March 2nd, 2005

mod post

Hmm the userinfo for this community really needs to be updated!
just an FYI

since Liz (xointoxicatedox) stamped applicants, she must be a mod right? If soooo liz, you shall need to send either myself or jada a picture and we'll do whatever with it && add it. As well as Sehar, we will be needing a pic for your Mod pic.

wow, we have effing 6 mods. that's crzy! Haha, but they're hot so yeah!

Umm yeah Jada mentioned perhaps themes. I'm thinking like
Spring Break theme maybe? Bikinis and such? or just summer type wear!?

Anyyy suggestions?


OHHHH and one more thing! I think we're being very leniant when it comes to voting. We're not really basing it on looks anymore, if anyone agrees with me. I think we need to raise the bar a little.... ?

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thanks for accepting me but maybe some of the girls are right. i'm not very pretty&i'm a little young. my pictures suck 'cuz they're all at sleepovers&friends stuff. I don't have a digital of my own, so those pictures aren't really me. i look totally different in real life. but thanks anyway!<3

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I have to leave guys. I loved this communitiy, i thought it was awesome, i love the mods & members. Im just getting a bit too busy with things right now, and im already apart of a few more communities. I cant keep track of them all. I'll miss you all, alot!<3 bye.