Dawn Sanders, Dastardly Loli Operative (littlebitbad) wrote in _basement,
Dawn Sanders, Dastardly Loli Operative

BASEMENT REUNION GIG: ONE NIGHT ONLY IN 2008 [so come and get it what the hell you waiting for]

[20:06] <@Greg_Sanders> JP, you are so /pretty/ tonight. :D
[20:06] <@Jean-Paul> Someone should have told me it was Hawaiian themed.
[20:06] <@Jean-Paul> I KNOW.
[20:07] * @Greg_Sanders puts box down, his head is starting to hurt.
[20:07] <@keynana> Jaypee you are always in the luau spirit.
[20:07] <@Jean-Paul> I also put gold dust in the socket.
[20:07] * @Jean-Paul did not.
[20:07] * @Hermes hulas to the right, hulas to the left.  "We can always sort out something from the spare clothes."  ...yes, right, put the fruit-hat down.
[20:07] * @keynana fluffs Greg's hair back up to its standard practicing height.
[20:07] * @Greg_Sanders stands still for this!! While trying to steal a banana from Hermes' hat. Unnnghh reeeeeeach.
[20:07] <@Hermes> "Be gentle with my banana."
[20:07] * @keynana is done anyway, you spaz.
[20:07] * @Dawnie_Sanders attempts to discern if there is actually gold dust in JP's socket. No, she has a soul now, guys.
[20:08] * @Jean-Paul does not allow Dawnie to touch his patch.
[20:08] <@Dawnie_Sanders> JP  :( :( :(
[20:08] <@Jean-Paul> There's teeth.
[20:08] <@keynana> Jaypee can I touch your patch.
[20:08] <@Jean-Paul> No one can touch my patch.
[20:08] <@keynana> I'm gonna do it.
[20:08] <@Dawnie_Sanders> What if we just kind of graze it?
[20:08] <@keynana> I'm gonna touch your patch.
[20:08] <@Jean-Paul> I'm telling you there's teeth in there.
[20:08] * @Greg_Sanders viciously peels banana. >_>
[20:08] * @Hermes hauls a 'delightfully fragrant' couch over closer to the bar.  "Tentacles?"
[20:09] <@Dawnie_Sanders> WHERE
[20:09] <@Dawnie_Sanders> ...oh.
[20:09] <@Hermes> "Don't sound so hopeful."
[20:09] <@keynana> Jaypee I have carried entire conversations on with your peen, I am not afraid of patchteeth.
[20:09] <@Jean-Paul> Dawnie loves tentacles... you hor.
[20:09] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Hey hey guys guess what hey guys guess what hey
[20:09] * keynana is now known as keybean
[20:09] <@Jean-Paul> WHAT. Key you keep your hands out of my socket.
[20:09] <@Dawnie_Sanders> I'M LEGAL NOW
[20:09] <@Jean-Paul> LIES.
[20:09] <@Greg_Sanders> What what what it better not be chicken butt-- oh. Pfft.
[20:09] <@keybean> I'm terrified.
[20:09] <@Hermes> But are you -married-?
[20:09] <@Dawnie_Sanders> .................................MAYBE.
[20:10] <@Greg_Sanders> O_O HEY WHAT WAIT
[20:10] <@Jean-Paul> .................what!
[20:10] <@keybean> I am! :D
[20:10] * @Hermes will leer at anyone who's married.  >:3
[20:10] <@Jean-Paul> WHAT
[20:10] <@Greg_Sanders> ..... WHAT
[20:10] <@Jean-Paul> WHO GOT MARRIED
[20:10] <@Jean-Paul> WHAT IS GOING ON
[20:10] * @Jean-Paul flails.
[20:10] * @keybean raises hand.
[20:10] <@Jean-Paul> WHEN
[20:10] <@Dawnie_Sanders> ...KEY YOU WHORE
[20:10] <@Dawnie_Sanders> WHAT
[20:10] <@Greg_Sanders> YOUNG LADY
[20:10] <@Hermes> Oh, really, my Key.  When did that happen and can I touch your tra-la-la?
[20:10] <@keybean> A while ago. >_>  WE LIVE IN VEGAS, OKAY, IT JUST HAPPENED
[20:10] * @Jean-Paul picks Key up and puts her on a shelf. D:<<
[20:10] * @Greg_Sanders sits next to Hermes because he is OLD.
[20:10] <@Dawnie_Sanders> How does I shot loli >O
[20:10] * @Hermes leans against Grey and GIANT puffs of dust come up.
[20:10] * @Greg_Sanders puff ;o;
[20:11] * @Hermes goes piff paff poff?
[20:11] <@keybean> Hermes you know you can touch my tra-la-la whenever you wish.
[20:11] <@Greg_Sanders> Now for Dawnie, Dawnie are you married you must answer yes or no.
[20:11] * @Hermes also waggles an eyebrow.  Rawr, babe.
[20:11] <@Dawnie_Sanders> But I'm maintaining an air of mystery, Greg.
[20:11] * @Greg_Sanders >:O
[20:11] * @Dawnie_Sanders POUTY
[20:11] * @Greg_Sanders also pinches Hermes. LIGHTLY.
[20:12] <@keybean> Dawnie!  You must tell me the answer.
[20:12] * @Hermes squeak-flails.  AAAAAAA.
[20:12] <@Dawnie_Sanders> CORDY is married.
[20:12] <@Greg_Sanders> ........... to you?
[20:12] <@Jean-Paul> I approve of this.
[20:12] <@keybean> What, who is she married to.
[20:12] * @Hermes makes like a ninja and pokes Greg in the tummy.  Take that, Pillsbury Doughboy!
[20:12] <@Greg_Sanders> wah-hah >:O
[20:12] <@Hermes> "Is it a duck?  Did she marry a duck?"
[20:12] * @Jean-Paul flails.
[20:13] * @Greg_Sanders snicker
[20:13] <@Dawnie_Sanders> I'm gonna TELL HER YOU SAID THAT
[20:13] <@Dawnie_Sanders> No she married a Greg basically.
[20:13] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Tiny dorky scientist.
[20:13] <@keybean> ....wait
[20:13] <@Hermes> Does he quack in bed?
[20:13] * @Greg_Sanders drops banana ;_;
[20:13] <@keybean> Tell me she didn't actually marry Greg.
[20:13] <@Dawnie_Sanders> She didn't actually marry Greg. OR DID SHE.
[20:13] <@Jean-Paul> DAMMIT WOMAN.
[20:13] <@Jean-Paul> You are legal, we're allowed to torture it out of you.
[20:13] <@Greg_Sanders> She did NOT, or else she would have showed up at work to taunt me.
[20:14] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Nooooooo
[20:14] <@keybean> Jaypee what's new with you, anyway.
[20:14] <@Dawnie_Sanders> --that's true :<
[20:14] <@Greg_Sanders> He also got married. DIDN'T YOU.
[20:14] <@Jean-Paul> No.
[20:14] <@Greg_Sanders> Okay good.
[20:14] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Are you still boning Warren circle Y or N
[20:14] * @Hermes flops onto Greg.  LAVISH ATTENTION ON ME.
[20:14] <@Jean-Paul> N.
[20:14] * @Dawnie_Sanders is trying to sneak up on Hermes and Greg. WATCH THIS SPACE.
[20:14] <@keybean> How's your neice?
[20:14] * @Greg_Sanders makes pretty ringlets of Hermes hair! Oblivious to sneakings!
[20:15] <@Jean-Paul> Pooping everywhere. I am the most boring person in the world.
[20:15] * @Hermes is pretty and witty and not totally gay.
[20:15] <@keybean> For once.
[20:15] <@keybean> Velcro had her kittens.
[20:15] <@Greg_Sanders> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh
[20:15] <@Jean-Paul> Are they half person?
[20:15] <@keybean> Well, it was weird
[20:15] <@keybean> She was a person when she had them, but they came out wingaling kittens.
[20:15] <@Jean-Paul> ...
[20:15] * @Hermes yelps and mauls Dawnie.  It was TRAGIC.  No one was spared.  Not even the children.
[20:15] <@keybean> So I have no idea.  There are four of them.
[20:15] <@Jean-Paul> That's disturbing.
[20:16] * @Dawnie_Sanders SQUEALS LIKE A LITTLE BANSHEE
[20:16] * @Greg_Sanders licks his finger and tries to STICK IT IN DAWNIE'S EAR.
