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Dance Drama


A close friend has been my coach and Pro/Am partner for about ½ a year (he’s the pro).  We practice/train about 5 days a week, and social dance on top of that as well. Our goal is for me to win the Newcomer Division by January.


The problem is that he gets really frustrated with me whenever I cannot see what I'm doing incorrectly or if I cannot understand a concept. Example: We will face the mirror side by side and he asks me what I'm doing that he’s not doing. Unfortunately, I don’t know because I can see that we are different but I cannot pinpoint why. I try to adjust my body to look like his, and I finally get to the correct position, but once I drop out of it, I could not tell you what my body had been doing or how to recreate the correct look.


I’ve been dancing socially for 3 years but February is the first time I’ve really had steady coaching. I can understand why he’d be frustrated since I still haven’t picked up on this for 7 months. He has even talked to other coaches about how to teach me and they say “same way you teach your other students,” and “you can’t help it if she’s lazy.”


Honestly I feel really dumb and upset when he gets frustrated. Then the rest of the time I cannot put energy into anything. I feel like I waste 2 hours after that because I try to focus but I have a really hard time. I just feel like I'm going through the motions even though I want to be doing more. When I talk to him about it he admits that he’s frustrated because he can’t understand how I cannot see the differences. He asks me if I want him to baby me and that he will have to find a way to keep my morale up.


My problem is that I'm not sure I should be his student. It’s very convenient for me because he basically trains and competes with me for free (which is great because I don’t have a lot of spending money after rent, etc). If I stop learning from him I will stop progressing as quickly as I had been. He’s a close friend though so I probably take things more personally than normal, and I'm sure he does as well.  


Should I stop taking lessons from him? Should I stop competing with him?


Do you have any advice for me?






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