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Who started you on Bartimaeus?
Myself. I saw the Amulet of Samarkand at my library, read the summary. I was pretty obsessed with Harry Potter at the time, and I guess it sounded semi-similar so I picked it up.

How many people have you started on Bartimaeus?
Sadly, no one.

Favorite quote?
“According to some, heroic deaths are admirable things. I've never been convinced by this argument, mainly because, no matter how cool, stylish, composed, unflappable, manly, or defiant you are, at the end of the day you're also dead. Which is a little too permanent for my liking.” - Ptolemy's gate

Did you cry at the end of Ptolemy's Gate?
I cried on and off practically 2/3rds of the way through Ptolemy's Gate. And I was too cried out to have anymore tears left for the ending. Although I was really sad though when it finally hit me that Nathaniel died.

Excited about the prospect of a movie?
Yup! but still kind of nervous that they're going to mess up the vision of the book from my head.
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greetings, mortals

Well hello--new member here! :) It's been a while since anyone posted... here's my introduction!


Who started you on Bartimaeus?
I started myself! Every time I finish a good book/series, I wander around the library in a wistful daze, knowing I will never stumble upon on anything so wonderful again. I picked up Barty-boy on a whim, expecting very little. Oh how wrong I was!

How many people have you started on Bartimaeus?
1, officially. Maybe forcefully. But they are just as happy as I am to have been exposed! :D

Favorite quote?
Hm..........HMMM..... I don't know, really. Bartimaeus is a very funny djinni, so all of those quotes are great. But some of the more serious thoughts really get to me. Perhaps the first time Bartimaeus shifted into Ptolemy, and thought:

"So I became a boy I had known once before, someone I had loved. His dust had long ago floated away along the Nile, so my crime would not hurt him, and anyhow it pleased me to remember him like this."

I knew I was going to love this series after that.

Did you cry at the end of Ptolemy's Gate?
Yes I did. This was the first time I cried at the end of a book. I tried to stop myself, but it was no use. The tears flowed, and they could flow again if I don't move on from this question...

Excited about the prospect of a movie?
No. All the sexual innuendo and depth of love and thought and of course my own selfish interpretation of characters and events would be ruined.

Feel free to talk to me! :D I'm pretty friendly.
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nyup nyup nyup

Who started you on Bartimaeus?
I saw it on the shelf in the library and pulled it out expecting it to be like some bullshit Harry Potter crap, then started reading it and soon I was curled up in the dark by the heater reading it for hours on end. Now I have the entire series and all of the audiobooks. I am a failure. It is me.

How many people have you started on Bartimaeus?
Only my best friend, Jesse but everyone else never likes it. :(
Whatever, people are douche bags anyway. :)

Favourite quote? 
Is that even a legitimate question when it comes to this series? Um. If I had to choose I'd have to say this one...
'Calm down, Mr. Jealous. You're making a scene'
'Who was it? Man or woman?'
I tried to be reassuring. 'Look, I know what you're thinking, and I didn't.'

Ah. I love Accidental innuendo in children's books.

Did you cry at the end of Ptolemy's Gate?
Yes. Not just at the end either! I cried when Ptolemy died,  and when Farqual died too (Hey, he was the epitome of badassery, I'll miss him).You can still see the tear stains on the page. UmU

Excited about the prospect of a movie?
Frankly I'm scared it'll turn out as bad as Eragon did. (I didn't even make it fifteen minutes at the most. It was a sad display.) But otherwise I would LOVE it to be made into a movie! :) Just another thing to spaz over!
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"Hello, Goodbye"

Title: Hello, Goodbye
Author: [info]montana_rosalie 
Disclaimer: I don't own Bartimaeus Trilogy, just borrowing the characters.
Rating: PG
Genre: romance/angst
Pairing: Kitty/Nathaniel
Summary: My take on what happened after "Ptolemy's Gate".
Word Count: 1980

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New here!

