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The Backstreet Boys Fan Community

...they've got it goin on

Backstreet Boys
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Join if you are prepared to be a member of an active community

  • Do not come here if you simply wish to sell your backstreet boys collection/merchandise. It is a waste of your time and a waste of my time. Your post will be deleted
  • Do not post large pictures without a lj cut. Consider that some people are on slower connections and do not have time to wait for your pictures to load making their friends pages load. (Info on how to lj cut here)
  • Do not start hate posts. Constructive criticism is welcomed, in fact it is encouraged but hate posts and needless fights will be deleted
  • Be an active member!
  • Post about the boys!
  • Feel free to post backstreet related links whether it be fan sites or fanfiction (I know I'm always looking for new things to read!)
  • Have fun :)

    Publicity is always welcomed. You can link the community in your userinfo by using the buttons below

    (right-click and save to your own server - I suggest photobucket.com - and then link back to the community!)

  • Moderators: melissamcgregor & shrapnel_