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Bad Enough Dudes
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This is the official community for Bad Enough Dude movie franchise. Anyones allowed to join, whether your a fan, an actor in it, a crew person, or you didn't like it. Allthough if you fall in into the last of the formentioned catagories, you may get some bad reply posts/hate mail if you do, but i have warned you and in no way am i responsible.

The goal of this group is to promote and discuss the upcoming sequel, not titled as of yet.

Great Moon God Poca-von-jon-tis's Reasons you should join this Community
1) its wicked shwaaant.
2) if your not in this community, i cant consider you a friend.
3) joining makes you immune to lycanthrothy.
4) exclusive behind the scenes looks at the upcoming film.
5) secret surprises.
6) you get to add +50 either scene or anti-scene points to your ranking.