[20:16] <@keybean> Yeah, imagine poor Shawn, he had to deliver the things.
[20:16] <@Dawnie_Sanders> GREG GREG NOOOO
[20:16] <@Jean-Paul> AND NO DAIRY QUEENE FOR YOU
[20:16] * @Hermes tries to blow a raspberry her tummy.  :O
[20:16] * @Dawnie_Sanders wriggles!!!!
[20:16] * @keybean takes so many pictures, seriously
[20:16] * @Greg_Sanders holds Dawnie >:3
[20:17] * @Dawnie_Sanders goes EEEEEEE and elbows Greg >:(!!!!
[20:17] <@Greg_Sanders> Oomf!
[20:17] * @Greg_Sanders releases! ... to the floor?
[20:17] <@keybean> Play nice, children!
[20:18] * @Hermes tumbles along with.  Noooooes.  He is delicate.
[20:18] <@keybean> ....I cannot believe that I am the one who said that.
[20:18] * @Dawnie_Sanders sits at Greg's feet and pets Hermes' hair. LOOK WHAT YOU DID GREG.
[20:18] * @Greg_Sanders <_<
[20:18] <@Hermes> Kiss it better?  :D?
[20:18] <@Greg_Sanders> come here and sit on Hermes, Key. You know you want to.
[20:18] <@keybean> Weeeeeeeell I dunno.  Is he going to be a good god, or is he going to be naughty.
[20:19] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Um Greg said "Hermes"
[20:19] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Soooooo.
[20:19] <@Greg_Sanders> Wh...at?
[20:19] <@keybean> Well in THAT case.
[20:19] * @keybean sits on Hermes.
[20:19] * @Dawnie_Sanders BEAMS.
[20:19] <@Greg_Sanders> Oh. OHO. I see what you did there.
[20:19] * @Hermes is a -very- good god.  >:3
[20:19] * @Greg_Sanders eyes JP.
[20:19] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Took you long enough >:3
[20:20] <@keybean> Hello my very favorite deity ever. :3
[20:20] <@Hermes> Hello, Key.  [insert a mwahaha here]
[20:20] <@keybean> Except for the time you gave me nexus babies.
[20:20] <@keybean> That wasn't kosher.
[20:20] <@Jean-Paul> Whatever happened to those?
[20:20] <@Hermes> Are you really married for real?  Can I steal you away in the night and, oh, yes, those.
[20:20] * @Greg_Sanders gets a girly drink. In time to spit some out.
[20:20] <@keybean> Man I don't even know.  Hopefully they're in jail or something.
[20:21] <@Greg_Sanders> I don't remember that. ... Probably for my own good.
[20:21] <@keybean> Hermes I am married like whoa.  Check out the sparkly thing on my finger!  It is proof of this.
[20:21] * @Jean-Paul is not okay with everyone being married >(
[20:21] <@Jean-Paul> Greg you're single right?
[20:21] * @Hermes checks it out!  "But, Keeeey, I promised to seduce you if you got married, but you're still all little sistery!"
[20:21] <@Hermes> (Which, as we all know, as stopped him before.....right?)
[20:22] <@Greg_Sanders> IN A MANNER OF SPEAKING no. >_>
[20:22] <@Jean-Paul> .......... D:
[20:22] <@Greg_Sanders> But I didn't get married!
[20:22] <@keybean> Well, Hermes, I do not know what to tell you.  I don't think I can change my spots just because I am enveloped in wedded bliss!
[20:22] <@Jean-Paul> I'll accept this.
[20:22] <@Greg_Sanders> You can come homewreck our domestic bliss.
[20:22] * @Hermes envelopes in hugs and gentle gnawings.
[20:23] <@keybean> Eeee!!
[20:23] <@Greg_Sanders> It's just Daniel, I will accept if you go for him over me. B| He has a nicer ass.
[20:23] * @keybean clings with giggles and TICKLE MONSTER RAAAAAR
[20:23] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Daniel is a ho! *merrily lying*
[20:23] <@Jean-Paul> I suddenly feel like a sandwich.
[20:23] <@Jean-Paul> >:3
[20:23] <@Greg_Sanders> Shush, lying liar Dawnie!
[20:23] * @Hermes giggles, and GIGGLES.
[20:24] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Well he's definitely a pony, okay, Lizzy is sure of that.
[20:24] <@Greg_Sanders> JP /back in the day/ even though I was a GROWN UP I was totally jealous of your guys' active sex lives. TMI but the truth. *drink!*
[20:24] <@keybean> ....What, really.
[20:24] <@Jean-Paul> Yeah, well. Have a baby, see what it does for your sex life.
[20:25] <@keybean> I don't know what you guys are bitching about, I am having tons of sex all the time.
[20:25] * @Jean-Paul is bitter THANKS WARREN REALLY.
[20:25] <@Greg_Sanders> ....... *__*
[20:25] * @Hermes makes gimmie hands for a drink.  "I miss getting laid on a regular basis."  WOE.  "Now all I can do for laughs is randomly appear naked in the middle of Tony Stark's office meetings."
[20:25] * @Greg_Sanders passes Hermes a drink and LOLS, heartily.
[20:25] <@Jean-Paul> That seems like it would get old quickly.
[20:25] <@Jean-Paul> Have you thought about randomly appearing naked in other places?
[20:26] * @Hermes raises a pinky and sips.  "I have!  I've been sneaking nude pix into powerpoint presentations."
[20:26] <@keybean> Well, you're always welcome to randomly appear naked at our house, Hermes.
[20:26] <@Jean-Paul> Jawesome.
[20:26] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Hermes can you do that where I work, because that would liven it up some.
[20:26] <@Hermes> Can do!
[20:26] <@Jean-Paul> Where DO you work?
[20:26] <@keybean> Don't... um, do that at my work though, because evidence.
[20:27] <@Greg_Sanders> Hermes, deity of naked.
[20:27] * @Greg_Sanders suddenly hugs Key. "I am still so proud of you." :3
[20:27] <@Dawnie_Sanders> That is my favouritest kind of god. I work for Cordy still, she's fired me a couple times but, y'know. She got me killed that one time, she kind of owes me.
[20:27] <@keybean> :D!!
[20:28] * @keybean hugs Greg SO MUCH OH MY GOSH
[20:28] <@Dawnie_Sanders> KODAK MOMENT TAKE A PICTURE
[20:28] * @Greg_Sanders huggingfest! "And now you're married, I am gonna buy you a present definitely!"
[20:28] * @Jean-Paul takes PICTURES. one handed. >:|
[20:28] <@Hermes> Yes!  I will get you one too.  Do you have a wafflemaker?
[20:28] <@keybean> Aww Gregward. You do not need to get me things.
[20:29] <@Greg_Sanders> It's a celebration! Aw, Hermes and I think alike.
[20:29] <@keybean> Oh my gosh you guys are too nice.  I DO NOT NEED GIFTS, I am happy to have my friends. :D
[20:30] * @Greg_Sanders now lungehugs Dawnie. "You are not going to die anymore, RIGHT?"
[20:30] <@keybean> Although feel free to get me some scratching posts and stuff.  Those kittens like ceiling fans so much.
[20:30] <@Dawnie_Sanders> --WHAT AAAA
[20:30] * @Dawnie_Sanders flails, cuddles Greg. "NO, RETARD. I WILL PROBABLY OUTLIVE YOU, YOU'RE OLD."
[20:31] <@Hermes> Ancient.
[20:31] <@Greg_Sanders> It's true. ;_;
[20:31] * @Dawnie_Sanders noogies Gregward.
[20:31] <@Greg_Sanders> Awwwhhheeee :O
[20:32] <@keybean> Do not ever talk about Greg dying. >:|
[20:32] <@keybean> Greg will live forever.
[20:32] <@Dawnie_Sanders> We could get him a sarcophagus like his boyfriend :D
[20:32] <@Hermes> I will protect you.  B|
[20:32] <@Greg_Sanders> I'll find an alternate and suck out his lifeforce. JP, come and give me a MANLY HUG.
[20:32] <@Jean-Paul> I refuse to give any hugs.
[20:33] <@Greg_Sanders> >:/
[20:33] <@Dawnie_Sanders> I interpret this as a challenge.
[20:33] * @Jean-Paul shakes his stump at her. "TEETH."
[20:33] <@Dawnie_Sanders> You do not have teeth EVERYWHERE, jerk.
