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How Beautiful is Your Personality? [entries|friends|calendar]
The Beauty Inside

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01806 [10 Aug 2006|10:50pm]

let your personality shine through

[31 Dec 2005|04:18pm]

[ mood | lalala ]

i forgot my pic in my application, sorry. here it isCollapse )

1 shining star _ let your personality shine through

[31 Dec 2005|03:18pm]

::The Application::
Name:: Brittaney S.
Location:: glendale, arizona
Sex (do not put yes please)::female

Are you single, dating, or other?
Do you get along with your parents?
What is the worst thing you have ever done?
Too personal to go into detail
Tell us a random childhood memory::
making mud pies in my backyard

Books:: Harry Potter, Lotr, The chronicles of narnia
Authors::sarah dessen, c.s. lewis, j.r.r. tolkien, j.k. rowling, stephenie meyer
Bands/Artists:: i like classical, anything really
Foods/Drinks:: water, strawberry milk
Movies:: too many
Actors/Actresses::william moseley, emma watson, rupert grint, daniel radcliffe, jessica alba, diane kruger, josh hartnett, seann willaim scott, johnny knoxville
Other faves::

What is your opinion on sharing opinions in communities:
i think it's essential, but not ovee the top. someone has to have limits as to what they can express, but not necessarily stealing their freedom.

Cat or Dog::cat
Yellowcard or Blink 182::blink 182
Pepsi or Coke:: either
Fan Fiction or Actual Book:: love them both
Cd or Live in Concert::cd
Day or night::day
Block cheese or string cheese::block
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings:: I love them both

::Random Questions::
If you could have dinner with one person who is not alive today, who would it be and why? What would you talk about?
i would have dinner with marilyn monroe because she was an absolutley amazing woman and very talented. i would talk about whatever came to mind, i don't like to have a planned conversation, it's not natural if it's premeditataed.
If you were going to be stranded on a desert island for the rest of the life, what 10 items would you bring with you?
if i could bring my family, i would, but items i would say food, water, clothing, hygeine produvts, some thing for shelter, pens and paper, folders, tons of books
If you were given a million dollars, what are the first three things you would do with the money?
i'd buy my family a new house, take my freeinds shopping, and get myslef a car
What do you regret most?
i don't regret anything, i've learned and it's shaped who i am as a person today.
Do you love me?
love for who?
let your personality shine through

Is my personality dynamite? [04 Sep 2005|11:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I say shotgun, you say wedding.Collapse )

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Mod [06 Jul 2005|08:50pm]

Hey everyone. I don't know if anyone really cares about this community anymore, but I would like to tell you that Tierney (my sister and mod) and I are thinking about starting this place up again. Its summer and we have some free time when we aren't working. We are going to discuss this with Sara (good friend and mod) and see if she's up for it. Audrey, if you're around, do you still want to be mod? I told Tierney to talk with you, but doubt she did. I really want to get this place going again. Everyone let me know what you think we should do!

p.s. In the meantime check out this community that is run by my good friend Heather!
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is my personality dynamite? [06 Jul 2005|12:06pm]


my app :)Collapse )

let your personality shine through

leaving [11 Jun 2005|06:29pm]


I'm leaving- sorry guys but this community is dead = (

Enjoy the summer and good luck in school next year to everyone!

Love Jess

let your personality shine through

[02 Jun 2005|04:19pm]

Join...somehowisenoughCollapse )
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Fairly new community...looking for members! [27 May 2005|10:38pm]

Join.. somehowisenoughCollapse )
let your personality shine through

"Is my Personality Dynamite?" [12 May 2005|07:51pm]


ME and meCollapse )

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