Ballroom in IL?

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to ballroom studios in the suburbs of Chicago area? I'd prefer non franchised studios (no Fred Astaire or Arther) and I'm looking for a studio where I can possibly compete with the instructor. Any suggestions or even ideas where I can look?

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Ballroom and Movie Themes

Hello All,

In December, my studio is planning to do a Showcase with a Movie Theme theme. I'd like to do a smooth routine, but I haven't found any I am really in love with that aren't Viennese, which we sadly don't dance :(

Anyone have any suggestions? My only thought so far was a Pink Panther Foxtrot.

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Best Ballroom Cities?

I've been thinking of moving to a new location because I just cannot find a job here in MI. If I move out of state I want to go somewhere with a very large ballroom community and many opportunities to improve, practice, and possibly join a college ballroom team.

Any opinions as to which cities/states are the best for ballroom dancing? I've been thinking California or the North East? Thanks for your input!

How to say no?

How do you turn down a dance request?

The other night I had a dance partner who was, frankly, fairly creepy. I danced a Bolero and a Quickstep with him, and he pressed against me like it was our wedding night. I actually had trouble moving my feet; he was that close! I couldn't back away from him! (I didn't want to stay for the Quickstep and politely refused him several times, but he literally wouldn't let go of me after the Bolero, and honestly I was a little afraid of him.)

When the Quickstep was over, he still wouldn't let go of me. I had to lie and tell him I'd promised the next dance to someone else. Even then, I had to break away from him and run off. (Luckily, one of my regular leads was nearby. Bless him for not questioning it when I told him I'd promised him a West Coast Swing and pulled him onto the dance floor.)

Thankfully, the guy didn't bother me again the rest of the night. But I'm not sure how to handle it if he asks me again. Polite refusals don't seem to work, as evidenced by my inability to get away from him for the Quickstep. Short of keeping another dance partner latched to my side, how do I keep him at bay?
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song help

Can anyone recommend some really hot argentine tango music? It's for a showcase number, so no syllabus concerns and I want to go crazy... sexy, difficult, just really good. 

I was thinking about the song from Shall We Dance, but everyone does that one. So something similar.

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Greetings and song suggestions

Hi everyone,

I swing and ballroom dance in the San Francisco Bay Area. I just got back into it a couple months ago, after a too-long hiatus, and I forget why I ever stopped!

I'm trying to compile a great playlist of swing and ballroom songs, and I'm looking for recommendations! What are some of your favorite swing/ballroom songs, artists, albums? (For ballroom, please let me know which dance it's for. I'm still learning!)

Many thanks!

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Balloon Girl (by masquerade_arts)

(no subject)

I recently joined the ballroom dancing club at my school, and it's a lot of fun. On Saturday evening I'm going to a salsa club in Boston with some club members and I'm wicked stoked. But I was wondering what would be appropriate to wear?
I was leaning toward jeans, knee high boots and a nice shirt. Originally I wanted to wear a corset-ish shirt that is good for clubbing and what not, but I read a salsa forum online that said to not wear shirts with lots of ties and stuff in the back. How about the jeans and knee-highs, are those okay?

Any other things I should know?
Thanks ^_^