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Blank Stare
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Good enough for me.

Someone actually gave me posting power in this community. This should be fun.

Alright then, considering that it is a fine Thursday evening where I am and I have just finished an hour of repetitive Chinese listening (there is only so many times a body can listen to some woman say "Guo - Gou" before needing to listen to cheesy 80s pop before the tonal shifts go away), I figure that a music post might be fun. Since my musical tastes are spastic and about as refined as a toga party, just expect a lot of variety.

Grow Sound Tree, by OOIOO. The first time I listened to this song, the opening minute sliced through my brain. My eye twitched, my ears were ringing and from then on I was in love. Avant Garde music does not get enough love.

Ok, I've tortured myself enough here. It's now time to do something else.

EDIT: Damn it all to pieces, what the hell is a cda? Stupid old burn programs, making perfectly good mp3s these bizarre whatever the hells. Here are some replacements while I figure out how to rip those songs back on to my computer without making my computer crash. Again.

The Hounds of Love, by the Futureheads. So emo it has emo handclaps. Go and listen to the British accents and emo.

Foxes, by Celebration. I don't even know what to say about this. I don't even know if the band's name is actually Celebration or if it's supposed to be Celebration by the Foxes. It doesn't really matter.
sneezing or crying?

Morning Glory

Okay. My theme. It's...

Songs to wake up to!

Yeah, so, I use a radio alarm thing here in Yorkshireville, and when I wake up I'm always greeted by some pop nonsense. So I was thinking, if I could choose, what would I have the DJ play? This is just on a normal day, you understand, not one of great rushing or neccessity. We have to have time to appreciate the music.


First we have Meantime by the Futureheads (angular, fast, bouncy rock-pop). It's bouncy, but not too abrasive if you set it to the right volume. The intro is nice, good chord progressions and the like, and just when you think it's about to go all 'dun-dun-DUNDUNDUN' crazy geordie rock it... doesn't! it's energetic enough to actually get you out of bed, yet soft enough not to give you a cardiac arrest.

Next up, we have Cello Song by Nick Drake (folk, autumnal, hippy). Have you ever seen the Good Girl? Well when *ahem* dies this is the song playing in the background as the camera pans over *ahem*'s body. It's beautiful, it's wond'rous, it's (as I've mentioned before) not too abrasive to make you jump out of bed.

Sonic Youth time! Peace Attack (pixiesish, more conventional side of a post-everything band). Brilliant song, beautiful voice, happy undertones. I've woken up to this song many times, it always does well. Puts you in a good mood. Plus Sonic Youth are just ace anyway, and this is a good intro song to them if you haven't heard anything before.

And now it's Comtine D'un Autre Ete- L'Apres Midi by Yann Tiersen (piano, instrumental, goregeous). It's off the Amelie soundtrack, and it might just be the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life. Anyway, I think I might be relying on people being like me and waking up to the slightest sound here, as with the next song actually, but you have to admit that it would be stunning to wake up to this song on a rainy, overcast day.

Okay. Nearly done now, we have Horses In My Dreams by PJ Harvey (sad, melancholy, calm, sort of sounds like the sea). I am actually in love with Polly Jean, I think, so I had to include her somewhere. This song is mellow and beautiful, and as with the Tiersen number would be perfect for a not-so-perfect day. Moody and sort of made for wallowing in something, but still beautiful.

Right, lastly we have some Interpol. This one's called Stella Was A Diver And She's Always Down (indie, secretly about dirty dirty sex, joy division but with less reverb), as you will hear within the first ten seconds of the track. This song is sexual, and it has a fast-slow-loudish-quiet pattern that reminds me of my darling Smashing Pumpkins and therefore automatically qualifies it as a great wakeup song. Paul Bank's voice when he says 'she went down, down, down there, into the sea, she went down, down, down there, down there for me, right on. Oh, yeah'. Listen to it and marvel, kids.