Lil James (lilibet_james) wrote in _basement,
Lil James

* Lilibet wanders back down. "Okay, nevermind, I'm bugging you. Quit dreaming and entertain me." She's laughing as she says this.
* Some turns a light back on, putting his shades back in place. "Hey. I was just resting my eyes."
[Lilibet] She wanders over and jumps on the couch, bouncing and trying to touch the ceiling. "Bored. Bored. Bouncy. Bored."
[Some] *grins* Last time I was bored down here, I started a paint balloon fight.
[Lilibet] Whee!
[Some] It was a blast. I painted Scarlet scarlet!
[Lilibet] ...we could paint naughty things on the walls!
[Some] We could... *grins* Hmm, paint. *rummages in the closet*
[Lilibet] Life is good, Life is great, why the fuck can't the sun come up late?
* AdenN_Springs has quit IRC (Exit: I'm tired of shakin' my ass for these jerks.)
* Some pauses before bringing out a few cans of spray paint. "I've never seen a sunrise. Hmm."
[Lilibet] It's gorgeous. Except when you're out on a big flat rock in the middle of a lake curled up with your boyfriend. Then, it needs to go away.
[Some] That sounds fun. *tosses her two cans*
* Lilibet grabs the cans and shakes them while jumping on the couch.
[Lilibet] Yep. And guess what?
* Some shakes up his. "What?"
[Lilibet] He told me that he loves me! *giggles and takes off the caps*
* Lilibet turns and starts spraypainting mushrooms on the wall.
[Some] That's great! *begins tagging, an elegantly executed HARBL*
[Lilibet] *looks over* Pretty! *starts putting butterflies on the wall, vampire butterflies with claws*
[Some] Yay, butterflies! ... Wait, what colors do I have?
* Some is colourblind, can't really tell in dim light.
[Lilibet] *looks* Um, orange and green.
* Lilibet has purple and yellow.
[Some] Awesome. Ock colors. *paints an octopus*
[Lilibet] *grins and starts painting on a zombie catepillar*
[Some] Think anyone'd mind if I painted the sofa?
[Lilibet] *shrugs* Which one?
[Some] Um, that one. *paints it anyway. Pokadots*
[Lilibet] *grins and paints not so even stripes on the chair*
[Some] Trade ya orange for purple? I'm going to make it match my hair.
[Lilibet] Okay. *tosses him the can of purple*
[Some] *tosses her orange and proceeds to make the couch as gay as his hair.*
* Lilibet grabs the orange and starts drawing stick figures fucking on the wall.
[Some] Oh, that was unexpected. *grins*
[Lilibet] *grins*
* Lilibet goes to the closet and pulls out a box full of spray paint.
* Some paints and purple Greg and a green Doctor Jackson stickfigures making out on one end of the couch.
* Lilibet grabs a can of red and paints a red heart on one wall, putting her name and Jaydyn's in it.
[Some] Aw...
[Lilibet] *grins* Hey, I had to do it.
* RenoSprings wanders in, wincing slightly but grinning pleasantly, soaking wet but wearing his pants. He pauses when he sees the two spray painting, well, everything
* Lilibet grins at Reno and makes another heart, with his name and Aden's in it.
* RenoSprings looks at this and colors slightly, coughing. Very cute.
* Lilibet bounces over and paints 'Creatures within want your ass' with an arrow pointing to the fridge.
* RenoSprings laughs at this. "How fun. Where's a can so I can join in?"
* Some digs tosses his two cans to Reno and goes to dig through the box for more.
* Some finds glow in the dark. *grins*
* RenoSprings grins and catches the cans and begins to work on a picture of a poorly drawn baby malboro
* Some traces all the drawings he's already done with GitD, especially the intertwined Greg and Spacemonkey.
[Lilibet] ((Back, sorry, Reno was crabbing. Wanted melon instead of apple today.))
* Lilibet paints more stick figures fucking on the wall.
[RenoSprings] ((Reno is rather picky, isn't he?))
* RenoSprings draws little stick figures running away from the malboro eating them
* Some bounces on the couch to paint stars on the ceiling.
[Lilibet] ((Not really. He's had part of an apple for two days now. It's easier to cut up than the melon.))
