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Am I effing beautious?

1]. Name: Melissa
[2]. Age & Birthday: 15// November 13
[3]. Location: New Jersey
[4]. Some bands and artists you like: The Used, My Chemical Romance, Head Automatica, Underoath
[5]. Some of your favorite movies:  The Princess Bride, Mean Girls, Closer
[6]. Who do you idolize and why: Natalie Portman.  She is so beautiful, and I have loved the last few movies she was in. (Closer; Garden State)
[7]. Turn-ons: Guys who are pale with black hair, athletics, smelling clean
[8]. Turn-offs: BO, snobbiness
[9]. Best physical trait: Eyes
[10]. Worst physical trait: Butt.  (I dont see why anyone finds them 'hot')
[11]. Describe yourself in 1 word: Loud.
[12]. If you could, what would you change about yourself: Physically?  I would make myself a lot thinner (how cliche is that?  but alas, its true).  Mentally?  I would make myself not get attatched to people as easily as I do.
[13]. Interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Lax, Music, Friends, Shopping, Running
[14]. Why do you think people find you interesting: Because I say whatever I think
[15]. Where do you shop: AE

[16]. Pick a celebrity and write about them: Gerard Way.  He is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.  I saw him in concert recently, and ever since I have been abnormally obsessed with him. i think hes beautiful. i think hes talented.  he is just so amazing to me.  A lot of people think he's ugly, but I think he's the hottest guy I've ever seen.
[17]. Your opinion on Abortion: I'm pro-choice.  I think a woman should have the right to choose whether or not she's ready to have such a big responsibility.  Some people I've said this view to have said that if someone is ready to have sex, there ready to have a baby.  I disagree with that.  I think that sex is fine if its with someone you truly love, even if it is pre-maritial or before your ready for a baby.
[18]. Opinion on interracial relationships: I can't see how they could possibly be wrong.  We're all humans, no matter what our skin is.
[19]. What do you think makes a person beautiful: I love openness, and someone whose not afraid to show there emotions.  When it comes to guys, I have kind of weird tastes.  I love pale guys who are skinny with dark hair, and bags under there eyes  (much like Gerard.)  Some people think thats so gross, but I love it.

[20]. Why you think your beautious: I get a lot of shit at school for the way I do my make up or what not.  I think I'm beautious because I do things my way, and even if its not beautiful to others, its beautiful to me.  (I wish I could post pictures of me with my makeup, but I don't have a single one right now!)
[21]. Promote to 2 communities and 2 journals. provide links:
[22] Who promoted you to _Beautious? Or how did you find out about us? color_the_c0ast

ATLEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself. Preferably ONE or more body shots.



This is the closest I have to a body shot...

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