Scarlet, Shinra Weapons Development (scarlet_wpn_dev) wrote in _basement,
Scarlet, Shinra Weapons Development

Basement Shennanigans!

* Some murmurs to Mel in Grue. [Want to see something highly entertaining?]
* Melantha nods.

* Some digs in his pockets and comes up with a water balloon, somehow full.
* Melantha sits up, looking at him curiously.
[Some] I know it's Wednesday and all, but...
* leela1 whimpers, holding him closer, wanting him to bite her harder
[Some] *launchs the bright red baloon at Leela's back with a wicked overhand throw*
* TheyCallMeJack ignores the mumbling, obeys the implied command... biting down
[TheyCallMeJack] *mumbling in the background :P
* leela1 gets hit by a bright red water balloon right in the middle of her back!
* leela1 shreiks!
[Some] *it's rather cold*
* Some ducks down, giggling and hiding as well as one can in a hammock in a dark corner.
* leela1 shivers, her back covered with water. Looks around for the culprit!
* TheyCallMeJack jumps at the sudden cold, still a bit out of it, concerned about Leela's screaming. He shifts to look past her "Who the..."
* Some is trying to hide and look innocent all at once.
* Melantha makes it darker in the corner.
* Some is giggling. This does not help the hiding.
* leela1 has stopped shreiking, picks up a piece of rubber ballon, and starts to laugh when she realizes what happened
* TheyCallMeJack has tons of questions fighting inside his head. the one that pops out? "Lea... are you okay?" Staring at her with a dumbfounded look as she goes from screaming to laughing.
[leela1] It was cold Jack - I screamed because it was damned bloody cold!
* Melantha tries to stifle Some's giggles... and her own... pressing herself flat against him and covering her head with her hands.
* leela1 climbs off Jack, still laughing
[TheyCallMeJack] Right... *focusing, reality... now that she's laughing he has no clue what to do about it... except look around for a towel to help her dry off... not realizing that he's also dripping.
* Some laughs harder, so very amused. "I should have done that to JP and Cillian."
* leela1 shows Jack a bright red piece of rubber she picked up. "Jack, someone got me with a water balloon in the back"
[TheyCallMeJack] Right... I got that part... *laughing himself, feeling stupid* That calls for retaliation right?
* leela1 turns around, shows him her back, and turns back to face him, grinning
[leela1] It does, it most certainly does
[Some] Eep
[TheyCallMeJack] Supplies?
[leela1] Check the bar
* TheyCallMeJack tries to subtly adjust as he stands up and turns toward the bar
* Melantha starts going through Some's pockets, looking for more balloons.
* leela1 has reached the bar, ducks behind it
* Some does indeed have more. Some have paint in them.
* leela1 comes up with a package of multicolored balloons, starts filling them with rootbeer from the tap
* TheyCallMeJack follows soon after, crouching beside her, starts going through drawers. Finds a box of condoms and tosses them on the counter, keeps looking.
* Melantha is stockpiling all the balloons that are coming out of Some's pants, giggling somewhat madly... almost cackling.
* Melantha kisses Some... and pops a purple paint filled balloon on top of his head.
* leela1 giggles, lobs the first of many rootbeer balloons at the hammock in the corner
[Some] Gak! *is now purple*
*** Some is now known as PurpleSome
[Melantha] [loveyouloveyou] giggling, diving under the hammock as rootbeer splatters her and the wall behind her.
* leela1 is filling more balloons, and condoms with rootbeer.
* PurpleSome falls out of the hammock.
* TheyCallMeJack grabs several balloons, tries to creep across the room, using couches as cover...
* PurpleSome lobs a blue one at Leela.
* Melantha makes another shadowMElly creeping up behind Leela
* leela1 catches a blue paint balloon on the chin - Leela is now part smurf blue
[PurpleSome] Hah!
* TheyCallMeJack dashes from a couch to a chair, popping up like a prarie dog to check his range.
* Melantha secondshadow GLOMPS onto Leela from behind!
* PurpleSome is smack in the middle of the room now.
[leela1] Wipes off her chin, now has a smurfy blue hand. Suddenly - gets GLOMPED!
[leela1] Aak
[leela1] Eeep
* TheyCallMeJack takes aim... drops a rootbeer filled condom down the front of his open shirt.
* leela1 giggles and wipes her chin on the Melantha secondshadow
* Melantha sedondshadow turns into a shadow towel to clean up with.
* PurpleSome throws a water balloon at Mel.
* Melantha gets hit in the chest by a water balloon just as she's about to dash out to stand beside Some. SQUEALS and falls down, giggling.
* TheyCallMeJack aims a second balloon, throws it at Some.
* PurpleSome gets hit! Doused in rootbeer.
* Melantha throws a watter balloon at Jack!
*** TheyCallMeJack is now known as SoggyJack
* leela1 wipes off her chin gratefully, putting the towel on the top of the bar
*** PurpleSome is now known as StickyPurpleSome
* StickyPurpleSome creeps towards the bar and the beer hose there.
*** Melantha is now known as RootbeerShadow
*** leela1 is now known as Leelasmurfblue
* Leelasmurfblue doesn't see some, steps out around the other side of the bar
[StickyPurpleSome] *sneakysneaks closer...*
* Leelasmurfblue steps away from the bar completely. looks one way..
* SoggyJack runs across the room
* StickyPurpleSome pounces! Gets the hose and turns it on Leela!
* SoggyJack dives for Some! Just in time to fly past him and get hit by the spray of the hose
*** Leelasmurfblue is now known as leelawetsmirf
* StickyPurpleSome turns it on Jack. Beer everywhere!
* leelawetsmirf ducks under the bar, watches as beer pours over the edge
* RootbeerShadow cheats. Starts dropping balloons on everyone from above... where its very dark now, like their own personal balloon stormcloud
* StickyPurpleSome is really glad this place is self-cleaning...
[StickyPurpleSome] Ack! Ducks under the bar with Leela.
* SoggyJack looks left
* SoggyJack looks right
* leelawetsmirf is giggling like a fiend
* SoggyJack shouts "THE BEER" and dives for the bar, landing on his back and keeping his mouth open as if he's trying to save the beer!
* StickyPurpleSome laughs and laughs.
* leelawetsmirf puts het hand up to her lips "Shhhhhh, Some = watch this"
*** SoggyJack is now known as JackBeerBelly
* RootbeerShadow is so startled by that... it stops raining balloons.
* leelawetsmirf stands up quickly throws a rootbeer balloon right at Jack on the other side of the bar
* JackBeerBelly gets a rootbear balloon to the face!
* JackBeerBelly curls up in a balll on his side, laughing so hard he can barely breathe.
[leelawetsmirf] oh ohhh
* StickyPurpleSome cackles and pulls out a great big red balloon, full o' paint. Sneaks up on Scarlet.
*** Mereii (mereii@ has joined channel #sagesbasement
[JackBeerBelly] bal.....loon...... killl..... dead... beer...
* JackBeerBelly is gasping and laughing and holding his sides
* leelawetsmirf leans up over the bar, looks down at Jack on the floor on the other side
* leelawetsmirf waves at him
* StickyPurpleSome drops the balloon directly on dozing!Scarlet.
* JackBeerBelly twitches, is laughing at Leela now... "BLUE!"
* Scarlet is splashed and coated in red paint
* leelawetsmirf wipes her face grinning, smears blue across her cheaks and chin accidently.
* Scarlet sputters paint out of her mouth as she jolts awake
* leelawetsmirf turns and stares at Scarlet
[JackBeerBelly] bea...u...ti...ful....blu- ue....
* Scarlet is half-covered in red paint
[Scarlet] WTF?
* RootbeerShadow eep!
* RootbeerShadow disappears beneath a couch.
*** RootbeerShadow is now known as Just_a_shadow
* Just_a_shadow nothing to see here!
[leelawetsmirf] Didn'tdoithonest! Leela dives behind the bar with Jack, pokes her head around the side
* Scarlet looks around... what does she see? ((ie I haven't been following this))
* StickyPurpleSome is hiding behind her chair.
[leelawetsmirf] ((Leela is poking her head out from behind the bar))
* JackBeerBelly flops onto his back, still laughing... but able to breathe again... albeit in deep shuddery breaths... grinning like a complete idiot
* Alpha_Aspect is dozing in a recliner. There seems to have been a liquid-filled balloon fight, paint and root beer type, and the beer hose from the bar has sprayed a bunch of stuff.
* Just_a_shadow is actually under Al's chair now... having remembered he's there, and dry...
* Scarlet has death in her eyes... or is that red painted eyelids?
* leelawetsmirf nods, and tosses an balloon in Alpha's general direction - just to see if she can
* StickyPurpleSome has a really hard time not giggling.
[Alpha_Aspect] *the balloon bursts just after it leaves Leela's hands.*
* Scarlet looks around for weapons and armor
* JackBeerBelly gets wet again.
* leelawetsmirf gets wet again
*** JackBeerBelly is now known as SoggyGigglyJack
* SoggyGigglyJack ... yes... its true... he's giggling.
* StickyPurpleSome lobs another balloon, this one just water, over Scarlet's head towards Alpha.
* SoggyGigglyJack grabs Leela's legs and tugs.
* leelawetsmirf is stil a wet smirfy blue looking color
[leelawetsmirf] Eep!
*** Jered_Cain_OOC is now known as Jered_Cain
* Jered_Cain can be heard walking down the staircase again, chuckling to himself...
* leelawetsmirf falls on her butt behind the bar, starts laughing again
* Just_a_shadow disappears and reappears near the bottom of the staircase, balloon in hand... ORANGE!
* SoggyGigglyJack rolls over and crawls over to her, grinning like a maniac.
*** SoggyGigglyJack is now known as SoggyLustyJack
* leelawetsmirf sits up, holding her stomach, laughing
* SoggyLustyJack pounces!
* leelawetsmirf is pounced on!
* Scarlet grabs a cushion to use as a shield and tries to figure out where the supply of balloons is kept
* leelawetsmirf rubs her face on Jack's cheek, now Jack is kinda blue too
* StickyPurpleSome is getting balloons out of his pockets.
* leelawetsmirf remembers the package of balloons on the top of the bar
* SoggyLustyJack rubs his face all over blue leela, looks like a Scot preparing for battle!
* Jered_Cain notices the shadow at the stairs, and chuckles again, as a wave of rootbeer starts to wash down the staircase, seemingly without a source...
* Just_a_shadow EEEEEEEKS!
*** Novak ( has joined channel #sagesbasement
* Novak appears.
* Just_a_shadow throws the Orange balloon up the staircase!
* StickyPurpleSome pegs Novak in the face with a water-filled balloon.
* leelawetsmirf kisses her blue Scot Jack
* Scarlet CoveredInScarletPaint
* SoggyLustyJack kisses, rolling over so that she's on top, grinning.
[Scarlet] Er
*** Scarlet is now known as CoveredInScarletPaint
* Novak is stunned.
[Novak] ...
[Novak] bzuh?
* leelawetsmirf smiles, kisses Jack's nose
* SoggyLustyJack grins up at her.
* StickyPurpleSome laughs and hides behind the chair again.
* Novak wonders what the hell is going on and goes to the the bar.
* Jered_Cain whips his cloak and shirt off, as they disappear into the ether, and allows the balloon to hit him, just as the wave of rootbeer reaches him. He allows himself to slide down the staircase with it.
* Novak ..finds a balloon, "Should I ask?"
* Just_a_shadow has a stack of balloons lined up on the bar, ready ammo.
* CoveredInScarletPaint maneuvers to the closet and ducks inside, like the guy from Elevator Action
* leelawetsmirf hugs Jack and gets up from behind the bar and sees Novak and a bunch of balloons
[leelawetsmirf] Hi Novak!
* Novak has a balloon in each hand and his tail.
* StickyPurpleSome eeps and hides.
* Novak holds one over Leela's head and pops it.
[leelawetsmirf] MORE BLUE PAINT!
* CoveredInScarletPaint emerges with lab goggles, a bag at her waist, and a garbage can lid
* SoggyLustyJack climbs to his feet "Smurf." standing behind Leela
*** leelawetsmirf is now known as leelacoveredinblue
[CoveredInScarletPaint] You shall SUFFER!
* Novak grabs another one and looks around. Pops one over Jack's head, too.
[Novak] Dude, I"m already a big green thing.
* CoveredInScarletPaint whips a day-glo purple balloon at Leela
* StickyPurpleSome EEPs and flings a green one at Scarlet.
*** SoggyLustyJack is now known as YellowJack
* YellowJack is covered in yellow paint now.
* CoveredInScarletPaint tries to whip the lid up in time and only blocks half the balloon
* Novak grabs another and tosses it at (eeny meeny miney moe) Scarlet! Some!
[leelacoveredinblue] gets hit right in the middle of her chest with purple
[leelacoveredinblue] aak!
*** CoveredInScarletPaint is now known as CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint
* Just_a_shadow sneakily covers herself in pink paint and GLOMPS onto Novak!
* Novak was holding two balloons, so he hits both!
[Novak] AGH!
*** leelacoveredinblue is now known as leelapurlpleandblue
* Novak is pinkglomped.
*** Just_a_shadow is now known as MellyPinkShadow
* Novak crushes a balloon over Melly, which is a black oen.
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint looks for Some
[Novak] ..fuck., that's not going to work.
* leelapurlpleandblue tosses a rootbeer balloon in at Scarlet
* StickyPurpleSome gets splated. Is now purple and red.
*** MellyPinkShadow is now known as PinkAndBlackShadow
* Novak rummages for another one and covers Melly in MAUVE.
[StickyPurpleSome] PurpleRedSome
*** StickyPurpleSome is now known as PurpleRedSome
*** Novak is now known as PinkNovak
*** PinkAndBlackShadow is now known as PinkBlackMauveMelly
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint launches a yellow balloon at Some
* Jered_Cain 's wave washes into the Basement now, as a dark shape rushes the bar, grabbing a couple of balloons from there.
* PinkNovak is washed! Finds a green balloon to throw at JC.
* PinkBlackMauveMelly throws a chartreusse balloon at Jered!
* PurpleRedSome is somewhere else! Standing on top of the bar with the beer hose again!
* leelapurlpleandblue picks up a green balloon, turns around and smiles at Jack, crushes it over is head
[leelapurlpleandblue] Not the beeeeeeeer!
* Jered_Cain dodges Melly's balloon, diving right into the way of Novak's balloon, of course, and throwing a grey balloon at Some.
[CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint] Bah! I know what I need
[PinkNovak] Hah!
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint ducks back in the closet
* PurpleRedSome will defend himself...!!! *sprays Jered in retaliation.*
* PinkNovak finds a green balloon and pops it over his head.
*** PinkNovak is now known as GreenNovak
* YellowJack hides behind Leela, throws a white balloon at Some
*** PurpleRedSome is now known as PurpleRedGreySome
[GreenNovak] That's better.
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint pops out with... a bucket?!?!?11??//?1?
* PurpleRedGreySome jumps down behind the bar.
[leelapurlpleandblue] getting crowded back here guys
*** PinkBlackMauveMelly is now known as RainbowPaintMelly
*** Jered_Cain is now known as GreenandBeerJC
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint charges towards Some, bucket held in both hands
* RainbowPaintMelly gets hit by the white balloon meant for Some
[PurpleRedGreySome] Ack! *hides behind Leela*
[CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint] ((I'm in a mood...))
* GreenNovak finds a hose...turns it on! Rainbow paint sprays out!
[leelapurlpleandblue] Noooooo! *runs*
-] *gameserv* roll #sagesbasement 1d2
[GameServ] CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint rolled 1d2: 1 [Total: 1]
* YellowJack is already hiding there!
[PurpleRedGreySome] *is no longer hidden*
* GreenNovak sprays everyone with the paint hose!
[CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint] WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint slips on the wet paint and beer and rootbeer covered floor
[leelapurlpleandblue] ackackackackack
* GreenandBeerJC is sprayed, headed for the stockpile again, but getting sprayed back... right into another convinient stockpile near the jukebox.
*** YellowJack is now known as JackRainbowPride
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint 's feet fly out from under her, causing her to land flat on her ass
* GreenNovak pummels Scarlet next.
* leelapurlpleandblue grabs a root beer balloon in self defense - oop too late!
* JackRainbowPride dives for Novak
* PurpleRedGreySome falls over from laughing too hard.
* CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint is then drenched by her bucket full of bright pink paint
* GreenandBeerJC crashes into the stockpile, breaking a few balloons, and sending quite a few flying into random objects and people.
