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So holy crap. Ok Go, anyone?!

Has anyone listened to Ok Go ever?
They are most likely my absolute favorite band. At least right now and for the past two years or so.

But HEY!
They came out with a new freakin CD!
After like what... 4 years since their last CD came out.
Gosh... makin us wait that long isn't right. AT ALL.

But um. If you like them, I highly suggest you go pick up their new CD.
My boyfriend got it for me two days before it came out (I was on vacation and didn't find out he had gotten it for me until I was on my way home and got reception on my cell phone again.)

That's beside the point.
The point is I am possibly in love with Ok Go's CD, Oh No.
And also that you should deffinately get it/download it/something because I garuntee it will make you a happy camper.

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Coldplay Fans Beware

I'm listening to this song... not a great Coldplay fan, have to be in the mood, think they copycat too much for their own good, but obviously copycatting U2 wins awards... anyway: I was thinking, this beat they so obviously prefer (do they really use any other?) it has a nice sound, a driven sound, a get-up-off-your-rump-and-irish-dance sound. But it's too slow. If they would speed it up just a fraction, just a little bit, it would really lift the songs off the ground. They might achieve flight, they might be good...
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ApplicationCollapse )<a href=">Here</a> 15.Got a picture? Please post it here: No... but picture a 16-year-old with shoulder-length deep, bright (unnaturally) red hair, brown eyes, insanely pale skin, and an unhealthy obsession with bright colours, band shirts, glam rock, visual kei, fashion in general, and add in a raging hippy streak, and you've probably got me. </lj-cut>
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anyone in the lawrence, overland park, shawnee mission area? the get up kids' last lawrence show is on the first--it'll be with the golden republic. i just wanna know who i'll see there(july 1; lawrence, ks; all ages show; at the granada; price: $14.99; doors open at 7-show starts at 8)!
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