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So, your friendly mods (sandersrocksit, key_to_me, and lust_for_life) got together and talked about the state of Our Sandbox recently and came to the following conclusions. The basement has been around since April of 2005 and there's been some significant changes between then and now.

We like new people. We love new people. We want you to come to our sandbox and bring some toys and everyone will share and have some lemonade. But bringing the following character archetypes is the metaphorical equivalent of coming to our sandbox and kicking sand in our eyes. Please do not do this. Seriously.

There are certain character archetypes we don't want to see in the basement, either OOCly or ICly, or both. We will try to provide reasons; some of them are simply "Because we said so". This is, after all, our sandbox, and if you don't like it, you are always welcome at #sagesanctuary.

PS- if you're not sure about your character, FEEL FREE TO ASK. We're here to help. We WILL talk things out if you approach us. We won't be like RAWR NYARGH ARGH BLARGH KILL BABIES NYAHAHAHA HAIL SATAN.

  • Characters and muns under the age of 14, or the developmental equivalent thereof in their species, will be kicked out automatically; the allowance of characters between the ages of 14-17 will be considered based on their maturity and attitude.

  • Ridiculously overpowered Mary Sues, or characters who are going to wantonly abuse their magickal powerz. Many of the basement characters have gone through or are living traumatic, dysfunctional lives. Many of our plots could be solved by a Deus Ex Machina "I use my phenomenal cosmic powers to make it disappear". WE DO NOT WANT THEIR PROBLEMS MAGICKED AWAY. If you're not sure whether your character's help will be appreciated, ASK.

  • Overly-innocent, naive, or extremely sheltered people. The Basement is not SEX ED. It is not our job to turn your blushing naive virgin into the raging bisexual slut mobile you want them to be. If another blushing naive virgin comes into the basement, they will not be coddled, THEY WILL BE BOOED OFF STAGE. Unless they're Mary Marvel in which case we'll fuck with you. God that'd be so damn funny.

  • Characters who are going to sit there and be shocked at the displays of debauchery and immorality, and will regard the goings-on with the same level of amusement they would afford a cage full of monkeys flinging poo at each other. That got old a long time ago. We are not here to entertain you or your character. We are not your monkies and you can leave your condescending holier-than-thou attitude at the door.

  • Classy type characters (see above) will probably not be found in the basement, considering the basement is the anti-class. Think before you join the channel. Think about what it's like, and what your character is like. Can you seriously see them coming there and not being out-of-character?

  • No furries.

  • Rapists. 2/3rds of the Modly Trio have been raped. They will kick your character out. For the love of God, we DON'T WANT DRAMA. The basement is NOT FOR DRAMA.

If you have questions, ask us. And if you attempt to sneak in one of those types, we will ban you. We also recommend that everyone go back and read the rules. It's been updated.
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