an argument for both why you should be sorted into that House and why you should not be sorted into that House, regardless of your actual opinions of the Houses. Basically, explain what traits you have of each House, and which traits you don't have of each House. Do not just give an explanation of what each House is and isn't.
a. Hufflepuff
I’m very loyal to my friends and family, if I receive the same loyalty in return. As it is, most of my friends and family believe me to be loyal to them, and they often share secrets with me. I’m a very passive person. I don’t tend to volunteer information about my opinions or other things unless asked straight-out. I like to keep certain things to myself.

I’m not hard-working in the least bit. I mean, I do what I need to do in order to do well in classes and other areas of my life, but I don’t put 110% into what I do. I tend to be rather lazy about most things, actually, and I’ll even go as far as to make up excuses as to why I should put off something. I’m not a patient person at all. I hate waiting on things to happen. For example, it drives me crazy when I apply to communities such as this, and I have to wait just to have my application posted. I just want to know things right away. I’m not always honest. I’m not a pathological liar by any means, but I tend to be untruthful about certain things with certain people.

b. Slytherin
I can definitely be an elitist. When I meet people in real life, I always want to know about the type of family they come from, and around how much money they have. I think I get this attitude from my mother because she also does this. I’m sly at times, in that I’m able to figure out things by using means that are often thought of as cunning in nature. For example, my sister has a necklace. It opens, and I noticed that it had little pieces of paper in it. I wanted to know what they said but she wouldn’t tell me. It drove me crazy, so today I offered her one of my necklaces to wear out tonight, knowing that she would leave her other necklace at home. After she left I opened the necklace, and now I know what is in it. I’m a very ambitious person. Even though I’m lazy, I’ll do almost anything to get to where I want to be, even if it means having to hurt others. People have done it to me, so why shouldn’t I do it to others?

I’m not a power-seeking person. Because of my shy nature, I would never be able to hold a position of power because I wouldn’t want every person watching me at all times. I’d also be afraid of screwing up and I wouldn’t want to be blamed for a large problem in the world.

c. Gryffindor
I’m very passionate about those things important to me, like mathematics and music. It’s especially apparent with music; when I’m playing the piano or clarinet, I almost feel like I’m somewhere else. I can be very stubborn. It’s very difficult to get me to change my mind. Even when I realize I might be wrong about something, I’ll pretend I’m correct just because I hate changing my mind.

I’m not at all brave in any way. I’d probably die from a stroke or heart attack if I had to endure even one thing Harry had to go through. I’m just afraid of so many things.

d. Ravenclaw
I’m intelligent. I’ve always enjoyed learning and have always received high marks in school. I’m talented in the arts. I’ve played the piano since I was six, and the clarinet since I was eleven. I’ve excelled on both instruments, winning many competitions and placing in honor bands. I’m mature, and have always been. My parents often told me while growing up to try to act more like a kid, but I always thought kids were immature, even when I was one. I’m witty. When I was in middle school and was a bit overweight, some people used to make fun of me. I almost always used my wit in retort, and it was almost always a success. I’m quiet (a quality that must be associated with Ravenclaws, since we rarely hear of them). I’m curious about pretty much everything. I always want to know more about a subject. I was curious as a child in an annoying sort of way (according to my parents).

I’m not completely preoccupied with learning and knowledge. If something doesn’t interest me, I don’t bother with it. I don’t constantly study or worry about school either. While I certainly care about how well I do in school, I don’t allow it to take over my life like some people do.

16. If you were participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, who would be the one you’d miss most? Why are they so special to you? Explain.
This is difficult for me to answer because there’s no one in particular that I would miss the most. I don’t have a significant other or best friend, so I guess I’ll just say that I’d miss a member of my family the most. My family is very important to me, so any of my five other family members would be missed. They’re special to me simply because they’re always there for me, no matter the mistakes I have made and will definitely make.

17. Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose in life? What is your passion? What makes you who you are? Explain.
The reason why I get up in the morning and my purpose in life coincide. Most days I wake up in order to get to class on time. Going to class will help me on my way to achieve my life’s dream, which is to become an actuary. That’s the only thing I really want to do. I don’t even want to get married or have children. As long as I am successful in my career, I’ll probably be satisfied with myself and my life. I don’t think I’ll need anything else.

Math is first and foremost my passion. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be majoring in it, and I wouldn’t be pursuing a career that involved the use of mathematics daily. Another passion is music. I enjoy playing the piano and clarinet, like I described earlier. Doing either of these things helps me relax, and brings a level of happiness that isn’t possible with other things in my life.

18. Is there anything in your life that you just can’t live without? Would that answer be different in the Wizarding world? Explain.
I can’t live without my computer. Because I am shy, I enjoy interacting with others through the internet as opposed to real life situations. I’m so attached to my computer and the internet that when my last computer died, I became so upset and stressed that I caused myself to have a panic attack. I also like talking to people who don’t know me in real life because I feel that I can be more honest with those people. I don’t have to worry about saying something stupid or offending someone and then bumping into them the next day somewhere.

If I was in the Wizarding world, my answer would be a wand. I would need a wand in order to do most spells. The wand, in the Wizarding world, is like a person’s lifeline. Without his wand, Harry would have never escaped Voldemort in GoF or the Death Eaters in OotP. Just the same, I would never want to find myself without my wand in case trouble came my way.

