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1. Name: Tessa

2. Age: 21

3. Gender: Female

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4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of HP? How do you feel these hobbies/interests contribute to your personality?  I really love reading and writing.  Those hobbies give me a quiet, studious personality- I'm a bit shy and introverted. Instead of playing outside like my brothers, growing up I would sit inside (or outside if my mom forced us there) and read and read and read.  I am also creative, with my habit of writing poetry, fanfic, and short stories.  I also love using big words (some might say I'm pretentious).  I love to learn- I read a lot of non-fiction.

I'm also into voulenteering, which I think gives me a more open mind and heart. It really gives me a look into the lives of others- the good and the bad, which gives me more compassion, I think. I belong to a service club at college.

5. Which Harry Potter character do you feel you can relate to the most? Explain. Which character is your favorite? Again, explain. I can most relate to Hermione.  She and I both love learning. We're both considered know-it-alls.  We both like books, and we automatically choose the library when we have a problem or a question.  We try to read up on anything and everything we can.  For example, Hermione read all about Hogwarts before going there, and I read as much as I could about my college before deciding to apply. She also has a stubborn, independent streak that I can relate to.  We're both strong-willed.

My favorite character is also Hermione.  I just relate to her so much, as I have said. We're both overacheivers (I always did all the extra credit). We're both researchers, in fact I hope to become a librarian.

6. Give us explanations and reasons for and against you being sorted into each house.
a. Gryffindor
I believe in doing what is right.
Against: I don't think of myself as brave.

b. Hufflepuff
I am friendly, kind, and empathetic.
Against: I'm not very open.

c. Ravenclaw
I love reading and learning, and I consider myself smart.
Against: I'm a procrastinator.

d. Slytherin
For: I can be stubborn and strong-willed.
Against: I'm laid back.

7. What was your least favorite moment in HP? Probably when Sirius died.  He was just such a great guy. He was truly one of the good ones, and it's awful when a good guy dies. And it was so sad for Harry to lose the one person that he finally felt a connection to, the closest thing he had to a real family (I don't count his awful aunt and uncle)- his godfather, who wanted to take him in.  It seemed like such a senseless death.  I mean, killed by a curtain?

8. What about HP appeals to you (e.g. the romance, the adventure, the friendships, the fantasy, the mystery)? The friendships, the fantasy, and the mystery.  I like the friendships because they are fun and heartwarming.  It's so interesting to see these young people develop and watch them grow closer to one another.   It's nice to see young people grow so close to each other- makes me wish I could have friends like that, who would support me no matter what, call me on any weird behavior, and generally be like family.

I like the fantasy because I am a fantasy fan in general.  Sometimes it's nice to take a break from reality- to escape to a world where magic is real.  The fantasy paints such a rich, textured picture of this other place, a place not so far from where we are.  Fantasy just excites the imagination and inspires your spirit.

I like the mystery because it's just plain interesting.  I like trying to figure things out, putting the pieces together.  Trying to figure out who did what, what's going to happen next, is Snape evil or not, who's going to die in the last book, etc.  I enjoy exercising my reason.  It challenges me, makes me think.  That's always good.

9. What would you do if your friend was in danger? What would you give up in order to save them? Would you lay your life on the line?  I would do anything for a friend who was in danger.  Yes, I would even give up my life.  Ultimately, I have a heart for others- I want to please them above pleasing myself, and that extends to saving them over saving myself. My friend's life is important, and deserves to be saved.  I would have to do what I consider the right thing, and save their life even at the expence of my own.

10. If you could only store one memory in the Pensieve to visit over again, which one would it be? Why?  The day I got my first book.  Well, no, it wasn't my first book (I had books as a baby), but it was the first book I remember getting.  It was <i>Green Eggs and Ham</i>.  I was just so incredibly excited to get it.  I remember the whole thing, the pink and white gingham-like paper, the pink bow.  Opening it- and there it was!  A beautiful new book.  I was so happy.  I must have read that book 10 times (at least) that day, and I had my mom read it to me until she refused to read it any more.  I think that book partially inspired my love of books.

