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Blank Stare

Five Songs for the Faceless Masses.

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Gabby LaLa is a Californian multi-instrumentalist (She plays the sitar, the ukulele, toy piano, and accordian for starters) signed under Les Claypool's label. True to the nature of her mentor's musical style (Les is of Primus), Gabby's work is lighthearted, perplexing and awesome. Sometimes called "Hello Kitty Rock," if that gives you an idea of the style.

Walkie, Walkie, Walkie and Golden Flea, by Gabby LaLa.

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I like Goldfrapp because I don't have to really think very hard about it. It's...smooth, but not Yacht Rock smooth--which is a shame the more I think about it.

Ride On A White Horse and Ooh La La, by Goldfrapp.

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No explanation necessary for Fred Savage.

The Wonder Years, by Joe Cocker.