Going to hell again

-Silent Hedges

Bela Legosi's Dead
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Tomb flowers will bloom
With new tales of random serenity
And fabric of dreams
Will always exist.

Like a soul in action
From the kingdom
Of white on white idol
Here dreaming in new gowns.

You'll read riddle of players calling
In the lurking lipstick scences
And a young man held a flexible God
And the pretty girls who scream.

The lost and found
Will lay with their still-love
And lift your echoing heart
To a private paradise of dreams
In an air that falls apart

-First page of the "Crackle" album.


This is about Bauhaus. And the people that love them. A lot like myself.

Their will be no:
Talk about private lives
Talk about sexuality
Talk about "looking atractive"

There will only:
Be talk about great bands such as "Bauhaus" "The cure" and "Joy Division". And things you own of them, or perhaps pictures or something.

Thank you for your time. -The LoveCat
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