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What Happened to Manners?

Well, it seems I am now maintainer of samanthafans. Did the former maintainer check with me first? No. Is this proper lj etiquette? I leave that to you. Well, if you like this actress, or U2 for that matter, check it out and help me out by joining and posting. Help me bring this place alive!

And don't forget the community I began: sisterofthewood! This is a community to showcase the arts, whatever art. Drawings, paintings, icons, wallpapers, poems, stories (provided they are free of cursing and homosexual references), photos, random thoughts on any art form, essays, you can even post about trips and travelling, and anything involving the environment, really anything associated with the listed interests. The only rules are no cursing, or porn. Not in my communities. Personal preference.

Well, I guess that's my advertisement for the month! LOL

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