* Lilibet grabs a can of blue and paints smurfs along one wall.
* Novak[gone] is now known as Novak
* Some paints eyes all over the place, so they'll glow all creepy when the lights go out.
[Lilibet] *watches and laughs* Can't sleep, the walls will eat me!
[Some] Too right!
[Some] Shouldn't sleep down here anyway.
[Lilibet] Yep. *paints 'Can't Sleep, Walls Will Eat Me' on the wall*
* Some cheers.
[Lilibet] ((This is so going on the basement comm))
[Some] ((I thought so. Want to or shall I?))
[Lilibet] ((I will when we finish.))
* Some paints a crime scene-esque silhouette sprawled on the bar.
* Lilibet grabs a can of white and another can of glow-in-the-dark and climbs up on the bar, avoiding the body line, and paints a moon on the ceiling.
[Some] Full moon?
[Lilibet] Yep.
[Some] *thumbs up*
* Lilibet adds a little cow jumping over it.
[Some] *paints a big bottle on the floor with spinny lines around it.
* Lilibet paints 'Beg for Beer' above the bar.
[RenoSprings] ((*snaps awake and looks around* O_o *disoriented*))
[Lilibet] ((Time for bed?))
[RenoSprings] ((must be. -_o))
[Lilibet] ((Nini!))
[Some] ((G'night.))
* RenoSprings is now known as RenoTurk
[RenoTurk] ((Nighty night you two. [3))
* Lilibet starts painting multicolored dots on the carpet.
* RenoTurk sets down the cans and wanders out, looking incredibly tired (and with good cause)
* RenoTurk has left #sagesbasement
* Some paints a T-rex-shaped outline too.
* Lilibet paints 'Some & Lil \/\/uz H343' above the couch.
* Some sneaks up behind Lil.
* Lilibet is painting a smiley face.
* Lilibet puts a bullet hole in it's head.
* Novak appears.
* Some eeks at the smiley face. "I can't stand those...."
[Some] Heya, Novak. Can I paint you?
* Novak looks around
[Novak] ..............
[Novak] ...............what color?
* Lilibet grins and paints blood pouring down the smiley's face.
[Lilibet] *bounces* Oooh! Pink!
[Novak] No, you cannot paint me pink.
[Novak] Black, maybe. Red.
[Novak] Dark blue?
* Some strips off his shirt. Has an evil-looking smilie branded into his chest. "Alright, pink!" *gets a pink one*
[Novak] do NOT PAINT ME PINK Y0.;
[Lilibet] *giggles and paints 'Down With Walmart' above the smiley*
* Some disappears and reappears right behind Novak. "PINK!"
[Some] *SPRAYS*
* Novak DIVES!
[Novak] ((at Some's ankles!))
* Some disappears and reappears hidden behind the bar.
* Lilibet stands on the couch, out of the way.
* Novak gets some of his own, a lovely shade of lavender, and SPRAYS IT AT LIL.
[Lilibet] NO! *ducks, the paint getting her hair and clothes*
* Some checks the label to see if his really is pink. No, apparently it was baby blue.
* Some can't tell the difference.
* Lilibet runs away from Novak, lavender streaks in her hair now.
[Lilibet] ...that is so WRONG! *is laughing*
[Some] What?
[Some] *pops up from his hiding place*
[Lilibet] *points to her hair* LOOK!
[Some] It's going grey?
[Novak] Some are you fucking colorblind?
[Some] Yes@
[Lilibet] NO! He sprayed me with lavender! *sprays him with yellow*
[Some] Yes, I am!
[Novak] agh!
[Lilibet] *runs*
* Novak has a big yellow splotch on his back now.
* Lilibet is starting to get high from the fumes.
* Novak puts his hand in his pocket, "...damn."
* Some sprays Lil with Glow in the Dark as she runs past.
[Lilibet] ACK! *now has a glow in the dark stripe on her shirt*
* Novak finds a couch to lay on because he's tired.
* Lilibet hopes it's the one with still wet polka dots.
* Novak avoids tht one, thankyew.
* Lilibet giggles, more than a little high by now.
[Some] *In that case, he's on the one with stickfiggur Greg and Danny.*
* Novak blinks at it.
[Novak] .......
[Novak] you're terrible.
[Some] I know.
[Some] But they're so cute.
* Novak goes to the closet and gets out a clean new couch. Flops on it.
* Some neenja over and paints Novak and the new couch with black paint.
* Novak is black.
[Lilibet] *sits and giggles, holds up a can of glow in the dark*
[Some] *the couch is now black with a Novak-shape stencilled on*
[Novak] lemme lone.
* Novak swats.
[Novak] DUde, I look like batman now or something.
[Novak] All I need is a cape and a cowl
[Lilibet] *giggling like the Mad Hatter* Except your back is your normal color.
* Novak rolls over.
* Some paints his back white.
[Novak] ...
[Novak] I hate you.
[Some] Love you too.
[Novak] Now I look like a chess game.
[Lilibet] *giggles harder, paints tiny spiders on the floors*
[Novak] ......I think Lil is high on paint fumes.
* Lilibet nods, still giggling.
[Some] We should get some ventilation in here.
* Novak finds some white and paints himself with white polka dots.
[Novak] Nah.
[Novak] Paint fumes are good.
[Lilibet] *nods* They are!
[Lilibet] Oh! Can I do black dots on your back?
[Novak] Sure.
[Some] He's a domino?
* Novak offers his back to Lil.
[Novak] I feel more like a ying yang, acutally.
* Lilibet bounces over, grabbing a can of black and paints polka dots on Novak's back.
[Lilibet] all we need is a strobe light!
[Some] Noooooo.
[Novak] sniiger.
[Novak] snigger*
[Novak] God, I'm like a scaly zebra or something.
[Lilibet] OH! Novak! Lift me on your shoulders? I want to paint something on the ceiling!
* Novak lifts up Lil and puts her on his shoulders.
[Some] Zebras have stripes, not spots.
[Novak] whatever.
* Lilibet paints 'Mean People Suck. Great People Swallow!' on the ceiling. "Okay, down now!"
[Novak] I'm a retarded zebra.
[Novak] .........
* Novak takes the paint and write "Novak wuz here, y0! 7/14/06"
* Some applauds.
[Some] Izzat the date?
* Lilibet pats Novak. "No, Novak is a leopard!"
[Lilibet] ...somewhere it's the right date.
[Some] Special.
* Novak also writes "I am a leopard" in funky handwriting too.
[Novak] ..I have a question.
* Lilibet runs over to an empty spot and paints a wolf and leopard eating a deer. Stickfigure style of course.
[Novak] What's your last name?
[Lilibet] I have no answers. *giggles*
[Novak] Lil.
[Lilibet] James.
* Some adds "First" to 'Some & Lil \/\/uz H343'
* Novak adds 'But Novak is better'.
* Novak also writes N + LB [3!
* Some adds "At cock."
* Lilibet paints 'Zhilbar is a H04!' on the wall.'
[Lilibet] LB? Who's that?
[Novak] ((fuck, it must be early))
[Some] Novak and Livejournal?
[Novak] Yes.
* Novak pats Lil on his shoulders.
[Some] Aw, now that's a cute couple.
[Lilibet] *blinks* Your J looks like a B. And no, that's wrong. *points to the 'Lil + Jaydyn' heart*
* Novak paints over 'at cock' with 'at everything'.
* Lilibet bounces around singing 'Feel Good Inc'.
* Novak is devastated!
* Novak adds 'and emo'.
[Lilibet] ~Love forever love is free, Let's turn forever you and me~
[Lilibet] *sits down* I'm very lightheaded.
[Some] We need to open a window?
[Lilibet] Nope! *giggles*
* Some digs in the box for window paint.
[Lilibet] Some, what are you doing?
* Lilibet thinks Some fell in the box.
* Some pulls out a tiny spray can. Proceeds to paint a window on the wall and open it.
[Lilibet] *blinks, then giggles hysterically* Window Underground! Is Alice going to fall through?
* Some is NOT looking at the window, 'cause it's sunrise out there.
[Lilibet] Bad Window needs to go away!
* Some closes it and paints over it.
[Lilibet] YAY! *cheers*
[Lilibet] *blinks* Okay, I need to go sleep this off. Bye Some. Bye Spotty!
* Novak pulls out a can, draws a joint on the wall, then pulls it out and smokes it
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