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_bangable_'s Journal

~Walking Sex~
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
***This community is still being worked on so please come back in a week or so!***

This community will be moderated by me, devious_angel13 (Ashley), and co-moderated by i_died_darling (Nikki).

Only stamped members can comment and vote!
Once you're stamped please add your stamp to your user info page!
Please be 18 years or older with your DOB listed on your userinfo page! We will check everyone who applies! The reason for this is because in this community, we welcome all stamped members to post anything they wish, nude pictures included :D
When judging, be honest, but not brutally honest. Any rude comments about someones ethnicity, sexual orientation, weight etc WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The comment will be deleted! Take this as a warning. The second time the member will be banned.
When you join, expect to be judged because afterall, that is mainly what this community is about, but as mentioned above, any comment going too far will be deleted.
Believe in yourself when you post a picture!
And above all, have fun!