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Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault [entries|friends|calendar]
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Robots are very strong [18 Nov 2006|04:05pm]

[ mood | Yarrr ]

-Name- Meg
-Location- Kambra, Osstraylia (TRANSLATION: Canberra, Australia)
-Favorite Bands- Oh geez, lots!? Razorlight, Spandau Ballet, Killers, Placebo, Fiery Furnaces, Modest Mouse, Dresden Dolls, Snowden, Culture Club, Spoon, Velvet Underground, TV on the Radio, QOTSA, Jefferson Airplane, Maximo Park and Hanson
-Favorite Movies- Casablanca, Priscilla QOTD, Little Miss Sunshine, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Amelie
-Favorite Books- He Died With A Felafel In His Hand, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightime, Extreme Latin, Bunny Suicides, Great Lies To Tell Small Children and Ye Olde Booke
-Any Phobias?- I hate people strangers touching me. Like in a mall, when they bump into you [Shudder]
-Pet Peeves?- Bad grammar, I can't stand it and leet drives me nuts
-Tell Us why you're cool, please.(what do you DO?)- HA! I'm a loser. No um, I dunno. Here's Josh to tell us more: "ur awesome. u neva get bitchy + u alwayz make an ass of urself. u hav stax of frenz who luv u tons + u arnt a fake" I appologize for his mouth speak. He will be smacked...
-What do you plan on contributing to this community?- I will post idiotic sentiments. You will get dumber for reading them but you will have fun. Opinions, photos, stories, lots of links to random goodness. I dunno, crrrrapola
-Tell me your opinion on Robots- Robots are like little lost puppies, they love people but have no reason to. People only degrade and abuse them. I will send you the link to my "Robots Make Consumer Produce Not War" spiel. Fingers crossed it's not deleted
-Have any heroes?- David Suzuki, Shane Hart, James Hancock, Gordon Walters, Anne Brown, whoever made up the conspiracy about the Kennedy assassination, Nelson Mandela, Andy Warhol and my best friend Beth; I wish I could be as passive agressive as you xxx
-Show us a picture that makes you laugh- 

-Show us a picture of yourself if you like.- Raincheck

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LAE [02 Oct 2006|01:05pm]


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MOD Post [27 Jul 2006|10:30am]

I feel like I've been a horrible mod these past few months. I guess I've just been super busy.

Also, it seems as though I'm the only mod here now (other mod if your hanging around tell me otherwise?) which is fine I guess.

If anyone is intrested in being a co-mod with me that would be fine, just leave a comment on this entry.

I'm also going to try and make this community not so dead anymore, and get some new people in, bascially by peer pressuring them in my other community to join us.

Hope everyone here is well.
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Robots Are Very Strong [26 Jul 2006|03:41pm]

Lynchburg, VA
-Favorite Bands-
Hanson, Goo Goo Dolls, The Rocket Summer, Michelle Branch, Counting Crows, The Starting Line
-Favorite Movies-
10 Things I Hate About You, The Importance of Being Ernest, Ocean's 11, Garden State
-Favorite Books-
Jacob Have I Loved, The Red Tent, The Kite Runner, The Catcher in the Rye, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
-Any Phobias?-
Falling backwards down stairs
-Pet Peeves?-
Even-ness and  bad grammer
-Tell Us why you're cool, please.(what do you DO?)-
I'm the awesome-ness because I notice things other don't and I'm 4'10''. 
-What do you plan on contributing to this community?-
I will point out the seemingly obvious in a very awesome way.  Quotes are awesome too.
-Tell me your opinion on Robots-
They should fight, hardcore.  That gets me hot.
-Have any heros?-
Jesus, and people who go to war---cuz I couldn't do it.
-Show us a picture that makes you laugh-

Damn looters.....taking all that stuff...too bad you didn't make it out.
-Show us a picture of yourself if you like.-

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photography [23 May 2006|07:55pm]


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photography [09 May 2006|02:26pm]


i love each photo for its own unique reasons

it looks like my camera got all fucked....but the colours actually were orange..everything felt like i was in the giant dream.  listen to some groovy music to get you to feel the mood a little easier.
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Flowers [29 Mar 2006|09:54pm]

I was bored the other night so I decided to break out the digital camera and take some pics of some flowers I had in my room.  Anyways, enjoy!

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robots are very strong [06 Mar 2006|05:07pm]

introCollapse )
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Band Photos [25 Feb 2006|03:43pm]

I'm getting rid of alot of the stuff on my computer and thought before I did I'd post some of the band photography that I've taken over the last few months. None is all that good but enjoy none the less.

Pictures Under MeCollapse )
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one poem [20 Feb 2006|12:09pm]

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fun in montreal [12 Feb 2006|02:40pm]

i would have taken more but my hands were frozen.
this is my neighbourhood (basically)

photos under hereCollapse )
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[11 Feb 2006|02:09pm]


2 under here...Collapse )

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r0b0tz r str0nglykwhoa! [08 Feb 2006|11:08pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Oi. N00b 'ere. This community seems very ace, so you bet I'll promote it.

I just drank coffee with my neighbour and it totally rocked. I have the most exciting life ever, and I love to brag about it. No, I did not actually do any of this. I'm just trying to create the longest LJ-cut ever, when all I'm supposed to do is post my application and be done with it.Collapse )

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[07 Feb 2006|01:29pm]


I was in London (ontario) this weekend and took some random black and white pics.

.Click.Collapse )

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Memories/Tags [07 Feb 2006|01:24pm]

Out of boredom I've Tagged and put all of the posts into memories. So when you post now it'd be really nice if you could do it as well, or at least give your posts some sort of title so it's easier for us mods to tag/memory them alright.

Also, if anyone is really good at Photoshop and wishes to make us some flyers, that would be just great as well.
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[16 Jan 2006|07:08pm]


this is the stasis
basic small feeling
enraptured heart
this lingering
we are all broken
with our
inability to fall
- jealous as i rise

i felt you
as psyche to eros
in wanting
so little
and receiving even less
i have yet to find
in this small raging
that arrow worm
who burrows deep into

these photos are
falling off the walls
the corners are curling
the image will fade
we are doomed
to break
to never
fall apart

into the background
- to me you are perfect -
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[15 Jan 2006|10:36pm]


I thought that I would upload a few pictures.  There actually about a year old most of them, but I'm deleting them off my laptop for some more room, so I thought I'd upload them before I moved them to a CD for good.  Some of them are kinda big.  Sorry if you have dial up...does anyone still have dial up these days?

ps- check out the layout.  It's pretty basic right now, but tell me what ya think.

PicsCollapse )

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PHOTOGRAPHY [15 Jan 2006|05:52pm]
SO i'm sharing my photography with you guys cause i'd like to know what you think about it.
and i'll share some art pretty soon.
same with poetry i just have to get it up here.
this photograph is proofCollapse )
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robots are teh strong [15 Jan 2006|08:36pm]

:::blah beh balabah:::Collapse )
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robots are VERY strong [14 Jan 2006|10:03am]
domo origoto mr. robot-oCollapse )
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