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Barat College....

"Where the 'T' is silent"

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Although technically unofficial as of 9/25/2003, pending the securing of a faculty advisor and the turning in of some paperwork, you should check out the NEW Barat Gay Straight Alliance and its NEW website, prepared by wildflowerfever. Further updates as events warrant, yo.

This is a community for alumni and current or prospective students of Barat College or the Barat College of DePaul University. (Or just creeps with an unwholesome voyeuristic interest in the happenings up here in this bastion of sexiness on the North Shore.) Please join and keep everyone abreast of happenings on campus, in Lake Forest, or the greater DePaul community.

Members should also consider alligning themselves with chicago_college and demonsrus. Can we say solidarity, children?

(If you're interested in getting involved with student-led, on-campus Bible study, please e-mail Matt at genesis_depaul@hotmail.com. Thanks!)

Have a nice day. I'll try to, uh, keep this as swanky as I can. Do feel welcome to make any suggestions for additions to the interests list etc.

caviling (Who maintains this community with enormous amounts of support from, and a damned groovy icon created by, the sexiest woman alive.)

(PS: Take the poll.)
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