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Hey i applied for this commnuity and made it..but I swistched names could I still be apart of it...and where has everyoen been..this commuinty has been dead!!! but anyhoo take care everyone

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Does anyone know what happened to the mod of this community? I've seen a few applications that haven't been accepted nor rejected and I was wondering if this community still exists?

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Name: Princess
Age: 23
Location: Atlanta, GA

How BAP'ish do you consider yourself? I consider myself very BAPish. I am a Butterfly BAP!
How many times a month do you get your hair done? 4 times a month (I have a standing hair appointment at the N'seya Salon and Spa) and if that's not enough I have a back up stylist just incase if there is ever an emergency and I can't get my regular stylist, I always have a backup stylist somewhere in the
Would/Have you pledged a sorority? If so which one: I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Fall2003-APi

phrase- "It's not an easy job being a Princess but someone has got to do it...and I am perfect for the job."
Movie(s)- "Two Can Play That Game" "The Matrix" "Diary of a Mad Black Woman"
Book(s)- "The Bap Handbook" "How To Be a Lady" "Princess Sister"
Name 3 of your fav. bands/musicians: Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Prince
Store(s),limit 3- Ralph Lauren, BeBe, Neimen Marcus
Handbag label- Prada
Describe your personal style: I am very prissy in my style of dress. I love wearing polo shirts but I also love wearing skirts that show off my figure. I like to look like a star every time I step out of the house.
Why do you consider yourself a BAP? I am a BAP because I am the best of the best. I am well groomed, poised, elegant, elite, well educated, beautiful and classy.

Anything else you want to say? I am the founder and moderator of the BAP group on Yahoo and so many people know me as a loving and gentle BAP.

How did you find out about us? Surfing the Black Women Interest Groups
Promote to 1 person/place (show links): I don't know how to do this either. I am still learning my way around this site so if someone explains to me how to do it I will.

Now, add atleast two clear photos: I don't know how to post photos on here...but you can e-mail me at and I will gladly send you two pictures. I have a lot of pictures to send.