[20:33] <@Jean-Paul> I do.
[20:33] <@Jean-Paul> Tiny, tiny teeth.
[20:33] * @Dawnie_Sanders tests this hypothesis...WITH LUNGING.
[20:33] <@Jean-Paul> :O!
[20:33] * @Jean-Paul flies around the room.
[20:34] * @Greg_Sanders throws pillows at flying JP. >:O
[20:34] <@Dawnie_Sanders> ...
[20:34] * @Dawnie_Sanders goes to the cupboard for a HUEG BUTTERFLY NET
[20:34] <@Dawnie_Sanders> >:3
[20:34] * @Jean-Paul is be pillow'd :<<
[20:34] <@Greg_Sanders> ha HA.
[20:34] <@keybean> Ha ha.  Gay.  *sips girliest girly drink ever made*
[20:34] * @Dawnie_Sanders attempts to catch JP in her ~*butterfly JP net*~
[20:35] <@Hermes> Don't hit him too hard or his peen will come off
[20:35] <@Greg_Sanders> That randomly reminds me. What's up with your guys' improbable kids?
[20:35] <@Jean-Paul> And nobody wants that.
[20:35] * @Jean-Paul evades Dawnie's butterfly net!
[20:36] <@keybean> You know what, I don't know.
[20:36] <@keybean> I hope they're in jail or something.
[20:36] * @Dawnie_Sanders PERSISTS DEFIANTLY >|
[20:36] <@keybean> Ask Hermes, it's his fault in the first place.
[20:36] <@Greg_Sanders> OH, so THEY'RE the Hermesbabies. *pokes Hermes*
[20:36] * @Jean-Paul throws things at Dawnie!
[20:36] * @Hermes squeaks!  "What?  Not my fault!"
[20:37] * @Greg_Sanders poke poke pokes.
[20:37] * @Hermes wriggles about and ...and...LUNGES to gnaw on Greg's shoulder.
[20:37] <@Greg_Sanders> Ack! *Delicious shoulder!!*
[20:38] <@keybean> They're so his fault.
[20:38] * @Hermes will never relent.  :C
[20:38] <@keybean> I mean honestly they did not happen because of me and Cakes.
[20:38] * @Greg_Sanders chews on Hermes' SHIRT rebelliously.
[20:38] <@Hermes> Noes!  My shirt!
[20:39] <@Greg_Sanders> Ha HA!
[20:39] * @Hermes is wearing the infamous cowbell shirt.
[20:39] * @Hermes is totally going to pull Greg's own shirt over his face.  SO THERE.
[20:39] <@Greg_Sanders> You're delusional Ke--ffmph!
[20:39] <@keybean> Oh my god you two are so gay for each other.
[20:39] * @Greg_Sanders , muffled: "It's a very special relationship!"
[20:40] <@Jean-Paul> No sex in the basement!
[20:40] <@Hermes> I am not sexing him up.  >______>
[20:40] <@keybean> That is one of the most important tenets of basement you guys. >:|
[20:40] <@Jean-Paul> YET.
[20:40] * Spidey saunters through a random portal on the other end from the bar and promptly does a double-take. "Have we redecora -- Key, is that you?"
[20:40] * @Greg_Sanders pulls his shirt down. <_< He hasn't been working out oh sh-- OH HEY A SPIDER-MAN.
[20:40] <@keybean> If you two hook up I will so not be surprised-- SPIDEYBUTT!!
[20:40] * @keybean LAUNCHES herself at Spidey.
[20:40] <@Dawnie_Sanders> OH MY GOD IT'S SPIDEY :O
[20:40] <@Greg_Sanders> I'd have to get married first, hur hur.
[20:41] <Spidey> Greg, JP, where've you guys been ---OOOF! *is launched at*
[20:41] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Marry Daniel, it's legal now in California :D
[20:41] <@Greg_Sanders> I-I'll think about it >____>
[20:41] <@Hermes> It would be for Great Justice.  *wavities for Spidey*  Naw, I'll make an exception for your magnificent peen.
[20:41] <@Jean-Paul> AAH. It's a Spidey.
[20:41] * @keybean COVERS Spidey in smooches.  Mwah mwah mwah <3 <3 <3
[20:41] <@Dawnie_Sanders> You could wear a little dress! *gleefully imagining details of Gregwedding*
[20:41] <@Greg_Sanders> I don't have the hips!! Key stop hogging Spider-man!
[20:41] <Spidey> *weakly* Missed you too, Keybean. Hi everybody...
[20:41] <@keybean> No.  Spideybutt is mine, forever and ever.  You can't have him.  *CLINGS.*
[20:42] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Spidey KEY GOT MARRIED *tattles*
[20:42] * Spidey cannot render any opinions on Greg as a bride, since he is somewhat overwhelmed with an armful of Keybean, kthnx.
[20:42] <@keybean> Oh my god Dawnie shut up, I was going to tell him! :(
[20:42] <@Dawnie_Sanders> You can still tell him *:(*
[20:42] * Spidey holds Key out at arms' length. "You what?! And you didn't invite me?"
[20:42] <@Greg_Sanders> She didn't invite any of us ;o;
[20:42] <Spidey> I totally have to pout now.
[20:43] <Spidey> See, this is my pouty face. *is wearing a mask*
[20:43] <@keybean> Spidey I live in Vegas.  It was only a matter of time before I got faced and got quickie-married by Elvis.
[20:43] <Spidey> So who's the lucky guy?
[20:43] <@Greg_Sanders> Elvis. *sagenod* The classic.
[20:44] <@keybean> Shawn :3  I do not think I could have married anybody else.  But I will mention that I am not, as of yet, pregnant.
[20:44] <@Hermes> Does he like fried PB & banana sandwiches?
[20:44] <Spidey> Aww, you guys are still together. :3
[20:44] <@Dawnie_Sanders> As of YET.
[20:44] <@Greg_Sanders> Well good, cause you'd just put 'em in jail.
[20:44] <@Hermes> ...and Key, would you like to be?  :D?
[20:44] * @Greg_Sanders spits drink. Not on Hermes.
[20:44] <@keybean> NO THANK YOU HERMES I WOULD NOT.
[20:44] <@Hermes> All you have to do is ask!  :D
[20:45] <@keybean> Yes and I appreciate your willingness to put babies in me, really.
[20:45] <@Greg_Sanders> I kinda liked my niece and nephew :(
[20:45] * @Hermes smiles and is rather proud of his abilities.
[20:45] <@keybean> Velcro had her kittens, though. :D  SPIDEYBUTT would you like a cat?
[20:46] * Spidey makes a (O o) through his mask at the mere idea of Key raising demigods.
[20:46] <@Greg_Sanders> Spider-cat! Spider-cat. Doing... whatever... a spider... uh...
[20:46] <Spidey> Uh - no thanks, Key, I'm good. I don't think my landlord wants pets in the house.
[20:46] <Spidey> OH GOD. Greg, don't remind me!
[20:46] * @Greg_Sanders grins.
[20:46] * Spidey escorts Key back to the bar? He wants drinks.
[20:46] * @Dawnie_Sanders chokes laughing.
[20:47] * @keybean goes with, because love love love Spidey <3
[20:47] <Spidey> Can I getcha something, Keybean?
[20:48] * @Greg_Sanders finishes his girly drink, starts on another. >:3
[20:48] <@Hermes> Greg, you ought to be careful with those, too sweet and you'll catch another Boyband.
[20:48] <@keybean> Yes.  Fix me the girliest drink known to man.
[20:48] * @Dawnie_Sanders swings over Greg's shoulder. "Shaaare."
[20:48] <@Greg_Sanders> No! I'm not anywhere near South America! *hands his drink to Dawnie*
[20:48] <Spidey> Uh ... I'm not *that* up on my drinks. Cosmo?
[20:49] * @Dawnie_Sanders drinks half, gives it back :]
[20:49] <@Hermes> We could go, Greg.  Brazil is nice this time of year.
[20:49] <@Dawnie_Sanders> I love Brazilians.
[20:49] <@Dawnie_Sanders> The men, the wax...whatever.
[20:50] <@Greg_Sanders> The only fruit-on-head I trust is yours! ... dawnie >:O
[20:50] <@Jean-Paul> ...you like having your vagina waxed?
[20:50] <@Dawnie_Sanders> LEGAL NOW *immediately*
[20:50] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Maybe I do.
[20:50] <@Hermes> Does it tingle?
