July 13th, 2005

Squee Kitty

IRC Guide 1 of 2

OK... a guide for getting on IRC and the various Sages channels for people.

Anyone who wants to can expand on this, write it better, whatever... please do so and post it in the comments. Eventually this should become a comprehensive guide, and we can post it to Sages proper for people.


Long Version for total n00bs who barely know about IRCCollapse )

So yeah... anyone wants to clean it up or something, go for it. This is all off the top of my head.
Next up is the IRC Guide for non-n00bs
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Reference post

So I'm a dope and want to dink around in #sagesbasement while I'm at the office. I am even more of a dope because I didn't remember to like email the damn servername and port # and all that hooey to myself before I left the house this morning.

Wouldn't it be totally cool if somebody posted a comment to this post that says 'hey, dude, go to irc.darkmyst.org <portnumber>' here, so I could see if the office network would let me connect?

I found the problem, which was due to me thinking that IRC protocols from DALnet would work.
I'm such a dork.
Squee Kitty

IRC Guide 2 of 2

This guide is for people who know how to get onto IRC and use it, and just references Sages specific info.


Server Info:

Server: irc.darkmyst.org:6667
Server: irc.darkmyst.org
Port: 6667


Game commands

`spin for Spin the Bottle
`roll 3d6 to roll 3d6. The dice don't have to be real, you can roll 5d13 if you wish.

Notice that it's a back-tick, the one you get from the ~ key, without using shift, at the front of these commands. A normal apostrophe will NOT work.
If you are using Trillian, or another client, and have it set to make all your messages appear in color, then these commands will NOT work. Also, it just doesn't seem to wrk for some people.
You have to use the long way in that case:
/msg Gameserv bottle #channelname OR /msg gameserv roll #channelname 3d6


Channel Guide: This is what started this whole guide. In the OOC room, we started working on a list of active Sages channels, so we could know what there actually was. Then I got bored and turned it into a "Get n00bs into chat" guide.

List of all known Sages channels.
If I'm missing any, comment and name them (with description)
If you think you have a better description for a channel, please share it so I can either mock it or gank it without credit.
These are general, PUBLIC Sages channels. I'm not including ones like #OckLab because that one is for the Ocks - it's not general or really supposed to be public.

#sagesanctuary - The Sages of Chaos sanctuary. Free bar, quite busy and noisy. Beware stray Elder Gods. This is what is considered the "Main Room" for Sages chat. If someone mentions "The Sanctuary" or "Sages Chat" they mean this channel.

#sagesloft - The Loft. Upstairs from the Sanctuary. Quiet and low-key. For serious discussion only. Strictly NO DRAMA.

#sagesarena - The Arena. Have an uncontrollable desire to beat the crap out of someonething? Or just watch? Here's the place. Take your fights here.

#sagesyard - The front yard outside the Sanctuary. Green grass, some tall trees, often a barbecue.

#sagesbasement The infamous basement. Immaturity is the rule, Truth or Dare is the game, and random nudity is the norm. While sexually charged, the room is kept to a "Teen" rating. As in, no pr0n, no cyb0r. All your HARBL are belong to fairy semen.

#sageshotsprings - The hot springs found outside the Basement. Pools range from icy to literally boiling. NC-17 ALERT.

#sagescatacombs - The vast realms of the Underdark, found far beneath the Sanctuary. Infested with goblins, dark elves and worse, this is the place for brave adventurers to pit cold steel against cunning foes.

#tunnels - It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue. The tunnels connect the Catacombs to the Yard, Basement and Sanctuary.

#showerroom - Informal channel. The shower room attached to the Basement. Often the site of hawt surprise buttsecks. NC-17 ALERT.

#hallway - Informal channel. The hallway outside of the Basement, with stairs leading up to the Sanctuary. Often used for private conversations or emo sulking.

#sagessideroom - Informal channel. A small side room off the hallway. Sometimes used for private conversations like the Hallway.

#sagesooc - The OOC chat channel. Come in, relax, meet some muns and leave the (( )) at the door.


That's about it. I'm bored now. Bye bye.
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