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Wanna suck my cock baby?


About You~
[1]. Name: Ellia
[2]. Age & Birthday: 14, February 9th
[3]. Location: Seattle, WA
[4]. Some bands and artists you like: Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Ashlee Simpson, Brand New, the Killers, Sarah Hudson, Frank Sinatra, the Vines, the Exies, the Presidents, Wheatus & many many more
[5]. Some of your favorite movies: Breakfast At Tiffanys, the Brekfast Club, Grease, Pretty In Pink, Fight Club, A League Of Their Own, Footloose, In Good Company, Look Who's Talking Now, Donnie Darko, Cruel Intentions, Dude Wheres My Car, Sugar and Spice, the Wood, Van Wilder, Bubble Boy, Girl Interupted, Night at the Roxbury, the Good Girl, Practical Magic, Butterfly Effect, Saw & many many more.
[6]. Who do you idolize and why: I idolize... I idolize my aunt Sylvia. I come from a really tightnit old fashioned Greek family. My aunt (I call her thea) on the other hand was able to break away and be able to be herself. She doens't care what my family says and what anyone thinks about her, because she likes being herself. It takes a lot of courage to do that because the pressure from my family is always there and I really respect her for that.
[7]. Turn-ons: Shaggy hair, tall about 5'10 (beacuse I'm only 5'3), brown hair & blue eyes, white teeth, <--- straight white teeth, semi-dangerous, Jason Bergerson (my stud friend)
[8]. Turn-offs: Yellow teeth, bad breath, lazy, short, buz cut hair
[9]. Best physical trait: Hmmm definetely my chest, I'm a 32D
[10]. Worst physical trait: My thighs, no matter how much I work out they always look huge to me.
[11]. Describe yourself in 1 word: histrionic
[12]. If you could, what would you change about yourself: The fact that I'm histrionic, haha, because I don't like being so dramatic, and I hate it how I always screw things up. If I also could change something else I'd change my thighs, they bug me like way too much.
[13]. Interests/Hobbies: Photography, track, & hanging out at Seattle festivals
[14]. Why do you think people find you interesting: I think people find me interesting because I'm always so ecstatic, I always have something to talk about, and when I'm sad, you'll know I'm sad. I know how to act wherever I am, and I can be shy at times. I like to help people and just "spread the love" :)
[15]. Where do you shop: Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Undies & Outies, Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, Goodwill, Fred Meyer :)

[16]. Pick a celebrity and write about them:
Ashlee Simpson

I know a lot of people think that Ashlee is fake, and that she can't perform. But I really respect her for creating her own image and career and being just as famous as her sister. The reason is because my older brother is like perfect and it's really hard because my mom is always comparing me to him and everyone knows who he is. I saw her in concert and she is so happy and jumpy and talented and beautiful!
[17]. Your opinion on Abortion: I feel that the option should always be there. I personally would never have an abortion, but I don't think it should be illegal just because religions and some people are against it. If you're against it, simply don't have one. It's not as if the government will force you to have an abortion.
[18]. Opinion on interracial relationships: I have no problem with interracial relationships. If everyone really is equal, it shouldn't matter what the color of their skin is.
[19]. What do you think makes a person beautiful: I think a person is beautiful if they're happy and optomistic and just make everyone want to be around them. Looking through my grandmas old magazines, I see all of these girls who are healthy, not sticks. They actually have some weight on them, and they're so gorgeous.

[20]. Why you think your beautious: I think I'm beautious because my friends always tell me that I'm beautiful, and everyone loves a Greek girl!
[21]. Promote to 2 communities and 2 journals. provide links:

[22] Who promoted you to _Beautious? Or how did you find out about us? color_the_c0ast

ATLEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself. Preferably ONE or more body shots.

Old banner of mine

I'm really bad at mirror and body shots but I have a really unclear one (sorry!!):

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