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first bad enough dudes 2 meeting went down tonite. ryan and i discussed the main plot. main characters. jsut all around the movie ideas in general. right now bad enough dudes 2 will be a mixture of mighty morphing power rangers and captain planet. basically ryan will play the ghost of pete raincloud jr. and will be inside a tube like ZORDON and will assemble a special team of ppl all over to defend the planet, i play snake eyes and will sorta act like the green ranger, b/c i am a loner. the other members of the team will be jason the wolfman(alex), the gunslinger(jake), rockgod(jeff), viking guy(matt), ???????.

bad guys and more dtailed plot is next meetings agenda.

if you ahve any ideas just leave them or IM me.

o yea spread the word b/c there only 7 ppl in this community and we need more.
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This here is a special treat for you all. Just to bring back the memories. It the original copy of the Bad Enough Dudes 1 script. Now there were still alot of improv while we were filming and alot of stuff had to be changed, none the less, this is what started it all. Enjoy. Check back on Halloween for a spooky spoiler random scene script. ohhh.... a ha ha ha haaaaa...

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Bad Enough Dudes 2 tenative Cast and Crew

Mark- Snake Eyes the Ninja/ director/ writer/ producer
Ryan- Pete Raincloud the Indian Shaman/wizard/
Alex- the Wolfman Jason
Jeff L.- some type of Rockstar God from the 70's or 80's
Spencer- ???
Sam- ???
Tim- ???
Aj- ???
Allison- Vampire Baroness
Jake- 'man with no name' gunslinger
Kyle- co-director/ primary cameraman
Mike- secondary cameraman/ extra
Matt L.- Snake Eyes' brother from the north aka Viking

if your not on the list you are gay. well not really, but if you want to help out at all just let me know. if you are on this list let me know if the part is all right. if you are on this list and there are a bunch of question marks i.e. spencer, sam, tim, and aj. think of a caharacter, preferably evil. we always need more villians. thats about it for the first update. later posts will include character profiles, behinds the scenes interviews, free stuff, filming days, parts of the script, you name it, it will be here.

-Mark- {Snake Eyes the Ninja/director/writer/producer}
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