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Black American Princesses

Black American Princesses
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black amer-i-can prin-cess \'blak e-mer-e-ken 'prin(t)-ses\n., adj.,
abbr. usu. cap BAP: a. A pampered female of African-American de-
scent born to an upper middle- or upper class family. b. An African-
American female whose life experiences give her a sense of
entitlement." c. An African-American female accustomed to the best
and nothing less!

You Might Be a BAP if...

You insist on parking in illegal spaces and then wonder why your car
was towed.

You'd rather have the original or nothing at all.

Weekend trips to Europe have become a habit.

You know what "shopping-bag-handle cramp" is.

You have coverted one of the rooms in your house into a closet.

It takes you an entire year to get a cleaning lady because you're
still trying to clean up before she comes

You assume the world is your oyster.

You date a man who lives over a thousand miles away, but you still
see him every weekend (and he foots the bill).

You have a standing weekly hair appointment.

You're well known in all of the premium outlet stores within a one-
hundred-mile radius of your home.

1.Join the community and then post an application within 24 hours, no sitting and waiting. Voting period is 48 hours (or until 3 people have voted + mod vote). Be smart:LJ-CUT under "Am I BAPpy enough?" Bold the questions too.

2.If you are rejected you may re-apply after 1 week.


How BAP'ish do you consider yourself?
How many times a month do you get your hair done?
Would/Have you pledged a sorority? If so which one:

Name 3 of your fav. bands/musicians:
Store(s),limit 3-
Handbag label-
Describe your personal style:
Why do you consider yourself a BAP?

Anything else you want to say?

How did you find out about us?
Promote to 1 person/place (show links):

Now, add atleast two clear photos: