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Looking for dancers (x-posted)

Centuries Historical Dance, a performing company dedicated to recreating and presenting period social dances, is searching for talented, dedicated dancers (both men and women) who are willing to commit their time and energy to weekly rehearsals and potential performances.

Some of the dances we perform include Renaissance, Baroque, and 19th and 20th Century social, ballroom, and folk dances such as waltz, tango, one-step, polka, canary, galliard, mazurka, schottische, and many more.

Rehearsals are Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm in College Park, MD (private studio).
Contact Renée Camus by email at, or call 240-381-2376.

Also, please contact Ms. Camus if you are aware of potential performance or teaching opportunities for the group and its members.

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