[20:50] <@keybean> Spideybutt.  I have noticed you are treating me like a totes grown-up individual.  What up with that.
[20:50] * Spidey eyes Greg and Dawnie and Hermes very warily while sliding a Cosmopolitan towards Key. She didn't say no!
[20:50] <Spidey> Well, you ARE married now - it'd be a bit silly not to let you drink.
[20:51] <@Greg_Sanders> Only if she were pregnant! Which she's not. *EYES HERMES*
[20:51] <Spidey> ... Plus I'm here to watch you. :3
[20:51] <@Hermes> Not --yet--.
[20:51] * @keybean sips El Cosmo.  "Yeah, you are."  :3
[20:51] <@Dawnie_Sanders> AWWWW Keybutts he is being adorable, give him a hug :3
[20:51] <@Hermes> Spidey is watching you  ...[fill in the blank].
[20:52] <@keybean> Dawnie I do not need people to tell me to hug Spidey.  I do this whether I am told or not.  *does, though*
[20:52] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Well do it--oh you are.
[20:52] <@Greg_Sanders> Spidey, JP says he is not giving hugs. *tattles*
[20:52] * Spidey oofs again and hugs her back with one hand while starting the coffee machine with the other.
[20:52] * @Jean-Paul is in fact, somewhere around the ceiling.
[20:52] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Spidey make him hug us :D
[20:52] * @Jean-Paul sparkles from his eyepatch. B|
[20:52] * @Dawnie_Sanders still has her HUEG NET.
[20:52] <Spidey> Greg, what have I told you about being a tattle tale?
[20:52] <@keybean> Spidey you have to tell me all about your crazy life, okay, because I missed you.  Also yes make JP hug us.
[20:53] <@Greg_Sanders> You told me to.... uh....
[20:53] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Do it always because the police like a talker :D
[20:53] <@Dawnie_Sanders> ...or is that a squealer...
[20:53] <@Greg_Sanders> Hoo boy, do they!
[20:53] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Greg are you a--*SOMEONE STOP HER*
[20:53] <@Jean-Paul> DAWNIE D:<
[20:53] <@Dawnie_Sanders> *UNREPENTANT*
[20:54] <@Greg_Sanders> <_<
[20:54] <Spidey> Eh, not that much has happened. House exploded, hired by Tony Stark, betrayed by Tony Stark, on the run from the government, negotiated semi-pardon by government, now living at Doc Strange's ... your usual.
[20:54] <@Greg_Sanders> ....... all right, come here, and there shall be group hugging EXCEPT FOR JP.
[20:54] <@keybean> Oh, that sounds like fun.  Why haven't you come to visit, if you were on the run the whole time.  YAY GROUP HUGS!
[20:54] <@Dawnie_Sanders> SHUN'D. *bounces over*
[20:54] <Spidey> It wasn't THAT bad.
[20:54] <@Greg_Sanders> Lies. I instinctively know it.
[20:55] <@keybean> Spidey :(
[20:55] <Spidey> *flaps hands placatingly* Some of it I did make worse. *NOT looking at Hermes, oh no*
[20:55] * @Hermes says nooothing.
[20:55] * @Greg_Sanders bounces up to go give Spidey a considerably more sedate and gentle (YET MANLY) hug.
[20:56] * Spidey hugs back, fine, fine. Aww, manly hugs! Maybe a bit tighter than casual.
[20:56] * @Greg_Sanders beams.
[20:56] <@keybean> You guys are so gay.
[20:56] <@Greg_Sanders> Yeah, well you're so /married/.
[20:57] <@Hermes> Buuuuurn.
[20:57] <@keybean> YEAH, SO WHAT.  I am having lots and lots of sex.  What about YOU.
[20:57] <@Greg_Sanders> I am too!! ... when we're not busy. Or tired. >_>
[20:57] <@Hermes> Maaaaybe?
[20:57] <@Dawnie_Sanders> I am ALSO having lots and lots of sex.
[20:57] <@Dawnie_Sanders> But not with, you know, the same person.
[20:58] <@Greg_Sanders> <crickets>
[20:58] <@keybean> Dawnie.  My dastardly loli operative is all grown up. :(
[20:58] <Spidey> *shifty* I'm pretty happy to be celibate right now, personally. Considering.
[20:58] <@Dawnie_Sanders> ...considering what, did you hurt your peen D:
[20:58] * @keybean clings to Spidey.  For, you know, consolation.
[20:58] <@Hermes> It fell off.
[20:58] * @Hermes clearly knows all about the state of Spiderpeen.
[20:58] <Spidey> Aaaah, last relationship-thingy didn't work out so well. *pats Key* No it did NOT, thanks.
[20:58] <@Dawnie_Sanders> I am not grown up >( I am just a single mother and I have bad taste and--EW REALLY--I should, obviously, not have those people around my babby! So I don't keep them around.
[20:59] <Spidey> Perfect working condition.
[20:59] * @Dawnie_Sanders rationalizes hoery.
[20:59] <@Hermes> Are you -sure-?
[20:59] * Spidey lifts his mask just enough to stick out his tongue at Hermes.
[20:59] <@Dawnie_Sanders> We are so not checking, FYI.
[20:59] * @keybean lols.
[21:00] <@keybean> Hermes, if I get knocked up by my HUSBAND, I may have the most powerful mutant babby ever.  Is that more or less freaky than anything you could impregnate me with.
[21:00] <@Hermes> I think there's only one way to know for sure.
[21:00] <@Greg_Sanders> *___*
[21:00] <@Dawnie_Sanders> FRATERNAL TWINS
[21:00] <@keybean> I think you better keep your godpeen to yourself for a while.
[21:01] <@Dawnie_Sanders> They could fight it out in the womb :V
[21:01] <@keybean> Dawnie you worry me sometimes.
[21:01] <@Dawnie_Sanders> 'Sometimes'?
[21:01] <@Greg_Sanders> I-I kinda like being an uncle. I'd like it a couple times over. :3?
[21:01] <@keybean> Okay, almost all of the time.
[21:01] <@Dawnie_Sanders> SEE.
[21:01] <@keybean> Gregward I will WORK on that!!
[21:01] <@Dawnie_Sanders> Have babies for Greg.
[21:02] <Spidey> Hey can I be the crazy uncle who almost never visits but brings lots of candy when he does? Can I, can I?
[21:02] <@keybean> I'll have omnipotent superbabies and you guys can all spoil them like crazy okay.
[21:02] * @Greg_Sanders hugs Hermes. :D
[21:02] <@Dawnie_Sanders> They can get pony-rides from Daniel like Lizzy :D :D :D
[21:02] * @Hermes is huggable.  :3
[21:03] <@Greg_Sanders> Daniel's knees could use a break, and I'm well aware that can be taken the wrong way!
[21:03] * @Dawnie_Sanders immediately takes it the wrong way and high-fives Greg.
[21:03] <@Greg_Sanders> <_< *high5*
[21:03] <@keybean> Spidey is clearly going to be the good influence.  I can tell already.
[21:03] * Spidey does a little victory dance.
[21:04] <@keybean> Still, I won't be sending them to your place for the weekends or anything.
[21:04] <@Hermes> I am superawesome with kids.
[21:04] * @Hermes is telling the truth, surprisingly enough.
[21:04] <Spidey> That's good, because my place is, uh, a bedroom in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Wouldn't want them to break a vase and get zapped into another dimension.
[21:05] <@keybean> ....No we really wouldn't!
[21:05] <@keybean> I don't exactly think of Dr. Strange when I think "Great With Kids".
[21:05] <@Greg_Sanders> Though honestly, keeping 'em around the Nexus, sounds like your typical Tuesday.
[21:05] <Spidey> I bet you spoil them silly, Hermes.
[21:05] <@Jean-Paul> Wait who has kids what
[21:05] * Dawnie_Sanders raises a hand.
[21:05] <@Hermes> To the zoo!  For lemon ices and BUFFALO.
[21:05] <@Greg_Sanders> Key's hypothetical kids!
[21:06] <@Greg_Sanders> I have taken Lizzy to the zoo, it is enjoyable.
[21:06] <@Jean-Paul> Key can't have kids, her vagina is full of bats.
[21:06] <@keybean> You shut the fuck up.
[21:06] <Spidey> Who's Lizzy?
[21:06] <@Jean-Paul> YOU shut the fuck up.
[21:06] <Spidey> JP, don't be rude to Key.
