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_bangin_bodies_'s Journal

hotties with naughty bodies
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Beauty might be more than skin deep, but this is a superficial world.

This is rating community that rates bodies...not shit like the music you like or your opinion on abortion. Everyone has different opinions and tastes, we're not gonna judge you on what you think.
The rules are simple...fill out the short application, and if you have a hot body you're in. Then promote promote promote, easy.

1. Make sure we know you are applying...put something along the lines of "I'm new" in the subject line of your post
2. Post your entire application behind an lj cut or you are BANNED!
3. Once you're stamped promote damnit or this will just die out.
4. After you are stamped keep posting, but put stamped in the subject line so idiots know not to vote on you.
5. Fill out the whole application, if it's not complete it will be deleted, I don't care how fucking hot you are.
6.Bikini shots, lingerie shots, and nude pics are ok, but there are two rules before you can post pictures like this...1)Put them behing an lj cut with a warning and 2) if you have massive rolls, I don't want to see them, so don't post them, PLEASE.
7. Don't be shy...if someones body sucks tell them...then maybe they'll do something about it.

Weight:(if you dont wanna answer this then bviously your body isnt so great so dont bother applying)
Favorite body part:
Do you work out?:
Post at least three picutes...since this is rating your body it might be helpful to post a body shot: