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IRC Guide 1 of 2

OK... a guide for getting on IRC and the various Sages channels for people.

Anyone who wants to can expand on this, write it better, whatever... please do so and post it in the comments. Eventually this should become a comprehensive guide, and we can post it to Sages proper for people.


Sages IRC chat happens on the IRC network. To connect and chat, you need an IRC client.
Darkmyst has a Java applet that works on it's webpage, found here:

Of course, this is not an optimal solution/ Most people prefer to use an actual IRC client for chatting. For those who aren't up on computer-speak, an IRC client is a program that lets you use IRC chat.

Popular Choices for WINDOWS include
Trillian: IRC support comes built in. Check the Connection Manager and set up an IRC connection (see below). Once you're connected to the IRC network, you need to click the IRC icon on your buddy list (default skin, it's a white circle) and choose "Join Channel" then type in the name of the channel (room) you want to join.

GAIM: Gaim also has IRC support. However, I don't know or use GAIM so I can't say anything about it.

Miranda IM: See GAIM.

mIRC: By far the most popular IRC client in the world. Top notch program. It is TECHNICALLY shareware - you get a 30 day trial. However, after the 30 days, the program can still be used UNCRIPPLED. You merely have to click past a nag screen when you load it up.

IceChat: Another free client. I'm not familiar with it, but several regulars to Sages IRC use it.


Colloquy: Freeware IRC client. I don't use a Mac so I can't say.

IRCle: One of the most popular Mac IRC clients. However, it is NOT free.

Conversation: A free Mac IRC client aimed at being very simple to set up and use.

IRC clients for Linux/Other/You want something not on this list:
See here:


Setting up your connection

You need to configure the server settings in order to connect to the right IRC network. Otherwise the rooms you're looking for won't be there.
Find the connection settings in your program, and put in the following settings. (Your prgram mmay not have all these fields. If not, don't worry, they're optional)

Server Alias: Whatever name you want to give to the server. Doesn't matter.
Port: 6667 (if there's a separate slot for Port, then don't include the :6667 above)
Nick/Nickname: Choose a default nickname. See below for details.
Alternative: Choose a nickname to use if your preferred one is already in use.
Name/Username: Whatever you want
User Info: Ditto
Email: Optional, doesn't have to be valid.

The important parts are Server: and setting a nick. Most everything else is optional.

Once this is set up, you can connect.

NOTE: If 1 minute after connecting, your nickname is changed automatically to Guest_35279 (or such) that means you're trying to use a registered nickname. See below for more about that.


Once connected, you can proceed to join a channel. Channel is the IRC word for a chat room. When people say "room" or "channel" they mean the same thing.
All channel names start with # such as #sagesanctuary. This is how you know it's a channel.

You will probably see a screen filled with lots of technical information that means nothing to you. That's fine. All you need is the line to type into.

IRC has special commands you can type. They only work when they are the FIRST thing on the line. All commands start with a slash ( / ). If anything, even a space, is in front of the slash, it won't work.

The first command is /join followed by the name of the room. This lets you join a channel. For example:
/join #sagesanctuary
This will open a new window/tab with the Sage Sanctuary channel in it. You can start chatting immediately.

You can be in multiple channels at the same time. Many people are in at least 2 at any given time.

To leave a channel, use /part. Or just close the window/tab. /quit disconnects you from the IRC server completely, so be careful about that one :)
You can type these from any channel.
To join a channel in Trillian, see the bit above. Once you have an IRC window open, you can use /join from that window instead of the menu

Room commands:

Once in a room, there are a few basic commands you can use.
Normally you just type what you want to say, and it shows up. Conversation looks like so
OK, who's spin?
Reno's turn
* thewolfJason goes to the bar and grabs a bottle of Amtrak
Wha? I'm next?
* GameServ spins the bottle for RenoTurk and it lands on...
Key! You're up!

Notice where Jason's text was different? That was the /me command. he typed
/me goes to the bar and grabs a bottle of Amtrak

Next, you see that Reno typed `spin (notice that it's a back-tick, the one you get from the ~ key, without using shift. A normal apostrophe will NOT work). This tells GameServ (an automatic program) to virtually "spin the bottle" and pick a random person.
If you're using automatic text colors with Trillian or something, `spin will NOT work for you (it's a quirk). Either turn off text color for IRC, or use the alternative.

Also availiable is `roll 3d6 (or whatever dice you specify), which will virtually roll the dice you state. The dice don't even have to be real or possible. You can roll 3d2 or 5d13 if you want.

Finally, there's /nick, which lets you change your nickname.
If I type /nick PalmerDrunk, then my nickname will change to PalmerDrunk until I change it back.
The most common uses for this.
1: To indicate being away. This usually is done like ScarletAway or Ether[AFK] or OttoSleeping
2: To indicate that you are only (in RP terms) in one room, and are just "lurking" (watching OOC, but not actually RPing there) in any other rooms. This is usually done like Jason_hotsprings or Ock[Lab]
3: To indicate some significant and obvious change in your character, such as wearing a special costume, or being sex-changed. Dawnie[Cheerleader] and female_Zero would show this.

Valid characters to use in an IRC nick include letters, numbers and the following
` (backtick) ^ [ ] { } _ - and | (pipe... shift backslash)

Not allowed: Spaces or
( ) = + ~ \ , . ; : ' " < > / \ * & $ % # @ !

There's a length limit, but it's pretty long


That's all there really is to it. Here are a few more pointers.

If you're using colors or `spin just doesn't work for you, you can spin or roll by using the long way.
/msg Gameserv bottle #channelname OR /msg gameserv roll #channelname 3d6
If you know how, you can set up and alias to do this.

People who have an @ in front of their username, or are identified as "Ops" on the user list are "Ops" (Operators). In mundane terms, they're the channel moderators. They can kick people out and ban them for misbehaving, and control all sorts of advanced options.

Normally, Nicknames aren't permanent. You can't use the same name as someone else on IRC at the same time, but once they change with /nick or log off, you can use it. Some people get around duplicate names with a slightly different nick, such as `Magus or Kali_

However, you can register a nickname and prevent others from using it, so that it's all yours.

To register a nickname, do the following.
1: Change to the nickname you want
2: Type the following: /msg nickserv register *password* *email address*
(The password and email are whatever you choose. You CANNOT use a Hotmail address, they're blocked. Go get a Yahoo email instead or something)
3: Remember your password. The nick is now all yours.

Now, once a nick is registered, you have to IDENTIFY to NickServ (the automatic program that keeps track of nicknames) to let it know you're really who you say you are.
To do this, just after logging on, type
/msg nickserv identify *password*

This prevents you getting changed to Guest_97498

This covers most everything. If you can't get onto IRC and into a channel after reading this... it's best you not come join us after all.

So yeah... anyone wants to clean it up or something, go for it. This is all off the top of my head.
Next up is the IRC Guide for non-n00bs
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