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Because we haven't done anything fun and Basement lately (OMG KEYMUN COME BACK WE MISS YOU) I think it's time to update the soundtrack, since we've gotten new people and some people have left.

Plz only submit songs for your character if they're actually a basement regular. Don't submit songs for every single one of your alts who occasionally drop by, or used to but don't any longer, or might sometime in the distant future. I will be compiling this. Don't get offended if you're not included.

Gimme a song title, artist, and which character it's for. A link to an MP3 would be even better. You can use YouSendIt to host files for up to a week; YSI is especially good for MP3s.

And like... my server DIED the last time I hosted all of the MP3s, so either I'm not going to include them in the site, I'm going to host YSI links available for download the first couple weeks, or I'd like to spread it out over other servers.

Comments, suggestions, questions? Shoot.