[21:06] <Spidey> Key, don't swear.
[21:06] <@Greg_Sanders> Lizzy is Dawnie's daughter, and my niece. :3
[21:06] <@Jean-Paul> Eat a dong >:O
[21:06] <Spidey> You'll give your kids bad manners.
[21:06] <Dawnie_Sanders> Lizzy is the bane of my life :D
[21:07] <@keybean> Sorry Spidey. :(
[21:07] <Spidey> I have, JP, many times. But not today. >:3
[21:07] * @keybean clings to Spidey like a cuddly tumor.  NOT LETTING GO EVER OKAY.
[21:07] * @Greg_Sanders ooOOooOOooo
[21:07] * Spidey hugs her back and ruffles her hair!
[21:07] * Dawnie_Sanders goes quiet like she's imagining Spidey sucking cock. ._.
[21:07] <@Jean-Paul> Ewww.
[21:07] * Dawnie_Sanders has a look of horrified fascination.
[21:07] * @keybean loves Spidey the BEST.
[21:08] <Spidey> You started it.
[21:08] * @Jean-Paul went there too, Dawnie.
[21:08] <@Jean-Paul> With the mask on.
[21:08] <@Jean-Paul> Halfway.
[21:08] * Dawnie_Sanders is so glad she's not there alone.
[21:08] * @Jean-Paul shares.
[21:08] <Dawnie_Sanders> Well yeah.
[21:08] <@keybean> Don't be ridiculous.  Spidey doesn't have sex.
[21:08] <Dawnie_Sanders> He just SAID he does.
[21:08] <@keybean> No he doesn't.
[21:08] <Dawnie_Sanders> Yes he does.
[21:08] <@keybean> No he DOESN'T. >:|
[21:08] * @Hermes covers his ears and hums.  LA LA LA.
[21:08] <Dawnie_Sanders> Key he is a RED BLOODED MAN
[21:08] <Dawnie_Sanders> He puts his PEEN IN THINGS.
[21:08] * Spidey pats Key reassurringly and sips his coffee, ignoring this conversation.
[21:09] <@Jean-Paul> Sometimes
[21:09] * Spidey BLUSHES.
[21:09] <@Jean-Paul> red-blooded men prefer to be the thing peens are put in.
[21:09] <Dawnie_Sanders> I could see it.
[21:09] * @Greg_Sanders la la las for Hermes.
[21:09] <Dawnie_Sanders> HE LIKES TO DO IT, KEY
[21:09] * Spidey is humming softly as he sips his coffee.
[21:09] * Dawnie_Sanders blithely makes these pronouncements right in front of him as though he's not present.
[21:09] * @Jean-Paul flicks marshmallows at Key, trying to get them in her hair.
[21:10] <@keybean> No he does not.  He cannot.
[21:10] * @Hermes covers Greg's ears.  "Don't listen.  We cannot hear the wonders of Spider-Peen."
[21:10] <Dawnie_Sanders> What do you mean he CANNOT
[21:10] <Dawnie_Sanders> I am pretty sure that the guy is capable.
[21:10] <@Greg_Sanders> Spider-peen, Spider-peen, doing whatever... man, this stuff is hard.
[21:10] <@keybean> Well he has never hit on me.  This is proof.
[21:10] <Dawnie_Sanders> That is not PROOF.
[21:10] <@keybean> IT IS SO, DAWNIE.
[21:10] <Dawnie_Sanders> That is 'Spidey wants to be your gay uncle'.
[21:10] * Spidey is now bright red everywhere his face and neck are visible, and his free hand is tapping on the bar.
[21:10] <@Hermes> But is the peen hard?  :D?
[21:10] <Spidey> -- OKAY, guys, CHANGE OF SUBJECT.
[21:10] <@keybean> What, no he doesn't, Dawnie, that is weird.
[21:11] <Dawnie_Sanders> He totally do--hi Spidey :D
[21:11] * @Greg_Sanders snickers softly.
[21:11] <@Jean-Paul> Can we talk about someone else's peen?
[21:11] <Dawnie_Sanders> Sure, who's up next :D?
[21:11] <@Jean-Paul> Like... *points* Greg's.
[21:11] <Spidey> Yes. I mean, no.
[21:11] <@Greg_Sanders> My peen is boring. >:E
[21:11] <Spidey> How about the weather instead?
[21:11] <Dawnie_Sanders> I still have those pictures.
[21:11] <Dawnie_Sanders> Or maybe Cordy has them now?
[21:11] <@Jean-Paul> --really.
[21:11] <Dawnie_Sanders> Should I call her and ask?
[21:11] <@Greg_Sanders> AAAHH. CORDY HAS THEM???
[21:11] <@Jean-Paul> Bust out the photo albums, Dawnie.
[21:11] <@Jean-Paul> FOr old time's sake.
[21:11] <Spidey> IT WAS VERY CLOUDY TODAY.
[21:11] <Dawnie_Sanders> Oh man I should! Yeah  hang on okay?
[21:12] * @Hermes sings the Penis Song.  'O Peeeenis, goddess of love that you aaaaare.'
[21:12] * Dawnie_Sanders swipes ... somebody's drink and goes to find the photo albums. OF NAKED.
[21:12] * @keybean pats Spidey.  "It's okay, Spideybutt, I believe you."
[21:12] <@Jean-Paul> Detachable peeeniiiiis?
[21:12] <Spidey> ... Penis is a goddess?
[21:12] <Spidey> You believe me about what, Keybean?
[21:12] * @Greg_Sanders sulks into his drink.
[21:13] <@Hermes> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NndcK5ZCOo
[21:13] <@keybean> You would never do those things they say.
[21:13] <@Hermes> Yes, Spidey.  *goes into the second verse*
[21:14] * @Jean-Paul finds a tamborine to accompany him.
[21:14] <Spidey> Um. Key, honey, I think we need to have a talk.
[21:14] <@keybean> *blink!*  What!
[21:15] <@Greg_Sanders> Oh boy.
[21:15] * Spidey leans down slightly and murmurs into her ear.
[21:16] * @keybean gets a very blank look on her face. "...But you're SPIDER-MAN."
[21:17] <@Jean-Paul> Spidey.
[21:17] <@Jean-Paul> Don't destroy her mind.
[21:17] <@Jean-Paul> She'll flip out and become a supervillain.
[21:17] <Spidey> I'm twenty-six! What do you expect me to do, Keybean?
[21:17] * Spidey pats her shoulder reassuringly.
[21:17] * @Greg_Sanders sinks down at reminder that he's older than Spidey. <__<
[21:17] <@keybean> ...but.... *wibbles*
[21:17] <Spidey> Anyway, I thought you knew about Namor and stuff.
[21:17] * @keybean BURSTS into tears.
[21:17] <Spidey> -- or maybe that was just Greg.
[21:17] <Spidey> (O O)!!!
[21:18] <Spidey> Greg, help!
06[21:18] * @Hermes CLINGS to Greg.
[21:18] <@Greg_Sanders> Er... Key, at a very special time in every man's life, um...
[21:18] <@keybean> ;_; my hero.
[21:18] <Spidey> No, I mean, get her to stop crying!
06[21:19] * Dawnie_Sanders comes back in with her albu--uh. "Who made Key cry?" >:O
[21:19] <@Greg_Sanders> Key, stop crying, he is still your hero and full of awesome that makes you love him!
[21:19] <Spidey> I didn't mean to! *pathetic wail*
[21:19] <Dawnie_Sanders> Oh my god :O
[21:19] <Dawnie_Sanders> Spidey made a girl cry :O
06[21:20] * @keybean SOBS.
[21:20] <@Jean-Paul> SPIDEY HOW COULD YOU
[21:20] <Spidey> Key -- *pats her shoulder helplessly* C'mon, Keybean... *looks at Hermes - he can make her laugh, right?*
06[21:20] * @Hermes sighs.  "Gimme THREE minutes and I can make you happy, Key, okay?"
06[21:21] * @Hermes will bee-are-bee, bb.
06[21:21] * @keybean has GIANT PUPPY-DOG EYES AT SPIDEY.  "How could you. ._."
[21:21] <@Greg_Sanders> o_O
[21:21] <Spidey> I'm sorry, Key. *doesn't even know what he's apologizing for*
[21:22] <@Greg_Sanders> Key, you're being weird again. Just thought you should know. *__*
[21:22] <@keybean> It's okay.  I forgive you. :D  *clings*
06[21:22] * @Hermes returns!  SHIRTLESS...and oh god, those -are- nippletassles.
[21:22] <@Greg_Sanders> ................ *snortlaugh*
[21:22] <Dawnie_Sanders> ............!
06[21:22] * @Hermes shimmies!  FOR KEY.
06[21:22] * Spidey hugs with relief ... and then giggles at Hermes' appearance.
[21:23] <@Jean-Paul> :<
[21:23] <@keybean> ....Hermes.
06[21:23] * @Hermes smiles?  :D? :D?
[21:24] <@keybean> Make 'em swing in opposite directions and you've got a deal.
06[21:24] * @Hermes makes with the shimmy.  Riiiiiight and leeeeeeft.  BEHOLD.
[21:24] <@Greg_Sanders> oh my god.
[21:24] <Spidey> Wow. *slowclap*
06[21:24] * @Jean-Paul snaps a picture.
06[21:25] * @Hermes is totally cheating with godly mojo.
[21:25] <Dawnie_Sanders> Hermes you are the best god in the world.
[21:25] <@Jean-Paul> That's going in the album. "CHERISHED MEMORIES."
[21:25] <@keybean> Okay I'm totally going to have one of your babies someday.
[21:25] <@keybean> Just for that.
[21:25] <@Greg_Sanders> :D
[21:26] <@Greg_Sanders> truly, we are a happy family.
06[21:26] * @Hermes blushes and stops dancing, "Aww, thanks, Key."  Off come the tassels, and yes, he's kept the piercings from Back in the Day.
[21:26] <@Greg_Sanders> oh my GOD, hahaha you still--!
[21:26] <@keybean> Why not, I'm already having damn near everybody else's.
06[21:27] * @Hermes is sparkly!  And going to lean against Greg.  :3
[21:27] <@Hermes> Greg, do I dazzle you?
06[21:27] * @Greg_Sanders politely does not poke Hermes' piercings. "SO much."
06[21:27] * Dawnie_Sanders snorts her drink.
06[21:27] * @Hermes knew it.
[21:28] <Dawnie_Sanders> Hermes Hermes
[21:28] <@keybean> Can you still shoot lasers from them
[21:28] <Dawnie_Sanders> --damn it I was gonna ask that
[21:28] <@Hermes> I -can-.
[21:28] <@Greg_Sanders> :O!
[21:28] <@keybean> Dawnie exists in my brain.
06[21:28] * Spidey shuffles closer to Greg and Hermes.
[21:28] <Dawnie_Sanders> DO IT *gleeful*
[21:28] <Spidey> -- Hermes?
[21:28] <@Hermes> Yes?  :D?
[21:28] <Spidey> Erm, before you shoot lasers. Which is impressive, by the way.
[21:28] <Dawnie_Sanders> He's gonna do it. *sagely...politely quiets*
06[21:28] * Spidey scuffs his foot and smiles shyly. "Thank you!"
06[21:29] * @Greg_Sanders awws, though he hardly knows why!
[21:29] <Spidey> You know, for making Keybean happy.
06[21:29] * @keybean goes over to bug JP while Spidey confers with grown-ups.
06[21:29] * @Hermes sits up nice and straight, sticks out his tongue and, uh, aims his nipples at the bar.  ...and *bizow* goes one of the paper umbrellas.
06[21:30] * Dawnie_Sanders SQUEALS
[21:30] <@Jean-Paul> :O
06[21:30] * @Greg_Sanders pretty much dies laughing.
[21:30] <Spidey> Bwahahahaha!
06[21:30] * Dawnie_Sanders is a spaz.
[21:30] <keybean> Holy crap on a crap cracker.
06[21:31] * @Hermes is smug.  ^_^
[21:31] <Spidey> Bravo, bravo!
[21:31] <keybean> I don't even know what to think about that.
[21:32] <keybean> Greg, what can YOU do with your nipples.
[21:32] <Dawnie_Sanders> Ask Daniel.
[21:32] <@Greg_Sanders> >:|
[21:32] <keybean> DAWNIE THAT IS GROSS
06[21:32] * Dawnie_Sanders does not repent for her sins :D
[21:32] <@Greg_Sanders> mine are magical and you can't have any or see 'em. *covers*
[21:33] <keybean> I'm shocked and appalled and I'm telling Grissom.
06[21:33] * Dawnie_Sanders leans over and reeeeeeeeeaches.
06[21:33] * @Greg_Sanders slaps hand!!
[21:33] <Dawnie_Sanders> Ow :(
[21:33] <keybean> Spideyyyyyy, Dawnie's being naughtyyyyyyyy.
06[21:33] * @Hermes pouts.
[21:33] <Dawnie_Sanders> Hermes, can I touch /your/ nipple?
[21:33] <@Hermes> You ~may~.
[21:34] <keybean> Hermes' nipples are pretty much there for touching.
[21:34] <@Hermes> Although, be careful, they're loaded.
[21:34] <Dawnie_Sanders> See. Hermes is nice. *...careful nipple touching*
06[21:34] * @Hermes is a helper.
[21:34] <Dawnie_Sanders> If I shoot myself with your man-nipples that will be an amazing way to go.
[21:34] <keybean> Well this has gotten real weird, real fast.
[21:34] <@Greg_Sanders> Not as awkward as naked time.
[21:34] <Dawnie_Sanders> I could make it naked time.
[21:34] <Dawnie_Sanders> Just sayin'.
[21:35] <@Greg_Sanders> >:\
[21:35] <keybean> NO THANK YOU
[21:35] <Spidey> Please don't, Dawnie.
[21:35] <keybean> I do not want to see Spidey naked. ._.
06[21:35] * Dawnie_Sanders puts her hands on her pants and wiggles.
06[21:35] * @Hermes makes with the shifty eyes.  "Greg, I dare you to streak through the Sanc."
[21:35] <Spidey> I like and respect you but don't want to see any of you naked. Even Hermes.
[21:35] <@Greg_Sanders> What! *to Hermes* >_>
[21:35] <Dawnie_Sanders> DO IT GREG
[21:35] <Spidey> Who is a Greek God and all.
[21:35] <@Hermes> I'll have you know, I am -lovely- naked.
[21:35] <keybean> It kind of blew my mind when I saw him in real-person clothes, I don't think I could deal with him in nothing at all.
[21:35] <@Greg_Sanders> I am OLD and RESPECTABLE I cannot do streaking <_<!!
[21:36] <@Hermes> Lies.
[21:36] <keybean> Greg I will give you TWENTY DOLLARS to do it.
[21:36] <Spidey> You are so not respectable. <_<
[21:36] <Dawnie_Sanders> Greg I will give you a COOKIE if you do it.
06[21:36] * @Greg_Sanders sticks his tongue out at Spidey.
[21:36] <Spidey> Keybean. You have to pay him at least fifty, come on.
[21:36] <Dawnie_Sanders> Pool our cash!
[21:36] <@Hermes> I will make you a delicious drink.
06[21:36] * Spidey sticks his tongue out back.
[21:36] <keybean> I'll go in on fifty if you do.
[21:36] <@Greg_Sanders> I do not like green eggs and nudity!
[21:36] <Dawnie_Sanders> That's HALF TRUE.
[21:36] <Spidey> But I don't want to see him naked! I'm just saying, there are standards.
[21:36] <Dawnie_Sanders> Key I will go in on fifty.
[21:37] <@Hermes> Do it, Greg.  For me and for justice.
[21:37] <@Greg_Sanders> Peer pressure!! >:O
[21:37] <keybean> Awesome.  FIFTY BUCKS GREG, DO YOU HAVE THE JEWELS.
[21:37] <@Hermes> And we deserve to see your family jewels.
[21:38] <@Greg_Sanders> I haven't been working out. NO WAY.
[21:38] <Spidey> I'm sure you look fine, Greg.
[21:38] <Dawnie_Sanders> Come onnnnnnn.
[21:38] <Spidey> Not that I want to see you naked.
06[21:38] * @Hermes breaks out the big, woobie, god-eyes.  "Please, Greg?"
[21:38] <keybean> Well we could always get Hermes to do it but it wouldn't be any fun because everybody's seen him naked already and he'd do it for a fluffernutter.
[21:38] <keybean> And Spidey'd never do it.
[21:39] <@Hermes> ....oh man, I want a fluffernutter.
