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Hola All!
lo0ser_chelza needs your help

I’m going to be starting a website soon, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I need moderators for a teen advice site. Even though it is a teen site, I will also need some "non-teenagers" opinions and Moderator Help. It will be called Talk 2 Teens and when it’s up and running it will be like a blog site similar to LJ where anyone can see it unless you post it as “Mod’s only” ya know? It’s CO- ED and EVERYONE is needed to help. I expect the site to be up and running in mid December, and keep it for about a year.

The reason I need help is because LJ users go from The Pacific to the Indian Ocean, and there are millions out there. I just need a couple of people from different time zones too help. I have a lot of PST people, but more are ALWAYS needed. I will be training all of the mod’s via email, lj, phone, AIM, postal service, etc. If you are interested, and actually want to help, please email me at lo0ser.chelza@gmail.com of talk to me online for AIM, at oohoneybuttonsoo

Thanks to anyone who wants to help.


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