*** GreenandBeerJC is now known as GreenDazedJC
*** CoveredInScarletAndGreenPaint is now known as Pink
* RainbowPaintMelly bounces over, peers -and drips- down at JC
* GreenNovak is attacked by Jack! Hose sprays EVERYONE AND FLAILS.
* leelapurlpleandblue tries to grab another balloon "where did it go?"
* Pink is sputtering loudly and TRYING to wipe the paint from her eyes
* JackRainbowPride tries to grab the hose
* PurpleRedGreySome is prone and laughing too hard to breath.
* GreenNovak struggles for the hose too!
* leelapurlpleandblue slips and slides on the floor, falling right on her but
* Pink unfortunately is doing so with a paint-covered hand and arm, which doesn't help
*** Mereii is now known as Mereii[gone]
[leelapurlpleandblue] tries to wipe beer or paint out of her face, smears it further
* GreenDazedJC is too dazed to notice, but manages to feebly throw another balloon, this time at Mel. It doesn't get much farther than his foot, though, although he's less dazed.
* JackRainbowPride finds the button, hits it... is sprayed with rainbow paint again
* leelapurlpleandblue leans against the bar and laughs
* GreenNovak pushes Jack out of the way with his tail to take the hose!
* RainbowPaintMelly picks up the balloon, cause it didn't pop you know... and drops it onto JC's stommach. .oO(You oakay?) not relizing he's probably blinded by paint and can't see thoughtbubbles.
* leelapurlpleandblue jumps up, grabs a rootbeer balloon. Running she drops the balloon on Scarlet, scampering away, giggling
* GreenNovak attacks Leela with the paint hose!
* JackRainbowPride slips in paint on the floor and falls on his ass
[JackRainbowPride] *THUDSPLASH*
* Pink has paint washed from her eyes by rootbeer... which doesn't help much
[leelapurlpleandblue] Aaaackk
*** Pink is now known as PinkOnHerAss
*** leelapurlpleandblue is now known as rainbowleela
[GreenNovak] I AM THE BEST.
* GreenNovak sprays everyone!
* Alpha_Aspect sits up.
[Alpha_Aspect] All of you are going to the showers after this, you hear me?
* rainbowleela falls down and stays there
* RainbowPaintMelly appears behind Novak with a can of rainbow paint. Sprays him.
* GreenNovak sprays Al in the face.
* rainbowleela laughs
* Alpha_Aspect seems to be surrounded by an invisible miniature tornado which deflects paint, projectiles, and liquids.
* GreenNovak is attacked fromt he back!
* RainbowPaintMelly appears inside the tornado...shadows aren't deflected. Sprays him with the can.
*** GreenNovak is now known as RainbowNovak
* RainbowNovak turns the hose on Melly!
* RainbowPaintMelly says in a loud creepyvoice "NO ONE ESCAPES UNPAINTED!"
* RainbowNovak snarls for effect.
* GreenDazedJC winces as the balloon lands, but notices it didn't pop again. He's not blinded, and nods that he's okay, before staggering to his feet. He looks a lot less dazed now, and he takes careful aim as he picks up another balloon...
*** GreenDazedJC is now known as RainbowJC
[Alpha_Aspect] Ah, but I shall have the last laugh... *cackles*
* rainbowleela starts crawling towards a rootbeer balloon on the floor
* Alpha_Aspect floats off to the shower room.
* JackRainbowPride headtilts.
*** Alpha_Aspect is now known as Showering_Alpha
[JackRainbowPride] ((er))
* RainbowPaintMelly headtilts
* PurpleRedGreySome just kinda lies there on the floor and laughs.
* Showering_Alpha is in the showers, using up the hot water!
*** PinkOnHerAss is now known as Pink
* rainbowleela grabs the rootbeer balloon mine! and it pops in her arms
[rainbowleela] ...damn
* JackRainbowPride laughs at leela
[Pink] OK... I'm in this mood, because of storms... I'm in the mood for total war...
* rainbowleela giggles
[Pink] ((Don't mind the VNV quotage, that line just played and fit Scarlet's mood))
[PurpleRedGreySome] You look funny, talking in red, when you're pink...
* Pink ignores everyone and stalks off to the closet, emerging with more balloons
* JackRainbowPride offers Leela a multicolored hand.
