Hello all, I hope your dancing is going very well.

I just ordered Standard shoes for the first time (I'm at the Bronze level and have used only latin shoes so far) and would like some input. I was originally looking at Supadance (style 1012), but being a student, I am on a tight budget. I bought Go Go Dance shoes from (a cheaper branch of Ballroom Connection) for $54.00. Does anyone know anything about the brand? Are they comfortable? Will they fall apart?

Thanks in advance :]


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Country dance in LA?

I will be in Los Angeles from August 12-15 and I'm looking for a place to go Country (two-step, night club) and West Coast Swing Dancing. I will be staying in the Hollywood area.

I'm competing the Saturday I'm back and I want to make sure I keep practicing while I'm away. Talk about bad timing!

Do you have any recommendations of places to Country or West Coast Swing dance?



Hello everyone! I'm new to this group and new to LJ :)
I love ballroom dancing, started it some 6 months ago (international style), but didn't dance in 2 months due to summer break :( So I'm still a noob :)

I have a question though: When I do turns (natural, didn't do reverse yet) in Vienesse Waltz, I seem to lose my balance, timing, and I get a bit dizzy. Did it happen to you? What's the best way to combat it? I tried focusing on a spot while doing turns, and it didn't really work too well for me (couldn't focus properly).

Looking for dancers (x-posted)

Centuries Historical Dance, a performing company dedicated to recreating and presenting period social dances, is searching for talented, dedicated dancers (both men and women) who are willing to commit their time and energy to weekly rehearsals and potential performances.

Some of the dances we perform include Renaissance, Baroque, and 19th and 20th Century social, ballroom, and folk dances such as waltz, tango, one-step, polka, canary, galliard, mazurka, schottische, and many more.

Rehearsals are Thursdays from 7 to 9 pm in College Park, MD (private studio).
Contact Renée Camus by email at, or call 240-381-2376.

Also, please contact Ms. Camus if you are aware of potential performance or teaching opportunities for the group and its members.
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Couple of questions...

Hi there! New to this community and glad to find one with lots of other folks who love ballroom dancing!

Here's my two questions:

1. When I'm dancing the foxtrot, I ALWAYS find myself getting off-time after a few measures...has anyone else experieced this and what am I doing wrong?

2. Is there anyone in the Chicagoland area that has the deets on the local ballroom scene?

I took classes with my (now ex-) b/f last year but have grown a little rusty with not having enough time to dance/practice together so I'm hoping that any local venue has a person or two or three who is patient and a strong lead to help me get back in step.
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Ballroom in Paris?

I'm studying abroad in Paris and am in desperate need of dancing. Salsa, Argentine, Ballroom, Swing, anything will be better than thinking about all the dancing that I am missing in the States.
Does anyone know of any good places to 1)take classes / practice and 2) go out to dance

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Hey I know I just posted in here, but I have another question.
Last night my room mate and I went to a dance [she got me hooked in the first place] at this Knights of Columbus place near our school. Except for two girls in their mid-late 20s, we were the youngest people there by 30+ years [I'm 19, she's 20]. At the beginning of the evening we danced quite a bit, but after about 45 minutes in things became very sparse. Everyone around us was being asked except for us. I eventually got tired of it, and started asking people myself. Nobody said no, and everything went fine, but I was still puzzled as to why nobody was asking me.

This isn't the first time this has happened. I was at a dance at another nearby college and I was asked to dance twice the entire evening. At one point I was the only girl from my school group who wasn't dancing, it was wicked embarassing.

Could I be giving off some kind of "fuck off" [pardon] or otherwise unattractive vibes? I always shower before I go to a dance, and I don't get totally dolled up but I look nice, and I'm told I'm a pretty good dancer.
What should I do??
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I started ballroom dancing on January, and now I am more than hooked.
Anyway, I'm doing pretty well at it, I've been taking classes twice a week since summer and even a few private lessons. My goal is to be in a competition by the end of this school year.
I have one major question- what category would I compete in? I know there are generally newcomer, beginner, intermediate, etc. Can someone explain the qualifications for each one [or at least beginner and newcomer]?