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The Basement!

Wacky Shenanigans, Yo

The Basement
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FAQ: The Basement (#sagesbasement)

Located beneath the Sanctuary (#sagesanctuary on the Darkmyst server), the Basement is commonly known as the hangout for the younger and wilder crowd, although in fact the oldest common inhabitant is millenia old. Derisively referred to as "where the children play," children are in fact not a good idea as everyone is usually
  1. Drunk.
  2. Stoned.
  3. Naked.
  4. On their way to one of the above three states.
  5. Upset.
  6. Delirious.
  7. Flirting.
  8. Some combination of the above.
DISCLAIMER: Just because those are the ordinary circumstances do not mean you have the right to parade in and demand where the drunken hijinks are. WE ARE NOT YOUR DANCING MONKEYS, SIR.

Those who are not welcome in the Basement are those of a stiff, unyielding moral persuasion. There shalt not be any Judgment of Lifestyle1, for ye shall be mocked mightily and yea, driven back up the stairs from whence ye came.
"I think eventually we will just be able to have people say 'I was in the basement' and all wacky shenanigans will be understood instantly." - Jean-Paul
And that day has indeed come, sir!

1 Note that the traditional greetings of "h0r" and "bitch" are not judgments of lifestyle but rather fond affirmations of affection.

The Rules of the Basement, although some of them are really more like... guidelines.

+ "Is it always like this down here?"
No. It's usually worse.

+ "So you guys like penises, huh?"
No, we just keep phallic objects around for the keen irony of it all. Also because JP's main hobby is fellating things.

+ "What the fuck is wrong with you people?!"
There are a few possible answers to this question. Let's explore them.
  • *hexes you to the ground*
  • Not much more than is wrong with you. If you don't like us, if you can't handle the word "cock," if you really need to have someone beneath your feet before you feel at home, then do us all a favor and go back upstairs.
+ "Is there any booze down here?"
Does a bear shit in the woods?

+ "Does anybody ever actually use the karaoke machine?"
Yes. Primarily for Truth or Dare. Most Played Song: Electric Six's "Gay Bar."

  • Truth or Dare
    We use the bottle (`spin) to pick the next person. If you don't already know how to play Truth or Dare you are beyond our help. DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU CANNOT FOR WHATEVER REASON COMPLETE A DARE. If you really feel bad about it, we'll institute some kind of punishment. If the bottle points back at you, you must remove an article of clothing.
  • I Never
    We go in alphabetical order. The person says, for example, "I've never gone bungee jumping." Every person who HAS gone bungee jumping must then either take a drink or take off an article of clothing.
  • Spin the Bottle
    Again, if you don't know how to play this game, we'll be aghast and force you to play it immediately. There are no spinbacks (A kissed B, B spins and gets A) and if the bottle points back at you, you must remove an article of clothing. The vehemently unwilling will not be kissed, but they will probably be heckled. Kisses do not have to be on the mouth, but you're a pussy if they're not. Warning: the bottle is often very gay.

ANGST: Verb, to feel sad over an event; to mope. Noun, the state of being quiet, cranky, sad or mopey. Usually derogatory, sometimes interchangeable with "Wangst".
BECAUSE BASEMENT: A fully appropriate explanation as to why things might seem odd or strange to you.
BECAUSE SEX: A response to any sex-related question to the infuriatingly naive.
BRIDGET: See Google. Everyone is gay for him.
DRAMA: A furry, or furries. We do hate animals who are also people.
DRAMUH: When any two (or more) characters (or muns) engage in conflict, verbal or physical, that goes beyond friendly banter and into the realm of antagonistic.
EMO: See "Angst".
FAGGOT: Anyone who is gay, especially a gay male; note that in Basement this is not a hateful slur but a term of loving affection. Note, however, that bouncing down to the basement for the first time and immediately calling everyone a faggot is not going to go over well.
H0R: A whore or a slut; again, an affectionate rather than derogatory term that does not necessarily reflect the sexual experience of the individual involved. (ie you can be a virgin and still be called a h0r.)
HARBL: Everything. See 4chan.
MARY SUE: See Google.
MUN: The typist behind the character. Short for "mundane".
PHAG0T: See "Faggot".
WANGST: Angst for the sake of angst, with no end in sight, wherein the character makes no attempt whatsoever to fix their situation; the word is a combination of "wank" and "angst", referring to the fact that wangst is basically a masturbatory experience for the mun involved where everyone has to feel sorry for and pay attention to their character. Wangst is used to force people to care about an otherwise boring or average character.
WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY: Pronounced "REEE," usually accompanied by extreme pelvic thrust. See 4chan.

Original Basement description courtesy of sandersrocksit