Hello I'm new here! I'm a huge fan of the Trilogy for almost 7 years^^ I was really happy to find this community on live Journal! Bartimaeus fans are hard to find (in France at least^^)

 Who started you on Bartimaeus?
I don't really remember but it must have been my mother. I wasn't a big reader when I was younger but I did like fantasy books so she buy me a lot of those. Then she buy me the Amulet of Samarkand and I loved it right away! And even if I read a lot more now these books are still my favorite!

How many people have you started on Bartimaeus?
Not many unfortunately. Just one that I can remember... But recently I started to draw fanarts of the Trilogy so my friends asked me where it come from so I did a little promotion! Hope they will try to read it!

Favorite quote?
well this is super hard to choose but I guess this one from The Golem's Eye is one of my favorite because Bart and Nat discussions are always awesome!  
 "-I wanted to wake you straightaway, but I knew I had to wait several hours to ensure you were safely recovered.
-What! How long has it been?
-Five minutes, I got bored."

Did you cry at the end of Ptolemy's Gate?
Yes... and not just a little. To be honest I start crying as soon that I understand that Bart and Nat weren't gonna make it. And after Nat let Bart go I was unstoppable. And now every time I re-read it (It's like the tenth time now) I still cry...

Excited about the prospect of a movie?
Well... Not really... Cause I'm a little afraid that it turn to be as bad as Harry Potter movies (That's my opinion at least. It wasn't what I expected at all...). I mean I will be really happy if it's well done with wonderful actors and breathtaking special effects... But seriously I can dream!

Sorry if there's mistakes I don't speak english as good as I would like^^
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Writing (Kuroshitsuji)

"Thorn," "Excerpt," "Enough," "Distractions," & "Chaos"

Most of these are old; one of these is new. Still, I hope you guys enjoy them all! :3

Title: "Thorn"
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairing: BartimaeusxNathaniel (with hints of BartimaeusxPtolemy)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1,400
Summary: Nathaniel was a thorn in Bartimaeus' side. But now that he is dead, now that the thorn is gone, the resulting wound is free to fester and ooze and bleed...
To Read: One of the things he hated most about Earth was the way the place made him think.

Title: "Excerpt"
Genre: General/Romance
Pairing: BartimaeusxNathaniel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1,700
Summary: He couldn't see the demon speaking, held as he was, but he could feel the words as they reverberating through its throat and chest: “Free me NOW.” (A rewritten excerpt of pages 317 through 320 of AoS.)
To Read: "...Thanks to you, demon!"

Title: "Enough"
Genre: Romance
Pairing: BartimaeusxPtolemy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~3,200
Summary: The fact that he had a question wasn't surprising... when didn't Ptolemy have a question? No, it was the question itself that shocked Bartimaeus to his essence filled core: Rekhyt, do djinn feel love?
To Read: The furious scribbling of a brush on papyrus came to a sudden halt.

Title: "Distractions"
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairing: BartimaeusxNathaniel
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: ~2,400
Summary: The djinn flopped backwards, rearranging his puppet's toned body and dark hair in a sexy sprawl on his master's desk. “Why?” the demon pressed, voice husky with suggestion. “Do you find this distracting?”
To Read: John Mandrake prided himself on many things.

Title: "Chaos"
Genre: Angst/Romance
Pairing: BartimaeusxNathaniel
Rating: R
Word Count: ~1,200
Summary: Sometimes, I understand why he hates me.
To Read: His voice is small and slight, suggestive of his stature.
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fanfic -- one thousand suns

Title: One Thousand Suns
Author: scenotaphs 
Genre: General, friendship, angst, introspective, character study.
Characters/pairings: Bartimaeus, Kitty; friendship, nonpairing.
Wordcount: 2973
Rating: G
Spoilers: Huge ones for Ptolemy's Gate and perhaps a tiny one for Ring of Solomon
Synopsis: It was all about his memory now. The memory of John Mandrake, now immortalised as the saviour of London.
Notes:  Oh my word. Well, this is my first ever fic for this fandom, so I hope I got some of it right at least. It's rather... downbeat stuff, but yes. I do hope to write better fics in the future.

... and since we're already heeeere.

Who started you on Bartimaeus?
I sort of saw the book in my tiny school library a few years back, and thought, 'well hey, this looks interesting'. Before I knew it, I got enthralled by the interesting new style of storytelling (well, it was at least back in like, what, 2003? I wasn't that exposed to that sort of narrative style) and lots of witty banter. Not to mention, Jonathan Stroud's prose makes for very refreshing reading. So from then on, I pretty much fell in love with the series. It's even better if you hear it on audio (in my humble opinion, anyways), too.

How many people have you started on Bartimaeus?
Nobody, unfortunately. It's a crying shame. This is probably my most favourite series ever, too.

Favourite quote? 
Y U MAEK ME CHOOSE. I don't know, pretty much anything Bartimaeus has ever said? Right now, it's that line he gives Tallow, about how everyone has their faults: "I'm overly talkative, and you look like a field of buttercups in a suit." I love this guy, I really do.

Did you cry at the end of Ptolemy's Gate?
YES. Since I'm listening to it on audiobook now (because I'm a huge dork hu hu hu), I pretty much went all leaky faucet on it. No matter how many times I've gone through the ending, I tear up a bit. Though I'm pleased to say my copy of the book is still in immaculate condition -- no water damage yet.

Excited about the prospect of a movie?
Definitely. I think I'd die happy, no lie. C'mon, it's Bartimaeus! What's not better than having everyone's favourite djinni snarking up a storm?
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Hey, guys! I just finished The Ring of Solomon mere hours ago, and after reading that and speeding through the AoS graphic novel (which was a great adaptation, imo), I am just falling in love with the series anew. I have an unabashed crush on Bartimaeus, I think. BUT WE CAN ALL UNDERSTAND THIS, AMMIRITE?

Anyway, I drew my version of Bart's preferred RoS guise. Hotness incarnate.

O Exalted Spirit by ~sunni-sideup on deviantART

New Member

Who started you on Bartimaeus?
My school librarian was introducing to us recently acclaimed children/teenage books. So at my school book fair, I ended up spying one among the selections, and ended up buying it. I think I was in  5th or 6th grade.

How many people have you started on Bartimaeus?
My older sister, Jenny, but she gave up once she got to the second book. I think she only read the beginning, and The Bartimaeus Trilogy as a whole never had much of an effect on her. Then again, she's not much of a reader.

Favorite quote?

"It won't be the only mad thing about if you let this lot go." I flicked my tongue in a lefterly direction. "Check out that one at the end. He's taken the form of a footstool. Weird...but somehow I like his style." ("That is a footstool. No one's using that pentacle.")

Did you cry at the end of Ptolemy's Gate?
Super hard and super long. A few pages before it got to Nathaniel's you-know-what, I was feeling tears prickle the back of my eyes. Stroud had already set it up so that you KNEW that there was only one way that this could go down. I broke out into a burst of sobbing before I got to that page, and my whole family watched as I suddenly fell backwards and had some kind of a seizure-ish fit in my chair, even though I was just reading quietly the minute before. It took me a long time to wipe my snot and get back to reading the scene. Then, I cried AGAIN. I didn't feel like reading the epilogue after that - it seemed pointless after his death. I couldn't care less what happened to Kitty or the rest of London. Or whatever. But it was Bartimaeus's last words that sent me over the edge again. I kept Nat's last words and Bart's last words and cried for many days afterward. It was crazy.

Excited about the prospect of a movie?
Yesyesyes. The Last Airbender was a joke, but I think that was only because they had a horrible director at the helm. I really think that this guy can't do any worse than Shyamalan. Besides, movies adaptions never ruin the original for me. I entirely believe that they are separate works, and thus, should be thought of so. If the movie sucks, it sucks. But it won't ruin Bartimaeus Trilogy for me, so I see no harm in allowing Miramax to at least have the CHANCE to bring one of my favorite books of all time to life.