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4.Location:syracuse, ny

Music, the most important part!

5.Name all of your favourite bands. Go crazy! name 'em all!http://www.myspace.com/misslaena
that's almost everything i listen to. it changes weekly i'd say
6.Name at least 5 bands that you dislike and why. almost anything horrible honky country. yeah i call it that. yeah and 50 cent. anything about shooting people and about how much money you make off your drugs. i KNOW you know the groups im talking about
7.Name your favourite band and why. right now either iron & wine or the arcade fire. they both put me in wonderful moods.
8.Name some concerts you've been to. haha backstreet boys when i was like 10, blue man group too many times, and about a million smaller venue shows around syracuse
9.Name your favourite CD.none
10.List your all time favourite movies.the dark crystal, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, batman begins, sin city, billy elliot.......

Miscellaneous Information

11.So tell us about yourself: i go to a completely ghetto highschool doing ridiculously hard work. i love to dance. i trained to go pro for 11 years. i love to photograph in general. i hope to go to college in NYC. along with 1/2 my family haha
12.Why would you be a good addition to this community? i love music. oh yeah. and my job is great. http://www.cdjoint.com
13.What is the greatest thing/person/place ever? i'll tell you when i find out.

14.Promote this community elsewhere and give a link:
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