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LOTR, Stephen King, and Ray Bradbury

1. Name: Amy Grant

2. Age:

3. Gender:

4. What are your hobbies/interests outside of HP? How do you feel these hobbies/interests contribute to your personality?
My favorite thing to do is to sing for people that enjoy listening to me sing. I love to read. I love to dream about all the things i want to do with my life(and just dream vividly and randomly). I love to swim. Cook. Learn as much as i can in my lifetime by any means possible. Love to travel to new and foreign places. And i love to stay up late at night and have long conversations about love, life, science, death, mostly anything. i love listening to people that have interesting stories or lives. i like to make people laugh. i am interested in mostly everything, even if im not going to make life changing decisions with those things that im interested in. and these "hobbies/ interests" make my personality endless and constantly changing.

5. Which Harry Potter character do you feel you can relate to the most? Explain. Which character is your favorite? Again, explain.
both ron and hermione. ron because i too can become angry or upset over the little things but then can just as fast forgive and forget. hermione because like her i love to explore things and find out for what reasons things are happening and i want to learn as much as possible about everything. well hagrid is my favorite character because i wish to be like him. he see's everything almost through a child's eye's even though he is an adult. he cares for alot of people and animals with all of his heart. even if he is a big oaf sometimes. thats what makes him so lovable.

6. Give us explanations and reasons for and against you being sorted into each house.
a. Gryffindor
well i am very passionate about things that i care about and i will never give up on those things. i speak my mind no matter what and i am strong willed.
I only fight for those things that "I" care about. everything else i could really care less for.

b. Hufflepuff
i can get along with almost everyone as long as they are treat me with that same respect.
i can be very lazy at times and i dont do things unless i want to do them. i dont follow orders very well.

c. Ravenclaw
i can understand things easily and also teach things to people who normally dont get things.
i only apply myself to things or people i care about.

d. Slytherin
i can be very rude to people who dont respect me equally and i can con people if i have to.
i can be very shy. i am also very kind to almost everyone and all living things i cant stand to harm animals or most people. i take pity on people too easily. like giving homeless people food or wanting to pick hitchhikers up.

7. What was your least favorite moment in HP?
id have to say when cedric was killed. he was just someone that you didnt really pay much attention too and then just like that he was gone. and in life that actually happens. and it can be very sad when you have so many regrets about a person. especially since he was still so young and hadnt really begun his life yet. and that happens every day.

8. What about HP appeals to you (e.g. the romance, the adventure, the friendships, the fantasy, the mystery)?
i love the different characters that make you laugh or make you feel sad or angry and in each book you get to picture them progressing and getting older and its just real. that and the idea behind the series is very well planned out and each adventure is fresh. i love a good mystery and HP has that appeal to it too.

9. What would you do if your friend was in danger? What would you give up in order to save them? Would you lay your life on the line?
if i thought that one of my "true friends" was in danger i would do anything within my power to help them stay safe. i have stood up for alot of friends in my time. im usually around to help them out. i dont like it when people mess with people i care about. thats something that pains me most in this world.

10. If you could only store one memory in the Pensieve to visit over again, which one would it be? Why?
the memory of when i was a child of 6 trying to stay up all night on Christmas eve waiting for "santa claus" and just staring at the tree because it was so bright and beautiful that i thought it would keep me awake. eating christmas cookies and drinking milk. then my sister came out and we sat and talked all night until we passed out on the couch watching chritmas cartoons. i dont get to see my sister much and that was one of my favorite memories with her. she is 5 years older then me and she has a life of her own now, and she lives far away. but i looked up to her more than my parents or any other member of my family. and as she got older we didnt relate to each other at all. she did things that i dont approve of and i just want to go back to the simpler times and christmas is my favorite time of the year so that is my favorite memory out of all.

11. What excites you the most in life? Where do you get the most joy and fulfillment?
learning about new music, culture, religion(even if i dont practice any of them), anything that i dont know already. just learning new things that have to do with life or death excites me very much.i love to travel and always am looking for a new adventure i am very curious and i am always dreaming of new things that await me.meeting new people. i can be very shy at first but after i open up its like i can talk about anything. love excites me and i am in love right now so thats a good thing. and something that excites everyone and myself are surprises.

12. If you were in Harry's position during the "Snape's Worst Memory" incident, how would you view Peter, James, Sirius, Lily, Remus, and Snape differently? Why?
i would just be dissapointed in james. i mean after not knowing your father and always hearing good things about him from the people that actually knew him, then findind out about the way he treated snape would just be a bit shocking and dissapointing.

13. If you had access to a time turner without worry of not being able to return, nor any other restrictions, what would you use it for and why?
i would go back and try to put a little bit more of an effort to getting along with people when i was a child and that would have made things alot easier for me. instead of just ignoring the world and sticking my nose in a book when i could have been enjoying my childhood with more friends. also i would go back about 6 years and spend alot more time with my grandmother who passed away about 5 years ago. she was a very interesting person and she lived further away from me then i liked. but if i would have known she wasnt going to be around for very long i would have tryed my hardest to see her more often. and i would have made my father talk to her more and open up with her more. he never knew his father well since he died when he my dad was only 16 and he had alot of anger towards him when it happened and he never got to say he was sorry and he never understood alot of emotions growing up the way he did. that has taken toll on me. ive had to take care of him and always make sure of what his emotions were or else bad things would happen. so if i could go back and do something about that i probably would too.

