uclaradio (uclaradio) wrote in _bandclaim_,

Amazing Irish Band Live - The Guggenheim Grotto @UCLAradio.com

In just ONE HOUR!

Guggenheim Grotto on Automatic Stapler Monday @ 4 pm (Pacfict Standard Time)

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day ... a little late. But celebrate it anyways. Listen in this Monday to hear an erupting new band - The Guggenheim Grotto, all the way from Ireland! If you like the sounds of such bands as Travis, Coldplay, or Damien Rice - then the Guggenheim Grotto is for you. Visit their website www.guggenheimgrotto.com for more information on the band and FREE DOWNLOADS from their EP, A Lifetime in Heat. Tune in to Automatic Stapler with Laura and Tyler on Monday between 4 and 6 pm!
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