[21:39] <keybean> I will MAKE you a fluffernutter.
06[21:39] * @Hermes goes :O!!!!
[21:39] <@Greg_Sanders> D-didn't Dawnie say she had pictures?! Ugh god I can't believe that's the preferrable option.
06[21:39] * keybean goes to the bar to MAKE A FLUFFERNUTTER FOR HERMES.
[21:39] <@Hermes> Greeeeeeeg, c'mooooon.
[21:39] <Dawnie_Sanders> Oh I do. But COME ON, Greg!
[21:40] <@Hermes> Key would do it on rollerskates.
[21:40] <Spidey> You've all already seen me mostly naked anyway. Remember the glitter and kilt incident?
[21:40] <@Greg_Sanders> Ha!
[21:40] <keybean> I totally would.
06[21:40] * keybean brings Hermes his delicious fluffernutter.
[21:40] <keybean> What glitter and kilt.
06[21:41] * @Hermes eats and rejoices. OMG.  SO GOOD.
06[21:41] * keybean has blocked this from her mind to protect her fragile psyche OKAY.
[21:41] <Spidey> When Hermes made me wear an Egyptian priest's get-up and -- why am I willingly bringing this up.
[21:42] <@Hermes> You should do it again.  >___>
[21:42] <Spidey> >_> You think so?
[21:42] <keybean> Do what again?  Is this going to break me?
[21:43] <@Greg_Sanders> I'll streak if Spidey does the kilt and glitter. B|
[21:43] <@Hermes> I sure do.
06[21:43] * @Hermes pulls out a fancy box with a ribbon and hands it to Spidey.  Well then?
06[21:44] * Spidey looks down at the box and back at Hermes. "Erm."
06[21:44] * @Greg_Sanders <_< relieved.
[21:44] <keybean> Guys if he turns out to have a really nice body I think I might aneurism and die because I don't think I can handle it if he turns out to be hot.  ._.
[21:45] <Spidey> Since you asked so nicely, Hermes! ._.
[21:45] <@Greg_Sanders> He'll be your rakish, handsome uncle with a heart of gold!
06[21:45] * Spidey is NOT going to explain his Hermes-related issues.
[21:45] <@Greg_Sanders> -- WHAT.
[21:45] <Spidey> Sorry, Greg.
[21:45] <@Greg_Sanders> ;__;
06[21:46] * Spidey shrugs? And slips out a portal to a dressing room.
[21:46] <@Greg_Sanders> Key and Dawnie, cover your eyes. B|
[21:47] <keybean> ;____;  *puts on a blindfold*
06[21:47] * @Greg_Sanders goes and stands at the stairs, stripping, and sticking his tongue out at Dawnie and Hermes.
06[21:48] * Dawnie_Sanders ... covers her eyes, sigh.
06[21:48] * keybean hums "O Fortuna" to herself.  >_______>
06[21:48] * @Jean-Paul totally didn't wander off to get a sandwich or anything. Has been here the whole time.
06[21:48] * Dawnie_Sanders nudges Key and giggles. Because she's five.
06[21:49] * @Greg_Sanders goes upstairs still partly dressed. >_> Tosses pants down stairs! Sound of door opening.
[21:50] <Dawnie_Sanders> I THINK THOSE ARE HIS PANTS.
[21:50] <keybean> AARRGHHHH
[21:50] <keybean> Where's JP. JAYPEE
06[21:51] * @Jean-Paul sits on key.
[21:51] <@Jean-Paul> Present.
[21:51] <Dawnie_Sanders> SUP JP GREG'S STREAKING UPSTAIRS.
[21:51] <keybean> AAGH oh there you are.  I would know that pointy ass anywhere HELLO.
06[21:51] * keybean hugs JP HA HA TOO LATE YOU ARE STUCK.
[21:51] <@Jean-Paul> Yeah I saw. OH GOD WOMAN DON'T TOUCH ME
06[21:51] * @Jean-Paul rubs his stump against her cheek >:D
[21:51] <keybean> ....JP that had better be your stump
[21:51] <@Jean-Paul> >_>
06[21:52] * Dawnie_Sanders HUGS JP since Key is holding him still >:3
[21:52] <@Jean-Paul> >:O
[21:52] <keybean> Ha ha, we love you and you can't stop us.
[21:52] <Dawnie_Sanders> Our love is without bound or mercy >:3
[21:53] <@Jean-Paul> Don't make me bite.
[21:53] <Dawnie_Sanders> >:E
06[21:53] * keybean lets go <_<
[21:53] <keybean> Will you bite us with your eyesocket teeth.
[21:53] <@Jean-Paul> Yes. Which is full of AIDS.
[21:54] <keybean> Jaypee I think
[21:54] <keybean> given all the time I have spent around you
[21:54] <keybean> I may be immune to AIDS.
[21:54] <@Jean-Paul> Let's find out. *gnaws on her head*
06[21:54] * @Greg_Sanders comes downstairs again, wearing boxers. B|
[21:54] <Dawnie_Sanders> --HI GREG :D
06[21:54] * @Greg_Sanders is also eating a delicious rice krispie square.
[21:55] <keybean> IS HE BACK?  WAIT DOES HE HAVE PANTS ON-- OW JAYPEE STOPPIT *slaps at*
[21:55] <Dawnie_Sanders> JUST BOXERS--hey he has a rice krispie treat
[21:55] <Dawnie_Sanders> Where did you get that >:O
06[21:55] * @Jean-Paul chews on her hand. >:O
[21:55] <keybean> oh.  THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH.  *blindfold: OFF*  HEY YEAH WHY DO YOU GET A TREAT-- OWW JAYPEE KNOCK IT OFF YOU BUTT *slappaslappa*
[21:55] <@Greg_Sanders> Some is upstairs, he made 'em. *om nom*
[21:56] <keybean> ..................................oh.
[21:56] <Dawnie_Sanders> .../awkward/.
[21:56] <@Jean-Paul> Quit yelling in my ear woman *sits on her harder*
06[21:57] * @Jean-Paul WRASSLES
[21:57] <@Greg_Sanders> He looks a lot older! *cheerfully oblivious*
06[21:57] * keybean is IGNORING YOU, GREGWARD
[21:57] <keybean> OW CUT IT OUT *totes wrassles JP*
06[21:57] * @Jean-Paul pins her >:D
[21:57] <keybean> >:O!!!!!!
06[21:58] * Dawnie_Sanders is CALLED ON HER CELL.
[21:58] <Dawnie_Sanders> "..............................................no it's not supposed to be that color, what the fuck--"
[21:58] <keybean> ...Dawnie wtf
03[21:59] * Hermes is now known as takhys
[21:59] <Dawnie_Sanders> "SHHHH KEY--okay but--no--okay I'm coming, Jesus God. P.S your booooyfriend is upstairs naked, just fyi. SEE YOU IN A BIT."
[21:59] <Dawnie_Sanders> I have to gooo guys :(
06[21:59] * @Greg_Sanders puts a shirt on before hugging Dawnie!
[22:00] <keybean> ....Dawnie don't leave me. *grabbyhands.... from... under JP, still*
06[22:00] * Some peers in?
06[22:00] * Dawnie_Sanders HUGS GREG. "No I have to go, Lizzy is bright green."
[22:00] <@Greg_Sanders> Ack!
[22:00] <keybean> ...I swear it's not my fault.
[22:00] <@Greg_Sanders> Hey, Some, glad you could make it! *has boxers and a shirt on now*
[22:00] <Dawnie_Sanders> Yeah well tell it to the judge, ho. HI SOME, BYE SOME
[22:00] <keybean> ......................
06[22:00] * @Jean-Paul remains safely seated on Key.
06[22:01] * @Jean-Paul shields her B|
06[22:01] * keybean clings to JP for support, hi
06[22:01] * Some shall find a spot. "Hey. Good to see you again."
[22:01] <@Greg_Sanders> Did you guys take my pants?! And where's Spidey?
[22:01] <@Jean-Paul> Your pants were eaten by basement magic.
06[22:02] * Spidey is stuck in the dressing room, apparently.
[22:02] <Some> Not by the basement fridge?
[22:02] <@Greg_Sanders> I wouldn't put it past them, but /those/ two haven't moved, I can tell. B|
[22:02] <keybean> I'm.... gonna go check on Spidey.  >_>  Make sure he didn't get eaten by...... something.  *RUNS*
03[22:03] * Spidey is now known as Peter_Parker
06[22:03] * Peter_Parker sticks a tousled head of hair out, right on cue.
