December 4th, 2005


Note, this is not a mod thingie, this is a JILLIAN SAYS moment.

Hay guys! :D


The slash debate thing ........ will go on for forever, okay. Can we not hash it out in our channel? It shouldn't even be an issue. It's freaking #basementooc. PENIS PENIS PENIS HARBL. Look, we know some people don't like slash. That's cool. Yeah, my RP philosophy is that you should RP whatever the fuck you find fun, in whatever way you fucking want, as long as you aren't actively pissing people off (as in, godmoding). And you should RP those things, in that manner, with other people who feel the same way.

Whether it's slash, specific fandoms, LJ, MUs, .......... Sweet Valley Twins (*boggle*), it's cool. Okay, no, we think you Sweet Valley people are really scary BUT THE THING IS we are not going over to your sandbox and saying so, we are just saying that in the safety of our own sandbox. And if you ASKED me I'd be like ".... oh, ahaha, really, that's neat :D" which would yes, be lying, but POLITE lying, because frankly I have no right to make you feel uncomfortable about what you do; I like writing about men fucking each other in the butt. Or, as it may be, men threatening to fuck people in the eye. Whatever. It's cool. We're cool. Right? See? We're cool. OMG SHUT UP WE'RE COOL OKAY.
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