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Band Names

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3 band names [10 Sep 2006|09:44pm]
"Highly Recomended"

Also- "Idiot Boy" would have been a great band name if there had never been a Fallout Boy.

"Jerkface", too.
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some names [20 Jun 2006|10:25am]

[ mood | blank ]

ok im a new member but i think im perfect for this group because sometimes i just sit around thinking of band names here are some of mine: (dont laugh)

The Shouting Silence

Will Work For Food (my friends actually thought of that one)

thats all i can think of for now. well i have a bunch more

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[30 Aug 2005|07:20pm]
Hey, my name is Hudson,
check out my bands website
any and all opinions are wanted, even if they are nothing but
jesus yall suck.

Read our bio, look at the pics, listen to the music, and tell us your honest to god opinion.

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[15 Aug 2005|07:39pm]

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greenplastic [19 May 2005|10:42pm]

The Cold Water Symphony
Punk In Drublic
Blast Beat Blasphemy
The Goethe Notebook
The Cobalt Teals
Bathroom Acoustics - that happens to be my band :)
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bandnames [03 Mar 2005|03:20pm]

here's a few I threw out while naming my current band:

The Cold War

Port Royale

Cast Iron

Salt Lake



The Lily and the Fret

Two To Damascas
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Names That Are Cooler Than Modest Mouse [09 Jan 2005|05:43pm]

Here are some band names I've thought of in the past few (16 or so) months.

The Brilliant Peasants
Model Workers (Wire song)
The Passer-Bys
Idiot Sound-Whompery (More like a CD title but it would work)
The Loving Poor (Two XTC songs molded together)
Dicta Dom (I forget what this means)
The Dangling Clammies
Bench Friends (My best friend Colleen thought of this)
Happy Hands (Same as above - though I like this better)
The Basements (This is her most normal idea)
The Tired Sailors
The Protean Revisionists
The Cognoscenti
Guinny Wohoe & Bibish (my nephew's 3 imaginary friends)
The Evening Fuzz
The Mis-Shapes (Pulp Song)
The Four Sixes (This was the name of a mix I (almost) made that inlcuded a band from every year between 1966-1996)
Bedroom Window
7 & 7 is (Where did the cool bands with number names go? Like Unit 4+2. This is a Love song)
The Super Mark Set (For a frontman named 'Mark')
La Benchies (Derivitive of 'Bench Friends')
The Town Feeling (or) The Common Feeling
1985 (Good year don't'ya think?)
Impulsive Rediculous
The Sweet and Tender Hooligans (I thought of this before I knew it was a Smiths coverband)
The Gauzily Tendrils
The Pocket Symphony (In honor of Brian Wilson)
The Form Wobbles
Cassette Fun
The Lonely Ha-Has
The Pillows (probably taken but a nice name none-the-less)

This has been the most comprehensive list of band names from my head I think I've ever made.
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[09 Oct 2004|04:08pm]

Eye Not See (haha, "I Nazi")

or if you're forming a hardcore band...
Chaos As Structure

That will be all, thanks
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[03 Oct 2004|12:42am]

Go join or your insides will be vaporized.
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[21 Aug 2004|06:04pm]
Hey im charley and i got a new band name that you might like:

Awakening maddness
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I just saw a NASCAR commercial on BET [18 Aug 2004|11:02pm]

the Slutty Nuns
Pendulum Heartbeat
Cancer Sells
the Nosebleed Section
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[12 Jul 2004|09:57pm]

Rapid Teenage Sluts
Rose-Colored Glasses
The Slipshod Children
October Afternoons
December Days And Open Doors
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[02 Jul 2001|01:49am]

worst band name ive ever heard: the noisy monster cage. and it just happens to be my band lol. oh well.
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ooh i'm back [27 Jun 2004|11:04am]

Pink Freud
Specimen Blue
[insert vowel here]-Town
Marky Mark & the Brady Bunch
the Hobo Mittens
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..alright [19 Jun 2004|11:35pm]

[ mood | drained ]

okay. hey. i'm callie. i dont think i'll ever be in a band seeing as i cant play anything and though i can sing its not right for a punk or ska band..and those are the only bands i'd ever wish to be in.i still like to think up band names..um okay enough rambling..

i thought it would be fun to be in a band called--


i like that word. and i'm sure you guys know how to say that but i'll tell you anyway..:D [FA-LAN-GEES]i got the idea from Phoebe on Friends..heh it was her fake last name one time..

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[14 Jun 2004|05:36pm]
I've got a few.

Forgotten Birthday
The Surreal Somethings
Sprawled Existence
The Coveted Scribbles
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I saw you sniff my (*sneezes*) [14 Jun 2004|12:07am]

Sister Sally & the Sexuals
An Army of Nuns
the Whore Moans (Is that already a band?)
the Duh
Chemotherapy Skinhead
Fecal Matter
Camel & the Dry Humps
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[06 Jun 2004|08:09pm]
I'm new. I've been wanting to have a band for a while now. I just see all tohse bands out there, influencing people and making awesome music. And I want to do that. Definitely.

So, I'm here to throw out a few names I've come up with. To start with, how is The Volatile Lips (volatile means explosive)? I think it would be cool for an all-girl band.

Yeah. Thanks.
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[07 May 2004|10:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

i like the name escalator affair
or escaltor love affiar

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bands names [15 Apr 2004|08:55pm]

i think these would be some neat punk band names



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