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The World is not beautiful.

And in that, it gives it a sort of beauty.

The Beautiful World
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Welcome! This is a livejournal RPG community, which is yaoi/yuri based. If you would be interested in joining, please read through all the information listed on this page.

The Beautiful World ---
On the planet known simply as "The World", two countries are at war---Veronice and Istrocres. The war has been raging on for centuries... it has been that way for so long that people have forgotten why they are fighting, and yet their whole lives are so focused on killing the opposing side that it does not matter anymore.

The World is generally always bleak---abandoned ghost towns are used as battle fields, and sometimes even ones with people still living in them. The general atmosphere of the World is futuristic, and yet rustic. There are no shiny new inventions which make life easier. There is no hope for tomorrow in the World.

Out of the throes of the inbred instinct to kill rises a new group from the Veronice end---an organization simply known as the "Bleachskulls", who are bent up on stopping the war, which they see as useless and sadistic. However, they are so used to bloodshed, their ways could even be called more brutal than any type of murder Veronice's or Istrocres' army could commit. They burn cities and commit mass genocide in order to prove their point. They also show their disapproval for the government by dying their hair any other colour besides black---which is the natural hair colour of the people in that general vicinity.

Eventually the Bleachskulls grow so strong and kill so many, it seems as if the war is over---however, that is only because there is hardly anyone left to fight. So the war does indeed stop, leaving both countries in inconsolable ruins and utter despair.

The World is not beautiful, and in that, it gives it a sort of beauty.

A Map of the World ---
A map, for reference during play, based upon the original one created by coldkairos. Thank you!

The Laws of the World ---
These are rules you must abide by, and understand, in order to be a part of the community.
- Storybook (i.e; "Blah," he said.) posts will be done in the community.
- You can do a minimum of one paragraph, or do several of them. Whatever it takes to get your character's action across -- as long as it is intelligent.
- Your character's own journal will be used for their own personal thoughts (pretending they keep a journal of some sort), and/or, for actions done privately while they are alone.
- Since their journals are supposed to be offline, and to them livejournal is non-exsistant, and for their own personal uses or what have you, IC commenting on their posts is NOT allowed. You can't read someone's journal entry in real life unless you find it or they give it to you. This is just the same.
- RPing can be done in two ways: you can post your character's actions in the community, OR you can post logs of one on one or group RPs done with other members through IM/yahoo/whatever, and post it in the community.
- Please keep OOC to a minimum, and role play related.
- Seeing as this is a YAOI/YURI roleplay, only YAOI/YURI characters are accepted. I don't know why you would want to join if your character wasn't.
- Please, use lj-cut for anything above an R rating.

Joining the Journey ---
So, are you interesting in joining TBW RPG? Fill out this application, and email it to Kiba. If we accept, you will be given the okay to make a journal. With that journal, join the community. We will approve, and you may begin your way through the World!

Alias (if applicable):
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