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So, I'm kinda back?

I have a question for everyone.

Does everyone want to get this community going again? Cause I really enjoyed it over the summer when we were still alive.

Once again I'd offer to help co-mod... or even fully take responsibility for moderating.

Anyone up for it?
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Heyy um I already posted this question but I didn't get any response or anything;

I applied a longgg time ago but I was never stamped so I'm wondering if I'm accepted/rejected or what?

ok thanxx♥

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So ok. This will be my last post.

Sorry, everyone. This community has died. Completely, and obviously.
Since everyone has been leaving, and the mods are mostly done...
I'm afraid to say, I'll be leaving too.

Mostly because no one replied to my offer.
But somewhat because we've died/school has arrived/whatever else has been fucking with my life... (I.E. gas prices/problems with my mum/not being able to see Seth as much.)

So yea.
Sorry everyone.
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Holy shit. (Excuse the language.)

So, I'm back... but everyone has been LEAVING THE COMMUNITY?!?!

Ugh. Well...

I'm back from vacation to those of you who are still here.
If need be, I'd be able to help maintain the community since Jenna left, and Dez (I think, from what I've gathered,) left?!?!
Oh, man.

So, Iunno, but I'd be up for helping out and being a co-mod.

Um. I'll have pictures from my vacation very soon.
I'll also elaborate on what I did in South Dakota.

It was such a blast, and I loved every minute of it.
Well... except for the fact that I had NO SERVICE on my cell phone the majority of the time so I felt so out of tune with my friends and my life here back in Jersey.
But whatever.
Like I said. I'll elaborate later.

I missed you all!!!!!!!
And don't forget about my offer.
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hey everyone! I am soo sorry I haven't been that active lately, but I just strated school, and it's been really hectic.. so I'm going to be somewhat inactive for a little while.. sorry!!!

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I'm sorry, Its really hard for me to leave because I love everyone in this community so much, but Since everyone is leaving and Both the MOD's don't/ can't run this place with out Dez and Jenna (I'm pretty sure thats her name) I'm leaving. I'm sorry, maybe once the Mod's can acually run this place by them selfs I might Join again.
Again I'm really sorry, You can all feel free to add me, I would really really like that.
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