* Pink throws a balloon at Some, not revealing the contents till he's hit :)
* RainbowJC tosses a red balloon at Scarlet, then smiles and tosses a rootbeer balloon at Leela.
* rainbowleela accepts his hand, pulls Jack to the floor
* PurpleRedGreySome is hit!
* rainbowleela is hit!
* JackRainbowPride falls again! *THUD*
*** rainbowleela is now known as rainbowrootbeerleela
* Pink laughs as Some is covered in WHITE GLUE
[JackRainbowPride] That's it. I'm staying HERE
* Pink throws a glue balloon at Jack
* JackRainbowPride lays down.... makes a paint angel in the carpet....
* rainbowrootbeerleela hugs Jack
* Pink then launches one at Leela
* PurpleRedGreySome is now sticky and white. And... stuck to the floor.
* RainbowJC laughs and tosses a hot water balloon at Some, grabbing a glue balloon for self defense.
* RainbowPaintMelly trips and falls onto Some!
* rainbowrootbeerleela is glue ballooned in the forehead - direct shot!
*** RainbowPaintMelly is now known as RainbowPaintMellyGluedToSome
[Pink] ((I'm sure Melly LOVES her current position))
* rainbowrootbeerleela looks down and goes to hug Jack
* JackRainbowPride grins, pulls her into his arms.
* PurpleRedGreySome no longer objects to being stuck to the floor, as he has a Melly on him.
* rainbowrootbeerleela gets stuck to Jacks cheek
[rainbowrootbeerleela] ....ooops
* RainbowPaintMellyGluedToSome notes that he already HAD a Melly on him, before he interrupted her by starting a balloon fight.
* RainbowNovak looks around for something to throw.
* RainbowNovak has an idea! Gets an unblown balloon and it's a BIG ONE.
* PurpleRedGreySome does remember that. Eh heh...
* RainbowNovak blows it up a little and puts Some and Melly in it! Now has a SomeandMellyBalloon.
[PurpleRedGreySome] SomeFloored
*** PurpleRedGreySome is now known as SomeFloored
*** rainbowrootbeerleela is now known as stickyrainbowstuckonjackleela
* RainbowNovak throws the SomeandMellyBalloon at Jack an Leela!
*** JackRainbowPride is now known as RainbowPrideJackOnLeela
[SomeFloored] Ack!
[stickyrainbowstuckonjackleela] ummm, Jack! whuuuuffff
* RainbowJC shrugs and throws his glue balloon at Novak, picking up two more balloons.
*** RainbowPrideJackOnLeela is now known as RainbowPrideJackLeelaSomeMelly
* RainbowNovak ducks the glue balloon and hoses down the people stuck!
* stickyrainbowstuckonjackleela decides to hug Jack because face it, that's all she can do
* SomeFloored is now part of a peoplemari.
* RainbowPaintMellyGluedToSome makes shadow tentacles coming out of the peoplemari
*** RainbowPaintMellyGluedToSome is now known as RainbowPaintMellyGlueGoop
* RainbowNovak wonders if he's he only one not in the peoplemari?
*** stickyrainbowstuckonjackleela is now known as leelarainbowpeoplemari
*** RainbowPaintMellyGlueGoop is now known as RainbowPaintMellyGlueMari
*** RainbowPaintMellyGlueMari is now known as RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari
*** SomeFloored is now known as Somari
* RainbowJC isn't in the peoplemari, yet.
* RainbowNovak could change that?
*** RainbowPrideJackLeelaSomeMelly is now known as AmnesiacRipperMari
* RainbowJC doesn't think it should be changed...
* RainbowNovak attaacks JC with a glue balloon!
* RainbowJC holds up two ballons threateningly, then notices the attack and intercepts it with his own glue balloon. The mess falls onto the peoplemari.
* leelarainbowpeoplemari can't stop laughing
[Pink] ((I look away for a second, and I miss the chance to say something crude about RainbowPride *Jack*On*Leela* ))
* RainbowNovak throws the glue balloon in his tali!
* leelarainbowpeoplemari reaches out a hand to grab Novak's tail
[AmnesiacRipperMari] ((ha))
* RainbowNovak 's tail is grabbed as he grabs JC!