11. What excites you the most in life? Where do you get the most joy and fulfillment?  Books and reading excite me the most in life.  They're also where I get the most joy and fulfillment.  You can just find so much in books- fantasy and reality.  Happiness and sadness. Mystery and magic.  Tales of families and friends.  There's also a lot you can learn from them- about the human condition, how to write, history, friendship, and more.  There's not too much more exciting to me than getting a new book.

12. If you were in Harry's position during the "Snape's Worst Memory" incident, how would you view Peter, James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, and Snape differently? Why?  I think I would definitely view James differently.  I mean, here's someone you consider a hero, acting like a complete jerk.  I would feel let down.  I would feel the same way about Remus and Sirius- how could they be so cruel?  What a disappointment.

I would also view Snape differently- I might have some understanding of why he "hates" me, and treats me so badly.

I would have a newfound respect for Lily- she tried to help Snape.

13. If you had access to a time turner without worry of not being able to return, nor any other restrictions, what would you use it for and why?  I think I would go back to the Renaissance, one of my favorite time periods.  I think it would be cool to see how people really lived back then- what they wore and ate, how they worked and played.  I also think it would be awesome if I could meet my favorite author, William Shakespeare.  I would love to get to know him, ask him some questions about his plays and poetry.  And definitively find out if he really did write them. 

14. In the Philosopher’s Stone (AKA Sorcerer’s Stone) Neville had a choice: he could let his friends go out at night when they weren’t supposed to and potentially they could lose points for his house, or he could confront them and stop them from breaking the rules. What would you have done in his situation?  I would do what Neville did- confront them and try to stop them.  I am a believer in following the rules, and I would definitely stop anyone (even friends) from breaking them.  Plus, I would want to stop my friends from losing the house more points.  Why should everyone in the house suffer because of the actions of a few?  Few things tick me off as much as that- when people who don't deserve it get punished.

15. Who (dead, alive, or fictional) do you most admire? This can be someone from real life or from Harry Potter.  Mother Teresa, the loving humanitarian.  I love how she selflessly devoted her life to the poor and dying, the hungry and broken.  She had a lot of spirit and a big heart.  I really admire how she gave up everything to serve those who were the lowest and the least in society.   She was so devoted and loving.  I wish I had that much love and caring in my body.

16. What is your favorite book outside of Harry Potter? What is it about this book that endears it to you? Probably <i>As You Like It</i> by William Shakespeare (if plays count).  I just love Shakespeare's language- his wordplay, and his comedy.  I love the way he describes and draws the characters.  AYLI is so much fun- you've got gender-bending (a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl- keep in mind that she would be played by a boy in the Renaissance), romance, mistaken identity, friendship, and of course a happy ending.

17. In Goblet of Fire, Harry was chosen for the Tri-Wizard Tournament even with the age-line. Ron was unable to enter because of the age restriction even though he really wanted to be a part of the Tournament. Was Ron right to be jealous/angry at Harry? Were Harry's reactions appropriate? Why?  No, I don't believe Ron was right to be jealous and angry.  Harry told him that he hadn't placed his name in the goblet, and as a friend, Ron should have believed him.  What's a friendship without trust? 

Harry's actions were somewhat appropriate- I can certainly understand where he was coming from.  If I were Harry, I would certainly be upset.  And Harry was right to try to make Ron understand that he didn't do it.   But ignoring Ron, and the whole fight was silly.  I understand that some of it was Ron's fault, but Harry shouldn't have been quite so upset.  Understandable, but not right.

18. Which class would you look forward to the most at Hogwarts? Which classes do you/did you excel in most at school?  It's too bad there's not a literature class at Hogwarts- those are my favorite.  I think I would most look forward to Runes and Muggle Studies.  Runes because I am good at languages- I speak passable French and know some Latin.  I love learning other languages, it's so rich and engrossing.  I would look forward to Muggle Studies because I love learning about other cultures, their traditions and such.  Also, maybe we'd get into Muggle literature. 

