Name:  Kelly [Nuit Songeur (Internet Alias)]

Age: 16

Instruments you play in general: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contra Bass, Piano

Current Clarinet: Bass Clarinet

Are you in any Ensembles: Yes

If so, what: Concert Band and Marching Band (not really a fan of jazz)

Years Played: Well, I've actually played clarinet for the past four years and then last year asked my band director if I could march bass.  Luckily, he said I could and ever since, I've loved bass! (More than clarinet)
And, I've taught myself how to play piano in sixth grade.

Favorite Scale: Ack! Hardest question ever.  I'd say... Eb probably for Bass and on clarinet- Db
(Not Concert Pitches)
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Name: Kaitlin
Age: 13
Instruments played: bass clarinet, flute, clarinet, contra alto clarinet, tenor sax, piano, cello, violin, alto sax, baritone
Current Clarinet: Yamaha Bass Clarinet YCL-220
In any Ensembles: Yes
If so what: Concert Band and Jazz Band
Years Played: 4 years on bass clarinet
Favorite Scale: G major(I made Capitol Section on it)
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Lookie here

Name: Lauren
instruments you play in general: Bass Clarinet,clarinet, piano
Current Clarinet: Bass Clarient student model
Are you in any Ensembles: Yes
If so, what: Bass Clarinet and clarinet (because the conductor forced the rest of them away)
Years Played: 7 on bass, six months on clari
Favorite Scale: F, strait up and down

Oh My..a new member!

Name: Sam
Age: 16
Instruments you play in general: Soprano clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar, flute, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Current Clarinet: Bass clarinet: Selmer USA 1430
Are you in any Ensembles: Yes
If so, what: Marching band *yes, marching bass's amazing* Concert band, woodwind choir
Years Played: 5 years on bass, while still playing the occasional soprano parts.
Favorite Scale: Db major, for the win

My marching band has a bass clarinet section of six in a band of about 120. The sound we can make is quite impressive, for example our director often gives the other low sections a hard time for being out-blown by the bass clarinets. But what can I say?, Bass clarinet is the best.
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Music tour dilemma...

OK everyone, have decided *gasps* to post!

Dun dun dun!!!!!

Anyway, I am going on a music tour with my school at the end of the year to China and was curious as to a couple of things.
1. Because of the size of the thing, my school offered to rent an instrument over there for me to play, and my instinct is to decline, because I've had my current instrument for 9 years and it's really good in the lower register where I'll mostly be playing (and I played the school Jupiter recently and it was HORRIBLE in the lower register, kept cracking and was really soft and everything) and I know all its little quirks and things. However, I am a bit worried about it getting damaged/lost in China, which would NOT be good. I mean, my parents would pay for insurance, but instrument is my baby. Should I take my school up on this offer or not?
2. What are Chinese musicians/conductors like? Do they mostly speak English?
3. For that matter, what are music tours like? I've never been on one!
4. Are airlines generally good and careful wih instruments or should I pack extra padding in there or something? My bass is very hardy (as most are) but I don't think it'd like having a really heavy suitcase dropped on it or falling out of the hold of the plane or anything too much...

Any help or answers much appreciated!

Liv xxx
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(no subject)

Not trying to "take over" this community... but why is it that hardly anyone ever posts? I mean seriously...

How was this year's season?

Does your bass ever screw up in weird ways? I.E. some of the keys pop off randomnly. This happened to me and it stinks. :(
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Name: Susan
Age: 15
instruments you play in general: Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Eb clarinet, Alto clarinet, learning sax and flute
Current Clarinet: Both my Bb and my Bass are plastic student models. Wooden ones come at graduation.
Are you in any Ensembles: Yep.
If so, what: I'm first clarinet in the freshman concert band, and I'll be playing Bass in wind ensemble next school year. I'm in the pit orchestra for the inter-school musical (Cabaret) playing Bb ans Bass.
Years Played: 5 years on clarinet, 3 years on bass
Favorite Scale: Chromatic =P
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Hello everybody!!

Name: Olivia Hopkins
Age: 16
Instruments you play in general: Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Contralto vocals, Piano, Soprano Saxophone, Treble Recorder, Descant Recorder, Viola
Current Clarinet: Mainly bass but occasionally Bb.
Are you in any Ensembles: My school's Symphonic Wind Ensemble and hopefully this year my school's Orchestra.
Years Played: 1998 - present.
Favorite Scale: D major.

(no subject)

Name: Tom
Age: 16
instruments you play in general: Bb Soprano, Bb Bass Clarinet, Eb Contra Alto Clarinet
Current Clarinet: King Bass Clarinet, Selmer Contra Alto
Are you in any Ensembles: yes
If so, what: Symphonic/pep/marching at the high school, and the Community Town Band
Years Played: 7
Favorite Scale: F without a doubt

I finally found other people that love basses!

instruments you play in general:Bass Clarinet(woot!), alto sax, and b-flat clarinet.
Current Clarinet: My brand new $6,000 Selmer bass clarinet that my band director finally gave in and bought for me to use. I really beleive the one I used to use was from the middle ages.
Are you in any Ensembles:yes
If so, what:Wind Ensemble, Full Orchestra, and marching band. I am the only bass clarinet at my school.(i'm so alone..)
Years Played: 7 years
Favorite Scale: other than c? f sharp! haha, just kidding...
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