*** AmnesiacRipperMari is now known as RainbowJackPeopleMari
* leelarainbowpeoplemari tugs backwards into the peoplemari
* RainbowJackPeopleMari helps!
* RainbowJC is grabbed, throwing his other balloon at the one that's sailing his way, and falls to the floor again.
* RainbowNovak pulls JC on him as he is tugged onto othe peoplemari!
* Pink is just standing there, laughing
[leelarainbowpeoplemari] Get him! get him
* RainbowJackPeopleMari points at Pink
[RainbowNovak] I CAN'T GET HIM IF I'M STUCK!
* RainbowNovak appears to be very sticking to the peoplemari.
* RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari makes the tentacles grab Pink and pull her into the mess!
[RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari] .oO(Yay for cheating!!!)
*** RainbowNovak is now known as Novakpeoplemari
* RainbowJC starts trying to pull away from Novak, but, slowly, is dragged into the peoplemari.
* RainbowJackPeopleMari looks around for survivors
* Novakpeoplemari is a lot stronger then JC, and thus sticks him onto the peoplemari.
* leelarainbowpeoplemari tries to wipe the blue paint out her eyes
* RainbowJackPeopleMari says very seriously "Now, if you'd be so kindn as to get the solvent?" then cracks up laughing agaian.
[RainbowJackPeopleMari] *again
* leelarainbowpeoplemari hits herself in the face with Novak's tail, because her hand is still stuck to it
[leelarainbowpeoplemari] Whooof
[RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari] .oO(We're going to laugh ourselves to death like Melinda did!)
* Somari gives Melly a sticky, colourful kiss. "Time for me to let my mun sleep."
* RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari plans to do that as soon as she and JAck figure out a way to extricate themselves from the mess.
[leelarainbowpeoplemari] My mun needs to go to sleep too
[RainbowJC] Wait, wait, wait, wait...
*** RainbowJC is now known as JCpeoplemari
* Somari disappears, leaving all his paint and glue behind in a Some-shaped bubble.
[JCpeoplemari] If... I... could... just...
[JCpeoplemari] Move... my... hands...
[RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari] .oO(Bastard!) giggling
[Novakpeoplemari] Yes, becuae having them on my gut is getting fairly uncomfortable.
* RainbowJackPeopleMari tries to moves JC's hands.
* RainbowJackPeopleMari is now stuck to JC
* leelarainbowpeoplemari can't pull her forhead away from Jack's cheek
[RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari] .oO(OH!)
* RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari makes another shadowmelly standing outside of the mess, ready to take orders for whatever she can do to help them get unstuck!
* JCpeoplemari keeps trying to move his hands, but is unable to. "I could summon some solvent if the spell didn't require somantic components..."
* Pink is simply stuck and still laughing
*** SecondShadowMelly ( has joined channel #sagesbasement
[Novakpeoplemari] there's a thing of solvent over there...
[JCpeoplemari] But we'd have to roll into it...
* SecondShadowMelly looks where Novak is pointing... carefully walks around the outside of the group... out of reach
* Novakpeoplemari attemps to motion. the result is he gets his head stuck to Leela's leg.
[Novakpeoplemari] .... ][
* SecondShadowMelly foot gets caught in some glue on the carpet.
* leelarainbowpeoplemari tries to shake her leg, there's something stuck to it
[JCpeoplemari] ... where's the Eddie when we need it?
* Showering_Alpha is still in the shower. HA!
* SecondShadowMelly stares at the foot accusingly
[Novakpeoplemari] can't you detatch yourself from your foot?
[leelarainbowpeoplemari] has one free hand, wants to keep it that way
*** Somari is now known as SomeWhereElse
* SecondShadowMelly nods. Does so. Hops over to the solvent and hops back, trying to read the instructions
* SecondShadowMelly shrugs and hands it to Novak
* Novakpeoplemari dumps it over himself.
* Novakpeoplemari falls off the peoplemari.
*** Novakpeoplemari is now known as RainbowNovak
* RainbowNovak rolls the peoplemari around.
* leelarainbowpeoplemari has her forehead now unstuck from Jack's chin
* RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari headshakes, pressest o teh floor and reappears in the Mari's shadow.
