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_beatlemania's Journal

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Welcome to _beatlemania! I am your friendly courier mod, getwicked :) And if you haven't already guessed, this is a community for fans of The Beatles! Yay. We've been going strong since November 9th, 2003.

► All of your posts must be relevant. They can be about the band or someone/something closely associated with them, as long as it's all factual.

► You may post graphics and pictures. If you plan to post more than three icons, or more than one picture, please place the rest behind a Livejournal Cut.

► You may not post surveys. Even if they're Beatle surveys.

► You may not advertise your community or any other site on _beatlemania. Please use this page instead.

► Flaming The Beatles or each other is right out! If you have an issue with someone, take it out of the community.