06[22:03] * @Greg_Sanders hunts for his pants while finishing his rice krispie treat.
[22:04] <Peter_Parker> Uh ... is it safe to come out?
06[22:04] * Some waves.
06[22:04] * @Greg_Sanders wolf-whistles, even though there's only Spidey's head. "I'm dressed! Mostly!"
[22:05] <keybean> I think so, Spidey.  ......Look at your HAIR.
06[22:05] * Peter_Parker sidles out nervously, dressed only in ... a linen kilt. And rush sandals. And a gold necklace-collar. And glitter. And ... kohl-rimmed eyes.
[22:05] <Some> ... I thought Greg was kidding.
06[22:05] * @Greg_Sanders grins.
[22:05] <keybean> .....................Spideybutt are you wearing /guyliner/.
[22:05] <Peter_Parker> Yeah, it's, uh - Egyptian priests were big on the hair care, apparently. *It's perfumed.*
[22:05] <Peter_Parker> IT'S NOT MY FAULT.
[22:05] <keybean> ._. my hero is wearing guyliner
06[22:06] * Peter_Parker pouts at her, totally unaware that this does not help with the guyliner effect.
06[22:06] * @Greg_Sanders /giggles/.
06[22:06] * Some snickers.
[22:06] <Peter_Parker> What.
06[22:06] * keybean wibbles again!!
[22:07] <Peter_Parker> Greg, it's totally unfair that you get to be dressed again while I'm -- *handwaves* -- shirt off, man.
[22:07] <@Greg_Sanders> Dude, you don't even /know/, there were these guards upstairs that were totally staring. X_X
[22:07] <Some> Is it truth or dare, or did I miss something awesome?
[22:08] <@Greg_Sanders> Not even, it's pretty much all Key's fault. >:O
[22:08] <Some> Oh, well of course. :)
06[22:08] * keybean GLARES.
[22:08] <Peter_Parker> Hey, Some, how ya doing?
06[22:09] * Peter_Parker is going for stoic dignity
06[22:09] * @Greg_Sanders finds a pair of leather pants. o_O
06[22:10] * keybean goes to have another drink.
06[22:10] * Some thinks he can pull it off. Even if he looks like a priest of Djehuty, god of silly-looking birds. "Pretty much good. My boys are both talking now."
06[22:11] * @Greg_Sanders finds a pair of rhinestone-covered jeans. O_o
[22:11] <@Greg_Sanders> Boys? You have kids? *beams*
06[22:11] * Some nods. "Mmhm. Norman and Bram."
06[22:12] * @Greg_Sanders awws, though privately he's a little dubious about the choice of 'Norman'.
06[22:13] * Peter_Parker has a similar reaction, inward and out!
06[22:14] * Peter_Parker licks his own arm and makes a face. "Cinnamon." :|
[22:14] <Some> ... ?
[22:16] <Peter_Parker> The glitter.
[22:16] <keybean> .....
06[22:16] * keybean drinks a LOT.
06[22:17] * @Greg_Sanders pats Key consolingly. He's found five pairs of pants that aren't his.
[22:17] <keybean> Greg where are all these pants coming from.
[22:17] <@Greg_Sanders> the... lost pants factory?
[22:18] <@Jean-Paul> Pants are overrated.
[22:18] <@Jean-Paul> Key.
[22:18] <@Jean-Paul> Key.
[22:19] <Some> The ghouls.
[22:19] <keybean> YES WHAT.
[22:19] <@Jean-Paul> Let's do something.
[22:21] <Peter_Parker> I think I need to go change before I do anything. Have we all had our fill of Spidey the ... *lost for words*
[22:21] <Some> Someone should get pictures first.
[22:21] <@Greg_Sanders> ... the Bath Slave?
[22:21] <keybean> What should we do!
[22:21] <Peter_Parker> NO and NO.
06[22:22] * Some has no camera, you're safe.
[22:23] <@Greg_Sanders> ... the Post-Bath Oiling Slave?
[22:23] <Peter_Parker> No.
[22:23] <@Greg_Sanders> Fair enough, you're way too expensive-looking to be a slave. :D
[22:23] <Some> Dancing slave.
[22:24] <Peter_Parker> ... No! I don't dance.
[22:24] <@Jean-Paul> KEY LET US GO TO THE ZOO. *random*
[22:24] <keybean> HELL YES.
[22:24] <@Jean-Paul> I want to see some fucking pandas.
[22:24] <keybean> Can we throw popcorn at squirrels.
[22:24] <@Jean-Paul> Who don't necessarily need to be FUCKING.
[22:24] <@Jean-Paul> Yes.
[22:24] <@Greg_Sanders> I'm comi-- no, I can't come, I don't have pants.
[22:24] <@Jean-Paul> FIND PANTS
[22:24] <@Greg_Sanders> Change, Spidey! And then we shall all go to the zoo.
[22:25] <Peter_Parker> Be with you guys in five. *walks quickly to a portal*
06[22:25] * @Greg_Sanders takes picture on camera phone >_>
06[22:25] * Some looks over. "Hey, Key?"
06[22:25] * keybean is making an effort to ignore POLITELY.
06[22:27] * Some sighs, and gets up. "Good to see everyone again, anyway."
[22:28] <@Greg_Sanders> You too, Some. *comes over to sort of do the manly ("manly") pat/squeeze of shoulder thing*
06[22:29] * Some nods and heads back upstairs.
03[22:29] * Peter_Parker is now known as Spidey
03[22:30] * Spidey is now known as Peter_Parker
06[22:30] * Peter_Parker bounds back out in civvies - jeans, t-shirt, bomber-style jacket, shades. "Darnit, I missed Some?"
[22:31] <@Greg_Sanders> Just! *so isn't touching the Key thing*
[22:31] <Peter_Parker> Ah, well.
[22:32] <keybean> ._.
06[22:32] * keybean drinks heavily, hi
[22:32] <Peter_Parker> Have you found your pants yet?
06[22:32] * Peter_Parker goes over to hug Keybean, not knowing why she's sad.
[22:32] <@Greg_Sanders> Nope! But these fit. *puts on /somebody's/ pants*
06[22:32] * keybean hugs Spidey.  Oh hey he's wearing real people clothes, that's weird!
06[22:33] * Peter_Parker grins down at her. "Can't wear the uniform at the zoo!"
[22:35] <keybean> :O You're coming with us?
[22:38] <@Greg_Sanders> Awesome, huh?
[22:39] <Some> *Pizza delivery.  Well, it's a pizza box that appears randomly on a table, but in it are dozens of tiny fruit pies*
[22:40] <@Greg_Sanders> ? *examines the box* ! Hmm... look nice. >_> *hungry*
[22:42] <Peter_Parker> Some is so awesome.
[22:42] <Peter_Parker> *steals one*
[22:42] <Peter_Parker> ... It has to be Some, right? *eyes pie skeptically* Will I turn into a hedgehog if I eat this?
[22:43] <@Greg_Sanders> I'll guinea pig. Or hedgehog. *eats!*
[22:45] <keybean> ._.
06[22:45] * Peter_Parker watches and waits.
[22:45] <Peter_Parker> I feel like I should drumroll.
06[22:45] * @Greg_Sanders brushes crumbs off his new pants. "Guess they're okay! I don't feel like, evil or anything." He pats Key consolingly again.
[22:47] <Peter_Parker> Hmm ... *takes a small bite* It's pretty good!
[22:47] <Peter_Parker> Who's going to the zoo, then?
06[22:47] * keybean raises a hand!
[22:47] <@Greg_Sanders> Us four, I think!
06[22:47] * @Jean-Paul is going!
[22:47] <@Jean-Paul> ...although I should probably bring the spawn-monster.
[22:47] <@Greg_Sanders> Heh.
[22:47] <Peter_Parker> The who?
[22:48] <@Jean-Paul> My niece.
[22:48] <keybean> His sister's kid who consumes all she sees.
[22:49] <@Jean-Paul> And shits it all out, with a delightful array of smells.
[22:49] <Peter_Parker> Awww.
[22:49] <Peter_Parker> I bet she'd love the zoo.
[22:50] <@Greg_Sanders> Well, let's go kidnap 'er!
[22:51] <@Jean-Paul> I'll go see if the babysitter is still alive. B|
06[22:51] * @Jean-Paul goes
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