* RainbowNovak throws the solven on the rest of the peoplemari.
* leelarainbowpeoplemari slowly starts pulling away from the people mari
* JCpeoplemari starts to fall off of the peoplemari, too, feeling quite sheepish...
*** JCpeoplemari is now known as PaintedJC
* leelarainbowpeoplemari pulls away, crawling on the floor
*** leelarainbowpeoplemari is now known as leelacrawlingandpaintcovered
*** Kanti_lurk ( has joined channel #sagesbasement
[Pink] ((This is the aftermath of a paint balloon, root beer, beer beer and glue bomb fight))
* leelacrawlingandpaintcovered stands up, laughing, looks around - being careful not to touch anything
* RainbowNovak is kind of sitting there being rainbow.
*** leelacrawlingandpaintcovered is now known as leelarainbowpaintandgluecovere
* Pink finally unsticks and falls over, landing hard
[Kanti_lurk] ((...))
* RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari disappears
*** Signoff: RainbowPaintMellyPeopleMari (Exit: falling asleep)
*** Signoff: SecondShadowMelly (Exit: )
* PaintedJC sighs, crawling towards the refridgerator, then remembering he'd forgotten his drink upstairs.
*** Pink is now known as Scarlet
* RainbowJackPeopleMari unsticks, quickly scrambles free and offers a hand to Leela "
*** RainbowJackPeopleMari is now known as TheyCallMeJack
[leelarainbowpaintandgluecovere] Thank you Jack!
[TheyCallMeJack] Come along Pecious... I'll take you home, or to a shower
* RainbowNovak is sitting there smiling.
* leelarainbowpaintandgluecovere smiles.
* leelarainbowpaintandgluecovere waves goodbye to everyone, still grinning
*** maximoff_boy_lurking ( has joined channel #sagesbasement
[Scarlet] ((This is the aftermath of a paint balloon, root beer, beer beer and glue bomb fight))
[TheyCallMeJack] someone might wanna hit um.. self clean.. on the room?
*** leelarainbowpaintandgluecovere is now known as leela1
[Scarlet] Oh, the fridge will take care of it when we're not looking
[TheyCallMeJack] Good good.
[Scarlet] Have you noticed that the pools of beer on the floor seem to be gone already?
[PaintedJC] I wonder what hell this is going to do to the water table.
* leela1 looks around at the paint and rootbeer dripping rown the walls
* PaintedJC staggers to standing again, and opens the fridge, seeing his drink again. "Guess you were right, Scarlet."
* RainbowNovak is just kind of on the floor.
*** maximoff_boy_lurking is now known as maximoff_girl
* leela1 looks at Jack "Gotta go now Jack. I'll just pinpoint out"
* maximoff_girl wanders in, blinking at the, er, multi-coloured mess.
* TheyCallMeJack nods. "Goodnight."
[maximoff_girl] ..... uhm.....
* leela1 starts giggling "Hi Wanda!"
* RainbowNovak smiles.
[maximoff_girl] ...
[maximoff_girl] uhm?
* RainbowNovak is covered in rainbow paint.
[RainbowNovak] You missed the paintballoon fight.
[Showering_Alpha] Heyya, Wanda.
[TheyCallMeJack] Goodnight everyone.
*** Showering_Alpha is now known as Alpha_Aspect
* Alpha_Aspect comes out of the shower rooms.
* TheyCallMeJack bows, almost slips in puddle of paint... and quickly makes an escape before he ends up stuck to someone again.
[maximoff_girl] ... paint... balloon.... ???
* leela1 waves. "Bye All" also makes her escape
*** leela1 is now known as leela_afk
[Scarlet] Yes Wanda
[RainbowNovak] as in, a balloon with paint it?
*** Signoff: TheyCallMeJack (Exit: Clap on! , Clap off! clap@#&$NO CARRIER)
*** Signoff: leela_afk (Exit: )
* PaintedJC mutters a few words, and turns invisible... drink and all as he grabs his glass from the fridge.
[Scarlet] Like water balloons, but paint
[RainbowNovak] That explains why I am covered in random paint.
[Scarlet] And root beer
[Scarlet] And beer beer
*** PaintedJC is now known as JC-Inviz
[Scarlet] And eventually glue

I said I'd post the log XD
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