19. If you had to change one (and only one) thing about yourself (personality, not physical), what would it be? Why? Would you change more things if you could?
Like I’ve said previously, I’m very shy. I'm such a complete introvert, in fact, that people often get very bad first impressions of me. I even had a few people say to me after they had known me for a while, “gosh, when I first met you, I thought you were a complete and total jerk." I used to take piano lessons and wasn't nearly as shy when playing for people but after I stopped the lessons, I guess I shut myself up for some reason. I enjoy being by myself for the most part, and people view this as being a strange characteristic. I guess I'm afraid that I really am odd and that people won't like me. To be honest, I don't think this is such a great quality. I need to change it, but I probably will never do something to fix it.

There’s nothing else I would really change about myself. There are other things I don’t like about myself, but I don’t feel that they’re so bad that they warrant a change. Plus, I really don’t want to change anything about myself. I really don’t like change. I’m the type of person who follows a schedule daily (especially during school semesters), and it bothers me to have this schedule screwed up. I certainly think that changing a portion of my personality would be even more difficult for me to accomplish.

20. If you could go back and tell your eleven year-old self one message, what would it be? Why?
I would probably tell myself to try to get more involved with different activities, just so my parents would have been pleased with me. I joined the band when I turned eleven. It was really the only thing I enjoyed doing regarding school activities. I enjoyed it very much, so much that I refused to do other things that could have been rewarding or fun for me. Now, this really didn’t bother me, but it bothered my parents. I never wanted to do things like join the church youth group. I think I only went to two school dances in my entire high school years, and I never even went to Prom. I just wasn’t interested in other things. Actually, my mother still brings all of this stuff up to this very day. One of my sisters is Chaplain of her sorority, and the other is a cheerleader and Belle for our city. I know my mother favors them over me because of these things, so I wish I had been more involved just so that I wouldn’t be such a disappointment.

21. If you were the Minister of Magic, what laws would you change? What laws would you add? What laws would you remove? Why?
First of all, I want to say that I would never want to be Minister of Magic. It looks like a terribly time-consuming job, not to mention the fact that I obviously wouldn’t want to be in the public eye all of the time. I guess for the sake of the question, I would changes some laws. The first would be to get rid of the Dementors. I’m against capital punishment, so I’m automatically against the use of the Dementors. Plus, the Dementors actually suck out the soul of a person. I can’t imagine a harsher punishment for someone, even if they did commit a terrible crime. As we have seen from the books, innocent people can possibly be executed as well, so people who commit crimes should just have to sit in Azkaban. I think life imprisonment is a harsher punishment than execution anyway. Another law that I would change would be the addition of the Memory Charm as an Unforgivable. I really don’t understand why modifying a person’s memory isn’t included as an Unforgivable. I would actually rather someone do something to my body than to my mind, as I’m sure most others would. At least, there are laws against this in the real world, so why not the Wizarding world?

A law I would add would allow Wizarding school students to practice their spells over the summer, even if they’re Muggle-born. I’m sure that keeping a person from using their wand for three months at a time can cause them to forget certain things about spell casting. Now that a war is coming up, every person will need to use their wand in able to defend themselves, even the younger people.

22. Do you enjoy debating controversial topics? Are you easily offended? Have you taken time to read the rules in the Userinfo? Do you think you’ll fit in with this group of people?
I enjoy debating controversial topics, as long as the people I’m debating with respect me and my opinions. I usually only get offended when a person tells me that my ideas are stupid Open-minded people help make good debates as it is.

I’ve read all of the rules in the Userinfo. Because I’ve joined so many other sorting communities and haven’t had any trouble fitting in, I don’t see why I wouldn’t fit in with this particular group. As long as there is a mature attitude in the community, I think everything should be fine.

23. If you were sorted into a house that you didn’t feel you belonged in, how would you react? Would you live with it and make the best of it? Would you leave the community? Do you plan to stay and participate in the sub-communities no matter what house you’re sorted into?
If I was sorted into a house that I didn’t feel like I belonged in, I probably would just try to make it work to begin with. I would try to get involved in my common room and meet the other members of my house. If after a while I still felt uncomfortable, I would probably use an appeals process if one was available. If one wasn’t, I would probably just stay and try to make the best of it. I do plan on staying and participating no matter what. I wouldn’t even bother with filling this application out if I wasn’t going to stay.

24. Would you change this application in any way? If so, how? Why or why not?
I really liked this application because it asks questions that I haven’t seen before on other sorting community applications. However, I kind of wish that the more typical questions were asked. I’ve already answered all of those questions in other communities, so I could have just copied and pasted what I wrote previously. You guys forced me to work hard in this case, and I commend you on that.

25. And finally, how did you come across this community? If it was an ad from a current student or faculty member, please state their livejournal name and where the ad was placed. (That person will receive House Points for your efforts, so please try to remember.)
I'm in quite a few other sorting communities and have seen this community mentioned quite a few times. I'm terribly sorry, but I don't remember a particular person who recommended me.
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  • Pizza

    Name: Ferin Age: 16 Gender: Female 1. You’re walking through Diagon Alley, and a tall man, wearing very expensive-looking robes, drops a…

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  • I'm sorry everyone.

    I know a lot of people have applied for belong lately, and I want to apologize for the delay. We're working on revamping the community, and I have…