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(the gospel according to st. bastard)

This is a proposed list of Rules And Things You Should Know Of The Basement. Not set in stone, if you have a problem, comment and we'll talk about it.


  1. This channel was founded by sandersrocksit, key_to_me, and lust_for_life. It is their sandbox. If you're having issues or you've been kicked out or you don't agree with something... go to your own channel.

  2. Yea, verily, there shall be no underaged characters in ye olde Basemente--and especially not muns. Characters and muns under the age of 14 will be automatically banned; characters and muns between the ages of 14-17 will be considered based on their attitude and maturity level.
    1. Note that these ages are based on physical age and emotional/mental age; if you play an immortal with the mental maturity of a 12-year-old, we're going to kick you out.

  3. NO SEX. If you must, take it to PM or one of the NC-17 siderooms (#sageshotsprings, #showerroom). We're serious, we will kick you out if you start writing porn. (We are more lenient on Sexinthebasement Wednesdays, but you will still be kicked for writing explicit erotica.)

  4. No violence. Heckling, the throwing of pillows, smacks upside the head, Jell-O wrestling, general horseplay, tomfoolery and play-fighting are fine. If you want to BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!1, take it to #sagesarena.
    1. Do not come to the basement with the express purpose of picking a fight, you will be kicked out.
    2. No guns. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, but if you bring a gun into the basement and use it, THERE WILL BE DRAMUH, and we hate dramuh. If your character persists, they will be kicked out.

  5. Try to contain your DRAMUH. The basement is about having fun--you'll notice that, IC and OOC, we tend to avoid the Drama Llama. While the basement is not, necessarily, a safe refuge from upstairs dramuh (that's what the Loft is for, or you can make your own room), it is also not the place for your character to burst in bleeding and fall to the floor, gasping for air. We will be likely to pour beer in their wound and laugh. Contain your dramuh.
    1. If you wangst, you will be ridiculed. If you don't know what wangst is, ask, and we'll explain it in very clear terms.
    2. If you walk in and curl up in a corner and sigh and don't talk to anyone, you will be ignored. Because we don't care about your wangsty little love-drama and we won't bother asking you about it so you can wangst all over us. We don't care. Leave it outside.

  6. Basement residents are not always going to be nice and accepting. Especially if you are new; newbies are "fresh meat" and subject to hazing. They will probably be gratuitously insulted until they have proven they have something fun to contribute to the room. If you can't deal with that, don't come to the basement.

  7. The basement is a place where characters are loud, obnoxious, and probably screaming at each other about sex or penises. This means that:
    1. If your character is not the type to hang out in that kind of immature, juvenile atmosphere, if your character is more likely to be found in high-class clubs or Sunday school, if your character is going to sit there and be shocked and appalled by all the goings-on, please don't bring them to the basement.
    2. If you walk into the basement and bitch about it being "loud", we will kick you in the nuts and laugh at you as you writhe in pain. This is the basement. We created it so we could be loud and nobody would bitch at us and call us selfish children. Now get back upstairs before we pants you and send you home cryin' to momma.
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