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About You~
[1]. Name: Kailey
[2]. Age & Birthday: 14 && october 15, 1990
[3]. Location: Cave Creek, AZ BITCHES!
[4]. Some bands and artists you like: Taking Back Sunday, Led Zeppelin, Floyd, Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, The Beatles, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Dave Matthews Band, Modest Mouse, The White Stripes, System of a Down, The Sex Pistols, and so many more!
[5]. Some of your favorite movies: The Notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cruel intentions, Moulin Rouge, Empire Records, and Tommy Boy.
[6]. Who do you idolize and why: I idolize my mother. She has made so many sacrifices to make me and my sister happy after 5 years of being divorced. Even when she had no one left to fall back on she still made it through trying to make mine and my sister's life so much better. I hope I'm just a great mother as she is when I am ready to have kids.
[7]. Turn-ons: Shaggy hair, nice teeth, cologne, plays guitar, good kisser, cuddly, good hygene.
[8]. Turn-offs: Bad breath, yellow teeth, body odor, cocky, believes that the only thing that matters is his penis, and thinks with his penis.
[9]. Best physical trait: my boobs. haha.
[10]. Worst physical trait: ew, the rest of my body.
[11]. Describe yourself in 1 word: gregarious
[12]. If you could, what would you change about yourself: I don't want to be as stubborn as I am. I am probably the most stubborn person you will ever meet, and I will never swallow my pride. When I hold a grudge, I hold a grudge and I can't stand it. That's probably how I lose friends.
[13]. Interests/Hobbies: Playing soccer, playing guitar, hanging out with friends, going to the mall, shopping, spa pedicures, manicures, going to NY, drinking, smokingg, taking pictures, writing, and uh that's it :).
[14]. Why do you think people find you interesting: Probably because I have a funny funny funny sense of humor. I lovee and know just how to make people laugh and the right time to do it. A lot of people that I am good friends with now, probably talked to me because I made a joke during class or something like that.
[15]. Where do you shop: American Eagle, Hollister, Pacsun, Anchor Blue, A&F, Wet Seal.

[16]. Pick a celebrity and write about them: Um Ryan Gosling was the guy that played in the Notebook. All I have to say is that my future goal in life consists of banging Ryan Gosling.
[17]. Your opinion on Abortion: Whoa, if you made me write down all my views on abortion there would be a page long essay. Yeah so I'm definately completely against abortion. I don't care if the woman got raped, she could give it up for adoption. There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to destroy a life before it's even begun. There's absolutely no reason. There's my view, briefly.
[18]. Opinion on interracial relationships: All for it. I don't think color of skin makes any difference at all when it comes to relationships.
[19]. What do you think makes a person beautiful: Definately confidence. If you're confident in yourself and you won't let anyone think otherwise, people will notice.

[20]. Why you think your beautious: Umm... cuz I was a mod here before?
[21]. Promote to 2 communities and 2 journals. provide links: [Unknown LJ tag] crazygreekbstrd
[22] Who promoted you to _Beautious? Or how did you find out about us? uhhh duh.

ATLEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself. Preferably ONE or more body shots.

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