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so a friend and i are taking a road trip to west chester PA to see her bf thats in the band Wednesday 13 and though we might as well see if we could find out if we could find bam as well..

so do any of you have any idea were he hands out or lives?

we are tards i know this....

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i hope this post is ok. if its not feel free to delete it or leave a comment asking me to. and ill do so as soon as i see it in my email...

click image to see auction

so, i made some HIM heartagram earrings. and theyre for sale on ebay..

please bid if youd like. i also do custom orders. just email toyarmy@gmail.com


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oookay, i just joined, My names aaron khaliq, and im from england, ive been skating for a year, but duno if im good, i'll write some of the tricks i can do and can someone tell me if its good or bad progress
bs/fs 180 ollie
varial flip/fakie
5-0 grind
50-50 grind
board slide
bs flip/fakie
360 shuvit
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By me!

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Hey guys, i've just joined, thought i should intoduce myself ^_^ My namee's Meg, i'm 15 in two weeks and i've been watching Viva La Bam since season 2 was aired in the u.k, i think Bam rules! I think he's an awesome skater, too.
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Heartagram Colorbar

Here's a heartagram colorbar for you guys! I hope you like it! Its pretty simple, and yeah ^^.

Credit master_japange if you use it
This probably won't happen but please do not publish it on other websites and say you made it, you can publish it on other sites of course but remember please credit

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Does anyone know the song that plays on the skate video on the bonus disk that comes with the Viva La Bam seasons 2 & 3 DVD's?
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::Please Read::

Ok, I am REALLY sorry if this is considered advertising, but if you guys could please help me out by leaving it here, I'll love you forever lol. See, if I post this stuff around on communities and forums enough, I might win something from heartagram.com.

The Band HIM:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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