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Sun, Jun. 22nd, 2008, 08:12 pm

the hell! as myself I say someone must post! ...no one?... okay here goes, as such a being of individualness i endeavor so break the mold this week and leave my truck at home as I go coastal. oh yes there shall be malt liquor and sand for many. it's good to cut loose sometimes as we can often feel so boxed in by the conventional 40 hour work week and the competition of our peers... so you know even though I don't work really I'm gonna hitch it down to santa cruz ya, dontcha know. that but first I'm gonna acid-wash my pants, and other things, and then something cool too. but anyways somebody post cause seriously people might start to think
and that uh... oh wait who gives a shit cause I'm gonna be myself and I'm at least as cool as they are so they can eat my ____