14. In the Philosopher’s Stone (AKA Sorcerer’s Stone) Neville had a choice: he could let his friends go out at night when they weren’t supposed to and potentially they could lose points for his house, or he could confront them and stop them from breaking the rules. What would you have done in his situation?
i would have been like "heck yes! can i go to? please?" cuz i am always willing to accept the consequences of my actions and i love adventures and im very curios so i would have to go with. if not then i would follow them and make sure everything was ok and that they didnt get into trouble.

15. Who (dead, alive, or fictional) do you most admire? This can be someone from real life or from Harry Potter.
i admire anyone who can set a goal that they themselves have set and that they have dreamt of for a long time, and if they can reach that goal or make there dreams come true then i admire them. also i admire my boyfriend because he has been with me for almost 3 years now(1 and a half years as best friends, 1 and a half years togther as a couple) and he can actually stand my randomness and mean-ness and just bi-polar-ness and he has promised to be there for me and take care of me no matter what. and i admire that one person can handle all of me so fully cause thats been very hard for other people to do(even family).

16. What is your favorite book outside of Harry Potter? What is it about this book that endears it to you?
"Fahrenheit 451" everything in this book is so very real that i have to say i think this could be one of those books that no matter who you are you should read it. it made so much sense to me and it shaped the way that i think. i can relate to clarisse mcclellen(a girl who has a small part in the beginning but really made you and the main character think throughout the whole book)in the way that she was thought to be abnormal just because of her compassion and her simple interest in the world around her and she pays attention to nature which "normal" people dont care about anymore.. i just love this book in its entirety. and i love how Ray Bradbury(author) actually is right on the money when it comes to how america and its people are getting lazy and dont want to spend time to read a good book. and for writing it in the 50's and coming up with such an accurate overseeing of the future i give him props for that also. you would just have to read it to understand it fully.

17. In Goblet of Fire, Harry was chosen for the Tri-Wizard Tournament even with the age-line. Ron was unable to enter because of the age restriction even though he really wanted to be a part of the Tournament. Was Ron right to be jealous/angry at Harry? Were Harry's reactions appropriate? Why?
well he is the best friend of someone very sought after and famous so that makes him a little jealous already but harry is his best friend so he should judge him so easily without knowing all of the facts first. harry was only angry at ron for disbelieving in him and anyone in his position would act the same. because if your best friend judges you just like everyone else then what's to say that' not just exactly what they are: everyone else and not your best friend.

18. Which class would you look forward to the most at Hogwarts? Which classes do you/did you excel in most at school?
probably herbology and potions just because i love learning about new plants and there uses and i love mixing things and seeing what happens. i excelled in music, art, and english.

19. In the wizarding world, all 5th year students are required to pick a career to focus on going into their 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts. What career path would you choose? Why? How does it relate to what you wish to do (or are currently doing) in the future?
i would want to join the ministry of magic and use my powers for protecting other people because i like to protect the innocent. and that doesnt really have anything to do with what i wish to do in the future because if i was a wizard things would be different and im sure i would have more than one talent.

20. In the Wizarding world, some pure-blood wizards consider Muggle-borns "filthy" and "horrible." In our world, people are categorized by their wealth, racial background, and appearance. What are your opinions on Muggle-borns? What are the qualities that you value in others? 
they are just like everyone else. we cant choose who birthed us. all i look for in others is a little open minded compassion and for them to have a little respect for themselves,mankind, and nature.

21. You have stumbled across five magical wells. One is the Well of Common Sense and Logic, the second is the Well of Creativity, the third is the Well of Optimism, the fourth is the Well of Physical Strength, and the fifth is the Well of Beauty. You can only drink from one well, but once you do you will be endowed with that ability for the rest of your life. Which well do you think you would definitely not need, and which do you think you would want to drink from?
i already have common sense and enough logic for my own good. i have a very creative side so i dont need that either. i dont really have a need for physical strength. and beauty is in the eye of the beholder so i dont really care about how people that i dont care about think i look. Yeh i would definetly drink from the well of optimism since i have been told i can be very pessimistic and i know i am. if i was more optimistic i think it would be easier for me to get things done.

22. Anything else you want to tell us before we sort you? Also, please tell us where you heard about this community. (Members who refer new applicants receive points, so please try to be as specific as possible.)
umm i saw a banner that looked interesting on someones myspace page and so i clicked on it.

23. If you had to make 5 Horcruxes, who are what objects would you choose and why? Meaning, what means the most to you and why what significance does it have that you would want to put your sould into it?
my boyfriend for one because he means alot to me and i know that he wills always be there for me.number 2 would be my necklace that i wear all the time no matter what(its a pentacle that acts as protection for me). number 3 would be my ipod because it goes everywhere with me and without it i would probably die anyways. number 4 would be my camera since it helps me remember people places and things that i cared about enough to take a picture of. and number 5 would be my contacts because without them i wouldnt be able to see all of the wonderful things in this world.

24. What would your boggart form be and why?
a tv that showed my death over and over again if it could turn into that that is. if not then a gigantic spider with huge venom drippig fangs.

25. Anything else you want to tell us before we sort you? Also, please tell us where you heard about this community. (Members who refer new applicants receive points, so please try to be as specific as possible.)
i like to sing in the shower(very very true).
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