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Flogging Molly is Coming to the U.S and Canada!

I love the band Flogging Molly! This punk-rock-Irish group really rocks! And they are going on tour again! This is great!!! The Green 17 tour is bringing Flogging Molly around the country (and Canada!), and you can buy presale tickets right now!!!!

Here are the dates of the presale:

2/22 – Los Angeles, CA – Henry Fonda Theatre – Presale ends Thursday, February 1st at 8AM Eastern Time

2/23 – Los Angeles, CA – Henry Fonda Theatre – Presale ends Thursday, February 1st at 8AM Eastern Time

3/8 – Montreal, PQ – Metropolis - Presale ends Monday, March 5th at 8AM Eastern Time

3/11 – Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall - Presale ends Sunday, March 4th at 8AM Eastern Time

3/15 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom - Presale ends Monday, March 12th at 8AM Eastern Time

Don't worry, new tour dates and presales should be posted soon!

All you have to do is click on (or type) this link,, and type in your email address. Don't worry, they WON'T spam you, or put you on a mailing list! It is just so that you could be sent a link to buy presale tickets (with lower service fees!). If you are going, have a great time! I hear they are great live!

* This tour date list, presale start day / time, and presale end day / time is subject to change at any moment.

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