In school, I most excelled at English classes, particularly literature.  I love exploring literature, analyzing the themes and characters.  Figuring out the plot.  I also like writing essays.

19. In the wizarding world, all 5th year students are required to pick a career to focus on going into their 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts. What career path would you choose? Why? How does it relate to what you wish to do (or are currently doing) in the future?  Well, I don't know if the wizarding world has librarians, but I imagine there must be one in places like Hogwarts.  If so, I would want to be a librarian.  I absolutely love books, and I love spreading that love of books.  I think I would like nothing more than to be surrounded by books all day, helping people reaseach their questions and problems.

20. In the Wizarding world, some pure-blood wizards consider Muggle-borns "filthy" and "horrible." In our world, people are categorized by their wealth, racial background, and appearance. What are your opinions on Muggle-borns? What are the qualities that you value in others?  I don't think Muggle-borns are any different than pure-bloods.  I certainly don't believe they are filthy.  They are worthwhile people, just like anyone else.  And they can be perfectly good wizards- look at Hermione, who is one of the best wizards of her generation. A very talented muggle-born. She pretty much blows away any stereotype that Muggle-borns aren't as good as pure-bloods at magic.

21. You have stumbled across five magical wells. One is the Well of Common Sense and Logic, the second is the Well of Creativity, the third is the Well of Optimism, the fourth is the Well of Physical Strength, and the fifth is the Well of Beauty. You can only drink from one well, but once you do you will be endowed with that ability for the rest of your life. Which well do you think you would definitely not need, and which do you think you would want to drink from?  I'm trying to decide between the Well of Common Sense and Logic and the Well of Creativity.  Common Sense and Logic because that is always useful- you need it to succeed in the world.  But, ultimately, I don't think I need to drink from that well- I think I have plenty of common sense.  So I would drink from the well of creativity.  I can always use more of that.  I love to write, particularly poetry, and more creativity would mean more and better poems and short stories.  It might spark new ideas for writings. 

I definitely don't need the Well of Beauty.  Not because I think I'm so beautiful already, but because I really don't care about beauty.  It's cliche, but I believe it's what's on the inside of a person that counts.  Your intelligence and your heart and soul matter- not your looks.  I don't even wear makeup.

22. If you had to make 5 Horcruxes, who are what objects would you choose and why?  Meaning, what means the most to you and why what significance does it have that you would want to put your soul into it? Firstly, my Bible.  I am a Christian, and the Bible has a lot of significance for me.  It dictates what I believe.  It is what I put my faith in.  Nothing means more to me than that.

Secondly, my Collected Works of William Shakespeare.  I love this book, and it has really influenced me.  I love the language and relationships.  I hold this book near and dear to me.

My cousin Kate.  She is just the sweetest girl in the world, and I love her with my whole heart.  Even though she's a lot younger than me, she's like a sister.  We talk all the time and share everything with each other.

A pen of some sort- probably my skinny purple pen.  I love writing, and creativity means a lot to me.  I love my purple pen because purple is my favorite color, and writing with it makes me feel talented, creative, and fun.

My teddy bear, Teddy.  He has been with me throughout my life.  He's a big old source of comfort.  I love him to bits. 

23.  What would your boggart form be and why?  A serial killer- maybe the Zodiac guy, even though I don't know what he looks like.  I am terrified of serial killers, they freak me out.  Not much scares me more than the idea of dying at random, killed in a horrifying way.  Or having someone else killed in front of me- brrrr.

24.  Anything else you want to tell us before we sort you? Also, please tell us where you heard about this community. (Members who refer new applicants receive points, so please try to be as specific as possible.) I like to sing in the shower.  Found this community by searching Harry Potter in interests on LJ.</lj-cut>


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  • I'm sorry everyone.

    I know a lot of people have applied for belong lately, and I want to apologize for the delay. We're working on revamping the community, and I have…

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